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Solid soap: The most beneficial and environmentally friendly way to care for your skin without toxins.

Did you know that solid soap is the best option to take care of your skin and the environment at the same time? Natural bar soaps are made with high quality ingredients that have great benefits for the skin. In addition, they save on plastic consumption and avoid the use of polluting chemicals.

Today we explain the benefits of solid soap and why going back to the traditional bar is a smart move not only to improve the health of your skin, but also to take care of the planet.

Importance of organic soap for our skin’s health

The choice of the soap we use every day is fundamental for the health of our skin.

Soap is an essential product in our daily lives. We use it every day and several times a day: for our hands, face, body and hair… Even though it is an omnipresent product in our lives, we rarely stop to think about it. From the ingredients they are made of to the packaging they come in, soaps have a significant impact not only on the beauty and health of our skin, but also on the environment.

The soap you use every day may be damaging, drying or irritating your skin. Switching to an environmentally friendly option costs nothing and will bring you many more benefits. We invite you to discover natural and sustainable cosmetics, the best option for personal care, where solid soap takes center stage.

Benefits of solid soap: pampers skin in an environmentally friendly way

Solid soap is a handmade product, using natural ingredients and following traditional saponification processes. Its composition and quality are a far cry from the long and indecipherable lists of chemicals that are usually contained in the industrial soaps that abound in the supermarket, and this difference is noticeable in its effects on your skin.

Cleansing and skin care in a single gesture

In the composition of the handmade soap bars we find natural and organic ingredients of high quality and purity . Unlike gel soaps, which can contain up to 80% water, solid soap is highly concentrated in nourishing and skin-friendly ingredients.

The bar soap provides gentle cleansing and respects the skin barrier while softening, protecting and moisturizing the skin with each wash. The solid soap is made with ingredients with beneficial properties for the skin, which provide effective cleansing. As it does not contain powerful cleansing chemicals , it does not dry or damage the skin.

With the daily use of natural soap, the skin is much softer, protected, moisturized and healthy.

By buying vegetable soap, we are choosing a healthier and more beneficial option, without unnecessary chemicals and respecting the pH of the skin.

No plastics

One of the great benefits of handmade soap with natural ingredients is that its use significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste and polluting chemicals. We can all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment by simply switching to plastic-free and eco-friendly alternatives to liquid soap.

For this reason, at Cannactiva we offer you handmade hemp soap made in Spain with natural and local ingredients. It comes in biodegradable cardboard packaging, without unnecessary packaging, more friendly to the planet.

Natural and handmade hemp soap by Cannactiva
Natural and handmade hemp soap by Cannactiva. Made with hemp oil, calendula and chamomile. Produced in Spain.

Ecological and with more benefits for your skin

Solid soap lathers more gently and delicately with skin cleansing, and is just as effective at dragging germs and dirt from the skin as conventional versions, with the advantage of not being irritating or drying to the skin.


By choosing natural soap, you avoid the use of chemical components that are harmful to the skin and the environment, such as sulfates and parabens.

Sulfates are the main ingredient of many “personal care” products, the famous “sodium lauryl sulfate” (SLS) and “sodium laureth sulfate” (SLES), among others. Its function is to form a lot of foam, which effectively washes away all dirt, including skin barrier protection, causing irritation and dryness.

If you have problems with dry skin or spend all day with hand cream, all the more reason to switch to solid soap. Because there is no point in moisturizing the skin with creams, masks and serums, if you then use soaps and shampoos that are aggressive to the skin and scalp.

Gentle and effective cleaning

One of the differences you will notice when using natural soap is that, when rinsing, the sensation on your hands is less slippery, because its foam is gentler on the skin and the product does not soak in as much as gel. Once you dry off, you will notice that your skin is incredibly soft and moisturized.

Paraben free

Parabens are preservatives added to soaps and other products, especially creams. Labels appear as “methylparaben” and other similar names. Although they are very effective in preventing the growth of bacteria and mold in soaps, they can cause irritation, photoallergies and premature skin aging. Another controversial issue is its possible endocrine disrupting effect, by mimicking estrogens in the body and affecting hormonal balance. Companies defending their use argue that they are safe in the doses used in personal “care” products.

In water-free formulations, such as solid soap, the amount of preservatives needed to keep the soap fresh and dry is reduced, making it more respectful and healthier for the skin and the planet.

Avoidance of chemical environmental pollutants

What happens when that soapy, chemically scented liquid goes down the drain? They don’t just disappear! At the ecological level, both sulfates and parabens persist in the environment for a long period of time and are toxic to living organisms, including fish, plants and other marine organisms. In addition, they can have negative effects on air quality and drinking water. When these compounds come into contact with other waste chemicals, they can form toxic by-products that are even more hazardous to life and ecosystems.

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly natural ingredients

As you can see, the benefits of natural soap do not end at the drain. The natural ingredients with which it is made are totally biodegradable and decompose rapidly in nature, leaving no toxic residues in the environment.

The use of soap with natural and plant-based ingredients contributes to sustainability and the protection of biodiversity.

Long life

Traditional soap goes through a triple pressing process, one of the most important steps in soap making. Through this technique, the mixture of natural ingredients is uniformly sealed and as much water and air as possible is eliminated to achieve a homogeneous and extremely compact, solid and durable result. That is why a bar of soap can last for months.

This process not only makes the solid soap last a long time, but also makes it softer, creamier and with a richer, more consistent lather.

Economical, beneficial and sustainable

The price of a bar of solid soap may seem higher than that of conventional liquid soap, but if we take into account the use of high quality ingredients, the artisanal manufacturing process and the durability of the product, it is a profitable, healthy and sustainable investment for the planet.

Decorative and aromatic

And last but not least, a handmade bar soap is not only a healthier and eco-friendly option, but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom.

A bath with a bar of soap conveys naturalness, quality, ecology and care, in addition to perfuming the entire room with its aromas.

How to choose the right solid soap

Better than our grandparents’ soap

Today’s bar soap is not the same as that used by our grandparents, but it is much better. Natural cosmetics have modernized and transformed enormously, and nowadays contain ingredients that are more beneficial and respectful of our skin than the soaps of yesteryear.

Cannactiva’s handmade hemp soap offers you a combination of highly moisturizing, nourishing and skin-protecting ingredients to provide softness and gentle cleansing with every use.

Natural and handmade hemp soap by Cannactiva
Natural and handmade hemp soap by Cannactiva

Use bar soap correctly

Any change in habits requires strategy, even if it is minimal, in order to avoid failure. When you buy your solid soap, also think about a suitable soap dish to prevent the bath from getting dirty after the first use and the soap getting wet and falling apart in a few days.

Although it may seem a minor detail, it is not. If you remember the days when your grandparents used bars of soap, you will surely remember that the use of a soap dish was indispensable.

Ideally, a soap dish with a raised base will allow air to circulate underneath and keep the soap dry. That way, the bar of soap will last for months. If you leave the tablet on a smooth surface in the bathroom, the moisture will not drain well, and it will quickly lose its fragrance and solidity, reducing its durability.

Protect your skin and the environment with Cannactiva’s handmade solid soap.

Now that you know the benefits of solid soap, you just need to take the small, big step of using it every day.

In Cannactiva’s store you can find natural hemp soap in bars as part of our commitment to offer you healthy and ecological personal care products.

We hope you found this information interesting to know, and that the next time you use soap you will stop to think about the effect it has on your skin and the environment.

We invite you to switch to bar soap and experience its benefits on your own skin, as well as to discover our range of natural and organic cosmetics!

Laura Salas
R&D Cannactiva | Cannabis Cosmetologist. Expert in cannabis and natural cosmetics with CBD

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