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What is CBD trim?

Trim CBD or hemp trimming pocket format of Cannactiva

If you still don’t know what CBD trim is, stick around to discover what is going to become one of your must-haves. We tell you what CBD trim is, how it is made, and why Cannactiva trim is one of the most practical and best quality on the market.

What is Trim?

CBD trim, also known as hemp trim, is a mixture of crushed mini bud pieces and leaves close to the flowers, rich in resin. At Cannactiva, our trim is carefully prepared to maintain the full aroma of premium CBD flowers. Our flowers are grown organically in greenhouses and are free of pesticides, guaranteeing a high quality trim.

CBD Trim Candy Krush Zkittlez CBD 30g by Cannactiva
CBD Trim Candy Krush Zkittlez CBD 30g by Cannactiva

CBD trim is cheaper than flowers, and many people use it as a milder alternative. In Cannactiva, we offer different varieties of trim, so you can choose the variety you like the most.

Procurement and processing

During the process of pruning or manicuring CBD flowers, the resinous leaves near the buds, and small pieces of flowers that are detached from the larger buds, are manually cut off. These parts of the plant, rich in CBD resin and other beneficial compounds, are used to make trim.

At this point, it should be noted that not all trims on the market are of the same quality. Although they may have similar prices, some types of trim contain more leaves, lightly shredded leaves, or even small pieces of twigs. No comparison with the trim that contains mostly chopped flower and perfectly dried leaves, trimmed to a homogeneous size and ready to use.

Our Cannactiva trim is of the highest quality because it has a lot of chopped flower, all the aroma of cannabis, no branches and of course no seeds. Ready to use!

Elaboration of cbd trim or hemp sting during cannabis flower manicuring
The trim or hemp trim contains sugar leaves and small pieces of buds, offering an aromatic product with excellent qualities, perfectly dried and ready to use.

Containing bits of buds and the resinous leaves closer to the buds, the trim is a little softer, less potent in cannabinoids than the flowers. It is a very aromatic hemp product, with a lower price than large or medium-sized buds, and excellent qualities, without seeds or branches, perfectly dried. It comes in a pouch format, ready to use and convenient to carry.

Buy Trim CBD from Premium Strains with Cannactiva

CBD strains in Trim Format from Cannactiva

In Cannactiva, we use the material from the pruning of our CBD Premium Flowers to elaborate different varieties of trim.

We prepare our trim carefully, with a special process that guarantees the maximum preservation of the cannabis aromas.

Discover the best quality CBD trim on the market:

Buy CBD Trim Candy Krush Zkittlez CBD 30g

CBD Trim Candy Krush 30g

Trim of CBD Candy Krush, from the acclaimed Zkittlez CBD strain. Very fruity aroma, citrus, caramel and resin notes. Pocket format to have your favorite variety ready to use. That’s 30 grams of chopped hemp in your pocket.

Trim CBD Ninja Fruit Strawberry Kush x Watermelon

CBD Trim Ninja Fruit 30g

Ninja Fruit CBD Trim, from the Strawberry Kush x Watermelon CBD strain. Fruity and floral aroma with citrus notes. Pocket format to have your favorite variety ready to use.

Buy CBD Trim Funky Monkey Gorilla Glue Premium Hemp Blend

CBD Trim Funky Monkey 30g

Funky Monkey CBD Trim, from the renowned Gorilla Glue CBD strain. Diesel aroma with notes of wood and truffle. Pocket format to have your favorite variety ready to use.

Buy CBD Trim Vibration Lemon Haze CBD

CBD Trim Vibration 30g

Trim of CBD Vibration, from the best Lemon Haze CBD strain in Europe. Citrus and woody aroma. Pocket format to have your favorite variety ready to use.

CBD Trim Soft G

CBD Trim Soft G 30g

Suave G is an exclusive Cannactiva strain with a very powerful, fresh and sweet citrus aroma. It is the mildest strain in cannabinoids, including a high CBG profile (12% CBD + CBG) and less than 0.05% THC (the lowest in THC of Cannactiva). Some customers choose this trim when they find CBD too strong, or want something mild, with little cannabinoid but good aroma.

CBD Trim Mix Cannactiva Packaging


An exclusive blend of Cannactiva’s best classic strains, in the most economical format. Choose the format packaged in bags of 10, 30 or 90 grams of quality minced hemp mini buds. You can also find it in hemp preliates.

Purchasing Options and Variety

Discover also the CBD Trim + Hash Packs, a perfect combination for hash lovers.

At Cannactiva we always offer you the best quality CBD on the market. You can buy online with free shipping from only 25€ of purchase in Spain and Portugal (other European countries, from 60€).

Choose the variety you like the most and try the CBD sting. We especially recommend the pocket format, ready to use and very convenient to carry. Discover the CBD that is in!

En Cannactiva queremos cambiar la perspectiva sobre el cannabis. Te traemos lo mejor de la planta a través de nuestros productos y de los posts que puedes leer en nuestro [...]

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