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UN officially recognizes that cannabis has medicinal properties

WHO classification of Cannabis

The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) has voted to remove cannabis and cannabis resin from the list of dangerous drugs under stricter control. The Commission voted to accept the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO), essentially recognizing the medicinal value of cannabis by moving it to the far less restrictive Schedule I.

Cannabis is no longer considered a dangerous drug (finally!)

The CND has taken a pioneering step towards recognizing the curative properties of cannabis by voting to remove it from the list of most dangerous drugs. In response, the WHO had recommended relocating cannabis to Schedule I, which carries much less stringent control – an action that was unanimously supported by all members at this momentous meeting.

The vote was approved by a simple majority of the States of the European Union (with the exception of Hungary) and of the Americas. It is worth mentioning the opposition of most Asian and African countries (with the exception of India and Morocco, for example). Consequently, cannabis and its resin are removed from Annex IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, marking a milestone in the history of cannabis.

The UN decision follows recommendations made by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019 to remove cannabis from Schedule IV as it is not particularly harmful. It is one of the most important changes in drug policy that have been made in recent decades. Until now, cannabis has been classified at the same level as other drugs such as heroin.

What will be the impact of this change?

This is the first step towards speeding up medical research on this substance. Promising results have already been shown in the treatment of some effects of Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic pain or even certain types of cancer.

The beneficial uses of cannabis are seen in many diseases, because it exerts its effect on almost all organs of the body. This is because the active principles of the plant (cannabinoids) activate the endocannabinoid system, present in almost every system of the body.

The WHO decision affects only medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations, not all CBD products.

WHO Recommendations on the use of Cannabis

The WHO recommendation is that CBD medicines with less than 0.2% THC be exempted from drug control, as pure CBD already is. The regulation only affects pharmaceutical preparations with therapeutic purposes, leaving out CBD products not regulated as such.

Despite the removal of this plant from the classification of the most dangerous narcotic drugs, its use for recreational purposes continues to be prohibited under international regulations. That is, the current decision does not address in its recommendations so-called hemp CBD products; used for non-medicinal purposes. However, more than fifty countries have launched programs to further promote policies and research on the healing properties of cannabis.

There is still some way to go

The real debate in CBD products lies in defining what is for pharmaceutical or medicinal use, and what is for dietary supplementation use. The difference could be found in the recommended daily dose. We will learn about these decisions as the European Union regulates CBD as a Novel Food.

Wholesale CBD Oil

Cannabis is one of mankind’s oldest medicinal plants and we are happy to know that it is closer to being in the place of honor it deserves. For our part, we at Cannactiva will continue to defend hemp products.

We control the plant during its growth, taking care of every detail to obtain the best quality CBD products possible. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides to grow our crops, and we feed the plants with passion. The processes used to manufacture our products are the most advanced on the market. Best of all, our products are tested in certified, third-party laboratories to ensure excellence in product quality and safety. We believe in transparency throughout the entire process of production and sale of our CBD products. Discover all the news on our website and what cannabis can do for you. We love to bring you the best of nature!

Isidre Carballido
Founder & CEO at Cannactiva | Cannabis Expert

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