Types of CBD oil: Discover which one best suits your needs

The cannabidiol or CBD has gained great popularity in the world of natural wellness and beauty, and more and more people are seeking to take advantage of its benefits. When buying CBD oil, it is important to know how to choose a quality product that provides the expected effects.

In this article, we explain the different types of CBD oils that exist: Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and pure CBD. We will provide you with key information that will help you choose the best one.

Full spectrum CBD oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil, also called Full Spectrum CBD oil, is one of the most popular and recognized types of cannabidiol oils. It is obtained through an extraction process that preserves all the cannabinoids naturally present in CBD flowers. CBD flowers flowers, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), within the legal limits allowed. THC, in large quantities, produces the effect known as “high”, due to its psychoactive nature.

The reason why full-spectrum oil is the most effective is considered the best quality is because it is the only one that offers the so-called entourage effect or effect entouragein which cannabinoids, terpenes and all the compounds of cannabis are bound together into synergy to enhance the benefits of CBD.

Which full spectrum oils to buy at Cannactiva?

In this oil it is possible to find different types of minor cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and cannabichromene (CBC), among others. The synergistic properties of full-spectrum CBD extract are widely studied and recognized in scientific literature and prestigious studies.

Opting for a full-spectrum CBD oil means maximizing CBD utilization, because cannabinoids are proven to work best when they are together.

The main disadvantage of this type of oil is that it retains the bitterness characteristic of some components of the crude hemp extract, such as waxes and chlorophylls. As a solution, in Cannactiva we offer the Purified Full Spectrum CBD oil, which preserves all the properties of the full spectrum, but with an improved aroma, thus obtaining a high quality full spectrum CBD oil. high quality Full Spectrum CBD oil. .

Due to the presence of THC(legal limit below 0.2% THC), it is said that with the use of this type of oils there is a small chance of testing positive in drug tests if used orally and in large quantities.

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad Spectrum CBD oil (CBD Broad Spectrum) is similar to full spectrum CBD oil, but without THC. It contains a variety of cannabinoids, but undergoes an additional process in which THC is completely removed.

Although it has less potent effects than the full spectrum, this type of oil allows you to completely disregard the psychoactive effects of THC. It is usually the option of choice for those people who have to travel with CBD. travel with CBD to countries where THC tolerance is null.

Isolated CBD oil

Pure or isolated CBD oil (CBD isolate) is the purest type of CBD oil available on the market. Although purity is sometimes associated with positive connotations, the truth is that, in this case, it is the least advisable option.

Pure or isolated CBD is obtained through the application of advanced and continuous filtration processes, which remove all cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds from the cannabis plant, leaving only CBD.

The main advantage is that it allows a perfect standardization of the product, which does not mean that it is more efficient. As it is a product without the presence of other compounds, the potential benefit of the entourage effect is lost. Therefore, isolated CBD is not the preferred choice. In scientific studies, it has already been shown that whole cannabis extracts have higher potency and more effective properties.

Other ingredients in CBD oils

All types of CBD oil are actually a preparation in which the CBD is diluted in a vegetable oil, which acts as a “carrier”. This allows a better dosage of CBD. Therefore, these products do not only contain cannabidiol (CBD) extract, but also other ingredients in their composition, which also play an important role in the benefits of the product. Some of these additional common ingredients in CBD oil include hemp oil, olive oil and coconut oil.

At Cannactiva we only use organic hemp oil obtained by cold pressing organic hemp seeds. In addition to its role as a carrier, hemp oil is known to be rich in essential fatty acids, including Omega 3. Therefore, hemp oil not only provides a base for CBD, but can also provide additional benefits.

Extraction method

The extraction method is fundamental to obtain the therapeutic benefits of this substance. There are different types of extractions, but the most recognized for its high quality and safety is with supercritical CO2. This method of extraction is preferred for several reasons. First, supercritical CO2 is a non-toxic and safe solvent. It also allows greater control and precision in obtaining the desired compounds from hemp, guaranteeing the purity and quality of the CBD extract obtained.

Factors to consider when choosing a CBD oil

When selecting a CBD oil, there are several factors to consider:

  • Be sure to look for high quality products from reliable brands and that their products have laboratory tests that certify the quality of the product.
  • Choose CBD oil obtained by supercritical CO2, which is the most advanced and safest.
  • Read the labels and look at the type of CBD extract they contain: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolated CBD. Look at the ingredients and find out what carrier oil they contain.
  • Consider also the origin of the hemp used in the production of CBD oil, preferably from organic and sustainable crops.
  • Keep your personal goals in mind when using CBD. There are different concentrations of CBD oil . It is always advisable to consult a professional for personalized advice.

We hope you have found this tour of the different types of CBD oil available interesting.

And if you still have doubts about what kind of CBD oil to choose and you need more details, we make it clearer: Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the most potent and has been awarded the First Prize at the CBD Business Fair held in Spain in 2022. Enjoy the benefits of CBD and explore all that this fascinating compound has to offer on your path to wellness.

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