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Pollen Dry Sift 45% CBD

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Discover Cannactiva’s Pollen Dry Sift CBD, an authentic experience that captures the essence of hemp in a pure and potent form. Extracted by Dry Sift technique, preserving the trichomes for a quality CBD pollen. Rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, delight yourself with its unique aroma. Pollen and more CBD resins in our CBD Resins section.

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Buy Dry Sift CBD

Discover Cannactiva pollen, a CBD pollen of the highest quality at an affordable price. Buy it easily, quickly and safely from the web, select the amount of grams, add it to the cart, complete the purchase and receive the pollen drý sift CBD in 24/48 hours.

Pollen Dry Sift: What is it?

Dry Sift is a well-known concept in the world of hash and cannabis, as it is a type of pollen obtained by extracting resin from the cannabis plant.

This sieving process separates trichomes rich in cannabinoids from the hemp plant material, in order to have only the elements we are interested in. This extraction method focuses on preserving the quality and integrity of the trichomes, ensuring a final product of high potency and purity.

Characteristics of Polen Dry CBD

Explore the characteristics and properties of CBD dry sift pollen, from its extraction method to its terpene profile, and discover how this product stands out in the CBD market for its quality and authenticity.

Texture and color

The dry sift CBD of Cannactiva is a real delight for the eye as well as for the touch. Its light color testifies to a meticulous sieving process and optimal preservation of trichomes, reflecting the purity and high quality of the product.

When touched, its sandy texture melts easily between the fingers, evoking the sensation of fine sand grains. This feature makes it easy to handle and adapt to different uses. However, its true magic is revealed when you try to compact it. Thanks to the abundance of trichomes present, the dry sift adheres and compacts easily, demonstrating a surprising cohesion.

Aroma and terpenes

Cannactiva’s Dry Sift CBD Pollen is not just another hemp-derived product; it is an aromatic experience in itself. With a primarily earthy scent, it evokes sensations of connection with nature. This aroma, so characteristic of high quality hemp products, is deepened by the richness of the terpenes present, giving it a complex and deep nuance that appeals to the senses.

In addition to these earthy tones, the pollen gives off citrus hints reminiscent of citrus freshness, an intrinsic characteristic of hemp. These citrus notes add a slight sparkle to the scent, elevating it and giving it a more vibrant and refreshing dimension.

The extraction process used is crucial to achieve this aromatic profile. Thanks to a delicate and meticulous method, Cannactiva has managed to preserve the inherent freshness of the aroma, keeping intact all those nuances that make this pollen really special. Opening the bottle is like uncorking a bottle of a reserve wine; the aromas unfold and fill the space, offering an experience that goes beyond the merely olfactory, connecting us with the pure and natural essence of hemp.

Price of CBD dry sift pollen

At Cannactiva, we pride ourselves not only on the superior quality of our products, but also on our ability to offer them at a price that is unparalleled in the market. Thanks to the unique and secret dry solvent-free extraction method we have developed, we have achieved a 50% reduction in production costs. This not only allows us to guarantee a product of the highest purity and quality, but also to offer it at a truly competitive price.

The price of the dry sift CBD varies according to the grammage:

  • 3 grams: 16,90 euros
  • 10 grams: 37,99 euros
  • 25 grams: 90 euros
  • 100 grams: 300 euros

This achievement is the result of our dedication and passion for innovation, ensuring that all Cannactivists, regardless of their budget, can access a superior quality CBD product. We are convinced that, in terms of value for money, we are offering one of the most competitive products on the market today. It is our way of reaffirming our commitment to the community and to all those who seek the best in hemp products.

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