Is it possible to travel with CBD?

You can travel with cbd by plane

This is the time of the year when the desire to explore new destinations multiplies. Today we will answer the question of whether it is legal to travel with CBD in different countries around the world. In this post, you will find relevant information you should know before packing any CBD product in your suitcase this vacation. Get informed to buy CBD safely!

Is it legal to travel with CBD?

General recommendations on traveling with CBD

The legality of CBD and CBD-containing products varies greatly from country to country. In general, it is safest not to travel with CBD, especially abroad, due to the various regulations on cannabis products.

Even if you read that CBD is completely legal in a country, you should be aware of the local regulations that apply to each type of product. For example, within Europe, CBD products are legal, but some countries require you to have a medical prescription. Others have zero tolerance for THC, and in other places, CBD is legal, but it is illegal for these products to enter and/or exit from abroad.

European travelers probably have a more relaxed view on cannabis, because most of the time, possible sanctions have low consequences. But the same is not true abroad. Incredible as it may seem, there are places where carrying a simple toothpaste with CBD in your suitcase can lead to million-dollar fines and jail time.

It is crucial that you research the country you plan to visit prior to your trip. This implies not only knowledge of national laws, but also of local or even regional regulations..

If you are hesitant about taking your CBD with you, we have done some research on each country, so you can make your own risk-benefit assessment before taking the plunge. Also, keep in mind that laws can change.

Can CBD be taken on the plane?

The short answer is: better not. On some intra-European flights, depending on the destination, it is possible. When it comes to international flights, it is not advisable to travel with CBD, even if the destination appears to have permissive cannabis laws.

CBD and Airports

The decision whether or not to allow cannabis and CBD products to be carried on an airplane depends on the laws of each country (including those in which the plane stops over), but also on the airline, which may have its own policy in this regard.

Before traveling with CBD, find out about the legal regulations in force and consult with the flight company.

Is it possible to travel with cannabis buds?

Unfortunately, in almost all countries the possession of marijuana, even for personal use, continues to be criminalized. Therefore, in general, you will not be able to carry CBD buds The use of marijuana in travel without having to give explanations at the airport or at customs, due to its probable confusion with marijuana, which is considered an illegal drug in most countries of the world.

Because they look and smell like marijuana, CBD hemp flowers can be sniffed out by dogs and seized by the police, even if they are in their original packaging and you show the purchase receipt from the CBD store. It is impossible to analyze THC levels with reliable methods outside of a laboratory, so no one will be able to prove that it is hemp in situ. The legal consequences depend on the country you are in and the amount you are carrying.

Is it possible to travel with CBD oil by plane?

If you take CBD drops drops often, it is normal that you wonder if it is legal to carry it on you when you travel by plane and pass through an airport. Let’s find out.

Some people use CBD oil for the stress of flying, or simply to have a calmer ride. In such cases, use CBD before entering the airport, but better not to carry it in your luggage. With CBD oil, as with other CBD products, each country has its own laws, so it is generally recommended not to carry it on international travel.

For European countries the situation is a little more relaxed, but check beforehand. Some countries, especially those in northern and eastern Europe, and some in central Europe, are quite strict and could put problems depending on the type of CBD oil, prohibit the entry into the country of these products, or require a medical prescription.

How variable is the legality of CBD depending on the country?

CBD or cannabidiol ( What is CBD and what is it for? ) has become very popular all over the world because of its medicinal uses and it is already possible to find regulations in most countries. Next, we will analyze the situation of CBD in the different continents:

Traveling with CBD in Europe

The fact that in February 2023 the Council issued a communiqué on the decriminalization of cannabis in Europe is a sign of the relative tolerance that exists with cannabis in the old continent, although there is still a long way to go.

Generally speaking, CBD is completely legal and widely known in Europe. The problems you may encounter may vary depending on the type of CBD product you are carrying, the quantity, the country and the discretion with which the authority acts, but in general, they are not usually serious.

CBD products are legal throughout Europe, as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC (with slight variations, depending on the country). But don’t just take that headline: find out about local regulations before you travel, as laws may vary depending on the type of CBD product involved.

As a general recommendation, if you decide to travel with CBD in Europe, take reasonable amounts for personal use, keep the original packaging of the products and the purchase receipt. If you use CBD for medicinal purposes, a medical certificate will be very useful. If you are traveling from abroad, buy the products in the country of destination. Find out about the special regulations that exist in some European countries regarding cannabis.

Legality of CBD oil in Europe

On most intra-European journeys, you can travel with CBD oil with peace of mind, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy (in the Bel Paese, the limit is 0.6% THC), France, Germany, Greece or Austria, as long as the THC levels are kept within the legal limits allowed. In any case, if you are traveling by plane, check with your airline beforehand.

On Netherlands where marijuana is popularly thought to be completely legal, the truth is that they maintain a policy of tolerance with respect to cannabis, but there is no totally clear regulation. Malta famous for being the first European country to legalize marijuana, also has no clear regulation on the matter.

There are more restrictive countries, such as Denmark, where the Danish Medicines Agency considers CBD oil to be a prescription drug. The same is true in Finland.

Also, if you travel from one European country to another, be aware that the THC limit allowed may vary. Norway does not allow even trace amounts of THC, and CBD products are considered medicines. The same is true in Sweden.

Road trip or interrail through Europe

If you are traveling by car, bus or train, you will usually not encounter many problems, as there are usually no strict border controls between Schengen countries, or these are not focused on the search for CBD.

But if you happen to pass through customs, CBD buds can cause you more than one mishap. Weed can be detected in drug tests, and the police may seize the product and fine you, although you may later be able to make your case. Also note that, above certain grams (depending on the country), you could be involved in a trafficking offense.

Another setback can be the cannabis gummies . The oral use of CBD is not regulated in many countries. For example, Belgium does not allow the entry of nutritional supplements containing CBD or parts of a cannabis plant, regardless of their THC content.

At Switzerland the Swiss country allows a 1% THC content in CBD products, higher than the legal limit allowed in neighboring France, Italy and Germany. The sale of CBD edibles, which are not authorized in bordering countries, is also allowed.

Traveling with CBD to England

In the UK, it is legal to sell CBD products as long as the product in question contains less than 0.2% THC, but the sale of CBD flowers is not allowed. We invite you to read more in our post on the legal situation of legal situation of CBD in England .

Traveling with CBD to the United States

The United States has a reputation for being very strict in its international borders, so, from the outset, not carrying cannabis or its derivatives in any form seems to be the best option.

It may have come to your attention that marijuana has been legalized in more than 20 states, which may give you a false idea that you can carry CBD. Well, the legality of CBD varies by state, but in any case it is better not to carry anything. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD is federally legal if it contains less than 0.3% THC, but many states limit CBD possession to medicinal purposes, for which a medical certificate is required.

The TSA(Transportation Security Administration) warns about it on its social media: “We want you to have a pleasant airport experience and arrive safely at your destination. But flying with marijuana or cannabis products can really hurt your peace of mind. Let’s face it, TSA officers are not looking for marijuana . Our screening procedures are focused on security and detecting potential threats. But in the event we encounter a substance that appears to be marijuana or a cannabis product, federal law requires us to notify the authorities. This includes items that are used for medicinal purposes.“. These recommendations include internal flights.

Therefore, even in states where it is legal, it is safest to buy it in the place where you land.

Traveling with CBD to the Middle East

If you are traveling to countries in the Middle East, make sure you do not carry any CBD or cannabis products with you.

In these regions, cannabis is heavily criminalized and laws and regulations are severe. Possessing CBD products, regardless of THC content, can lead to serious legal consequences, such as imprisonment or significant fines. A case in point was the 10-year prison sentence of a 25-year-old Londoner in Dubai for possession of CBD in the summer of 2022.

Traveling with CBD to Russia

It is also not a good idea to travel with cannabis products to Russia. Cannabis is criminalized and possession of less than 6 g of cannabis is usually punishable by a fine or 15 days of detention. It seems that the law is not clear regarding CBD. Although it is not included in the drug schedules, it may be considered an isomer of THC and therefore illegal. In view of the case of U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner sentenced to 9 years in prison for carrying in her luggage a CBD vape pen the best thing to do is not to carry anything.

Traveling with CBD to Asia

If you are traveling to Asian countries, the recommendation is to make sure you do not carry any CBD products. Most Asian countries maintain strict regulations on cannabis and its derivative compounds, including CBD, and in some countries, its possession can carry prison sentences and fines in the millions of dollars.

For example, as from February 2023, in China cannabidiol is classified in the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance (DDO) list. and its possession at the airport may be considered drug trafficking, which is punishable by a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of US$5 million. In addition, possession and use of this substance carries a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment and a fine of US$1 million. Examples of banned CBD products provided by the government include the following e-Liquid with CBD , CBD creams or even a toothpaste with CBD. We already have news of a young man arrested at Hong Kong airport for carrying a small amount of CBD.

The strong criminalization of cannabis can be observed in other Asian countries as well, such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia (including the island of Bali), Maldives, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam or the Philippines, where CBD is illegal.

You may have heard that cannabis was decriminalized in Thailand relatively recently, in 2018. Although you will be able to buy cannabis products in the country, it is still in an uncertain legal zone, so it is not recommended to travel with CBD in the country.

In Japan, CBD is completely legal but as long as it does not contain THC, not even in traces, because it is banned in the country. In South Korea, although cannabis is illegal, medical cannabis is allowed. In India, CBD is theoretically legal under medical prescription. In general, and regardless of which countries may seem more flexible, we do not recommend that you travel with any type of CBD product across the continent.

Traveling with CBD to Oceania

If you travel to Australia or New Zealand, the recommendation is to leave your CBD at home. In general, both countries tend to be very strict in their customs controls.

In both Australia and New Zealand, CBD is legal, but controlled and authorized only under medical prescription. In addition, the country of the Kiwis does not even allow the personal importation of cannabis products, even if they are for medicinal use. Therefore, you cannot travel with vape liquids or CBD oils in your luggage.

Other oceanic countries, such as Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and other islands, cannabis is illegal and there appears to be no CBD policy. Due to its possible cultural influence with other Asian countries, where cannabis is strongly criminalized, the most sensible thing to do is not to carry CBD or derivatives.

Traveling with CBD to Africa

It is not recommended to travel with CBD in any African country. CBD is illegal in most African countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Madagascar or Costa d’Ivori… Most countries have zero tolerance for cannabis and any derived products.

It is easier to cite the exception, which we find in South Africa, where the personal use and possession of cannabis and CBD products are decriminalized, although only allowed under certain circumstances, so traveling with CBD in this country is also not recommended.

Traveling with CBD to Canada

You also cannot carry CBD if you travel to Canada. Although Canada enacted the Cannabis Act in June 2018, under which both medical and recreational cannabis are legal, and CBD is legal, it is illegal to cross the border with cannabis products, so these products must be purchased domestically.

Traveling with CBD to America

As in previous cases, you cannot travel with CBD in most of these countries. In many cases, cannabis or its derivatives such as CBD are only allowed for medicinal purposes and therefore by prescription(Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia).

Some countries do allow the sale of CBD products outside the medical field, such as Uruguay or Ecuador, but again, it is better to buy it in the country to avoid border problems.

Traveling with CBD to Central America (Mexico and more)

Most Central American countries prohibit the use of cannabis, or allow it only for medicinal purposes, as is the case in Costa Rica or Honduras. An exception is found in Mexico, where the sale of CBD is allowed, with THC limits below 0.2%. But you can’t take it on the plane, you must buy it in the country. This includes a ban on bringing in vaporization products containing vaporization products with CBD in luggage.

In conclusion on whether it is possible to travel with CBD in airplanes

Within Europe CBD is legal, but be aware that some countries may not allow the entry of certain CBD products or require a medical prescription.

  • Outside Europe, it is generally not advisable to travel with CBD. In countries where it is legal, buy them at the destination instead of taking them with you at the airport.
  • CBD regulations vary widely internationally, so it is crucial that you research and understand the regulations of your country of origin and destination, and don’t forget about the countries where you stop over.
  • It is important to note that CBD regulations are subject to change.

Happy travels!

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