Pure and green hemp protein: Know the differences

Hemp protein powder is all the rage right now and for good reason: it is high in protein, healthy fats, fiber and minerals. But did you know that there are two types of hemp protein powder? One is green and the other is off-white.

Green hemp protein is made from whole hemp seeds, while white raw hemp protein is made from the shelled seeds. So, which one is better? Below, we show you the differences between each one and recommend the best option.

Differences between pure white hemp protein powder and green hemp protein powder

If you are used to the cheap hemp protein powder sold in almost every sporting goods store, you will be surprised when you open the Cannactiva hemp protein powder bottle because it has an off-white color. Don’t panic, it’s nothing chemical, quite the contrary! Our pure hemp protein is a natural product (the only ingredient is hemp seeds), of superior quality and has a lot to offer you.

Discover pure hemp protein

Pure hemp protein is an almond-colored powder with a nutty flavor. It is obtained from the grinding of hulled hemp seeds, and preserves all the nutritional properties of hemp to the maximum.

On the other hand, green hemp protein is another type of protein supplement, which is also obtained from hemp seeds, but these are whole, with the fibrous shell, resulting in a product of lower nutritional quality.

Pure hemp protein and green powder, differences
On the left, green hemp protein. On the right, pure hemp protein, white in color and with superior nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Comparison between pure hemp protein and green hemp protein

  • Better taste. Pure hemp protein has a nutty and hazelnut flavor, neutral and pleasant, which combines perfectly with all kinds of shakes and preparations. On the other hand, the green one has an intense grassy flavor, even somewhat bitter, which can spoil more than one recipe.
  • Higher content of omega 3, proteins, magnesium, iron and zinc. Due to its lower fiber content, pure protein is a nutritionally rich product.
  • Fiber content. Both types of vegetable proteins are rich in fiber. Pure hemp protein, white in color, contains 15% fiber. On the other hand, this content in many cases exceeds 25% in green hemp protein. As it contains more fiber, it has a lower proportion of essential nutrients.
  • Better solubility: Pure hemp protein dissolves very well in liquids. Stir well and see how well it integrates with any smoothie or preparation, without lumps.

What type of hemp protein is best?

The main nutritional difference between green and white hemp protein is its protein content:

  • Pure hemp protein has a protein content always higher than 50%.
  • In contrast, green hemp protein powder has less protein, with a protein percentage of around 35%. Although there are different variations, it is always less than 50% of the product.

Pure hemp protein, the best for athletes

Pure hemp protein is widely used in bodybuilding and bodybuilding. In those customers, protein content is the main issue of concern when purchasing such a supplement. Although both types of hemp protein are sold as a sports supplement, we see that the difference in nutritional and protein content is remarkable. This means that, in terms of properties, pure hemp protein has many more benefits for athletes than green hemp protein.

Being much richer in protein, pure hemp protein has a higher content of amino acids, essential for bodybuilding. If you want to learn more about the benefits of hemp protein, we recommend that you consult the Cannactiva Hemp Protein product sheet, where it is extensively researched.

What type of hemp protein is best?

From a nutritional point of view, pure hemp protein is much more interesting, because it contains more protein, omega 3, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients, since it has a higher proportion of embryo and endosperm of the seed. From a culinary point of view, pure hemp protein is also a winner, because it has a very good taste, almost neutral, and dissolves well. It is easy and convenient to introduce it into any type of preparation or recipe, without forming lumps.

In contrast, green hemp protein has much more fiber and a lower proportion of nutrients, as well as a strong taste reminiscent of grass, omega 3, protein, calcium and magnesium.

At Cannactiva we are passionate about hemp and bringing you the best quality hemp products. Therefore, we only work with pure hemp protein, obtained from peeled and certified organic hemp seeds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is hemp protein and what types are there?

Hemp protein is a natural protein supplement, obtained directly from the grinding of hemp seeds. It is a complete food that surpasses soy and any other type of vegetable protein in terms of protein content and quality, and has excellent digestibility, equal to that of cow’s milk. However, there are two types of hemp protein: pure, almond-colored and of superior quality; and green, which is cheaper and has worse taste and properties.

What is pure hemp protein?

Pure hemp protein is a source of nutrients widely used as a protein supplement for athletes. It has an almond-colored powdery appearance and a very pleasant nutty flavor. Its sole ingredient is hulled hemp seeds, which offer vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a healthy life.

How to take pure hemp protein?

Enjoy the ideal nutritional boost with pure hemp protein. This almond-colored powder is packed with nutrients and has a nutty flavor that makes it an ideal addition to any sports shake or healthy snack. You can also add it to any bakery dough, cakes or muffins, increasing their nutritional value. With all its nutritional properties intact, you will be giving your body an unbeatable treat!

What is green hemp protein?

It is a type of hemp protein of low quality, because it is made from whole seeds (with shells), resulting in a green, fibrous and difficult to dissolve powder, with a lower protein content. At Cannactiva we want to bring you only the best of hemp, and that is why we only sell pure hemp protein.

Where to buy pure hemp protein?

In the Cannactiva online CBD and hemp-derived products store you will find pure hemp protein, as well as all kinds of premium cannabis-derived products.

What is the amount of pure hemp protein to take?

Two heaping scoops (32 g.) of pure hemp protein provide 20 grams of muscle-building protein. Half a portion, one spoonful, offers 10 g. It is the perfect protein supplement to enjoy restorative and nutritional benefits. Maximize your post-workout protein supplement routine with Cannactiva’s pure hemp protein! Each body is unique and therefore protein requirements vary from person to person. As an example, an 80 kg athlete may need more than 80 grams to get stronger each day, but with two Cannactiva hemp protein shakes he can be 50% closer to that goal.

How many pure hemp protein shakes do I need per day?

Each body is unique and therefore protein requirements vary from person to person. As an example, an 80 kg athlete may need more than 80 grams to get stronger each day, but with two Cannactiva hemp protein shakes you can be 50% closer to that goal.

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