Puff Puff Pack – Hemp clothes Puff + Pack Cannactiva

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Puff Puff Pack. Our most special pack includes the official Cannactiva Puff Puff Pack plus the CBD Flowers mini pack, the Beauty Pack or the Wellness Pack. Choose your combination.

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Cannactiva hemp clothing pouffe

Cannactiva presents a revolutionary product in the world of Cannabis, the Hemp Puff!
This product is a perfect ally to help us relax and improve our rest time. It combines very well with any Cannactiva CBD product.

What does the Puff Puff Pack include?

When you buy this pack, you can choose from three of Cannactiva’s best-selling Premium Packs, which you can enjoy while relaxing on your wonderful Cannactiva Puff:

  • Cannactiva Mini Pack 3,5g CBD Flowers: For the most gourmets, a selection of 5 Premium strains of Cannactiva with 3,5 grams of CBD Flowers in each variety. A total of 17.5 grams.
  • Cannactiva CBD Beauty Pack: For the most conceited, Pack of 3 cosmetic products with CBD by Cannactiva. Includes a CBD face cream, a CBD body lotion, a CBD face serum, and a Cannactiva Tote Bag.
  • Cannactiva CBD Wellness Pack: For the relaxation experts, a selection of wellness products: CBD Oil Full Spectrum 5% 10ml, active gel with CBD 70ml, CBD Massage oil 200ml, and Cannactiva cotton bag.

Method of use

The Puff Puff Pack comes filled with balls and ready to use, together with the Cannactiva Pack of your choice.
Once you receive the product, place the Puff in your living room, wellness room, bedroom, or wherever you wish.
Lay back on the Puff and enjoy some quality time with yourself. It is advisable to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing at least once a day for a few minutes.


The Cannactiva Hemp Puff is ideal for relaxing, meditating, reading, watching movies, or simply enjoying the best products of Cannactiva.
Improves and enhances the relaxing properties of CBD.
The small puff is also a perfect armchair, but it also combines very well with the large size as a footrest.


The Cannactiva Puff will not magically relax you, you must do your part and try to leave your worries behind, if only for the time you enjoy the Puff.
Puff Cannactiva should be used in consistent daily doses, which should not be exceeded. It should not replace a healthy sports routine. An active and dynamic life can provide the movement and oxygenation your body needs.


Large (90x50cm), Medium (60x40cm), Small (45x35cm)


Cosmetic Beauty Pack Cannactiva, Mini Pack 5 varieties x 3.5g, Pack Bienestar Cannactiva

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