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CBD Cannabis Indoor Flowers WILLITS (Limoncello)

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Willits, from the Limoncello CBD strain. A hemp flower with a citrus, resin and kush aroma, grown indoors. It stands out for the amount of resin and “limonene”, which causes the aroma of Lemon. Buy CBD Flowers.

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Cannactiva Indoor CBD flowers – Willits – Emerald Collection

Willits Limoncello of Cannactiva. An exclusive sour and citric Indoor strain like no other you have tasted so far.

  • Aromatic profile: Powerful and citric, with a deep Kush aroma, resin and earthy notes.
  • CBD: <25% (Very high content)
  • Density: Good flower density, excellent indoor quality.
  • Light green color with very visible resin crystals.
  • Indoor growing (indoor)
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.


Willits Limoncello is a variety of Cannactiva made in strictly Indoor rooms, so the development of its flowers is very powerful. The controlled light support makes your buds large and dense. The lights with which they have been cultivated are special to feed the Cannabis plants during their growth in a very subtle and gentle way, so that they keep their bright green color.

In addition, its high CBD content is reflected in a blanket of CBD resin crystals naturally present in the plant that cover the flowers of Willits Limoncello.

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Have you ever tasted limoncello, or smelled fresh lemons straight from the tree?
Willits Limoncello is a super special variety, as it expresses a large amount of the terpene known as limonene, in a totally natural way.

Limonene is a terpene that takes its name from lemons, since in the skin of these fruits we can find a very high percentage of this substance, responsible for giving the citric and refreshing smell so characteristic of this fruit.

Combined with its citrus notes, you will also appreciate a gentle “Kush” background that accompanies, complements and balances the Willits Limoncello fragrance range.

The “Kush” aroma is popularly known for reminding us of smells like resin, glue or even gasoline. These are very pleasant deep and powerful aromas that characterize varieties of this type, turning the aromatic experience into something very pleasant and unforgettable.

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Growing, processing, drying and curing of CBD

Willits Limoncello has been cultivated in clean rooms, with rigorous quality, light and environmental controls to ensure the healthiness and good growth of the plants at each stage of their life cycle. A good light and climate care, combined with a crop fed by high quality and organic nutrients as a supplement for the plants is key to obtain the best results in terms of the expression of their resins full of cannabinoids and terpenes (aromas).

Willits Limoncello is harvested by hand, dried and put into the curing phase in rooms that maintain the freshness of the plant needed to ensure that no properties present in the quality of the plants are lost.

Manual manicuring results in an exquisite, clean and beautiful definition to the eye.

In summary, Willits Limoncello is a strain for those who are more demanding in terms of citrus aroma potency, as its lemon notes combined with the powerful Kush smell of this variety make it a marvel for the senses. The CBD content is also very high, which makes its buds express a lot of CBD resin and makes it a flower with great potential for CBD lovers. Without a doubt, these genetics are worth trying, so you know what they say: If life gives you lemons, become Willits Limoncello!

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