Printed Hemp Clothing Pouch


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Hemp print garment bag to carry what you need with you. A totally handmade clothing puch.

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Hemp Printed Clothing Pouch

We present you a little friend of the Cannactiva family that can be very useful to accompany you in your travels. Cannactiva’s hemp printed Pouch!

At Cannactiva we like to pamper our environment as well as our objects. Objects, despite being inanimate beings, somehow we understand that they do have consciousness and that they also like to be well cared for. That’s why we have created this beautiful pouch, to keep your beloved objects well protected.


  • Hemp-printed, durable clothing pouch, exclusive to Cannactiva
  • Size: 14 cm x 7 cm.
  • Made in Spain, and in an artisan way.
  • To shelter your most beloved objects.

The fabrics used were made with a hemp print in the most classic and botanical style.

The fabric is a twill like that used to make pants, so it is strong and durable, but with a soft texture, pleasant to the touch.

Its size is 14 centimeters long and 10 centimeters high, so it has enough capacity to carry several objects at the same time without being too big.

What can you carry in your Cannactiva Hemp Printed Clothing Pouch?

You can carry everyday objects such as keys or cards. Personal care items, make-up, toothpaste, or cream. Also, the best CBD deserves, and appreciates, to be in a nice case where it can be well protected. use it to store the lighter, rolling papers, grinder and 2 grams sachet at the same time.

Other items you can carry are the Cannactiva Trim Pouch: as well as your CBD oil.

As you can see, the possibilities of this pouch are endless, just like your creativity!

The printed hemp pouch of Cannactiva is a precious and ideal gift for your objects, for the objects of your loved ones, or for yourself, who also deserves to be loved. What are you waiting for to buy the most beautiful pouch in the cannabis world?

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Hemp Printed Clothes Pouch with CBD oil photo, lighter, paper, vape inside half taughtPrinted Hemp Clothing Pouch

Availability: In stock

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