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PAX PLUS Vaporizer

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The PAX Plus is a sleek, portablevaporizer designed for flowers and concentrates that combines a decade of innovation with functionality and style, delivering smooth sessions.

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PAX Plus: Innovation and elegance

Discover the device that represents a decade of innovation, with a sleek, slim design and a smooth vape experience. Thanks to its refined design and multiple functionalities, it is the most practical and easy to use vaporizer.

Ideal for vaporization of CBD flowers

Outstanding Features

These are the functionalities and features that make PAX Plus the best vaper:

  • Flowers and concentrates: Allows smooth sessions with both, without harsh smoke.
  • Integrated experience modes: Choose different aroma and vapor combinations at the touch of a button.
  • Elegant and refined design: Includes a new 3D display for easy cleaning of the PAX Plus.
  • Portable and durable: The battery has a battery life of more than 2 hours and a magnetic oven lid to prevent accidental opening.
  • Color: Choose your favorite PAX Plus, you will find it available in 4 different colors: Onyx, Elderberry, Perlwinkle and Sage.

PAX Plus: The best quality vaporization of flowers and extracts

With PAX Plus, you will have the best vape experience. Its temperature control heats but never burns your flowers and concentrates, preserving the natural aromas. It is a pocket-sized potency that allows you to enjoy quick and easy sessions while traveling, while being discreet and with less odor.

Additional benefits of the PAX Plus vaporizer

These are some of the extra advantages of using the PAX Plus flower and concentrate vaporizer:

  • Easy to use: Very intuitive functionalities and experience modes to customize each session.
  • Quality sessions: advanced technology to preserve natural terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Discretion and convenience: No smoke and less odor to enjoy anywhere.

What vape modes does the PAX Plus offer you?

PAX Plus offers four different vaporization modes to give you the best experience in every session. Each mode is designed to provide a different experience, adjusting temperature and steam production to suit different situations and preferences.

Stealth Mode

  • Ideal for situations where discretion is key
  • LEDs are dimmed and heating is adjusted to minimize visible steam

Efficient Mode

  • Ideal for slow and relaxing sessions
  • Designed to maximize the effectiveness of the herb at a slower rate, ideal for CBD marijuana.

Flavor Mode

  • For lovers of terpenes and authentic scents
  • It provides the most intense flavor, highlighting the subtle differences between varieties.

Boost mode

  • For intense and fast sessions
  • Reaches higher temperatures for maximum steam production, ideal for concentrates.

Intelligent and functional design

The CBD PAX Plus vaporizer is not only a beautiful and elegant design, but also highly functional, discreet and durable, easily concealed in the hand and in your pocket.

The size of the compartment to insert the flowers or extract is adaptable, making it much easier to fill it and have a better vaping experience.

In addition, with its intelligent standby mode and lip detection technology, it allows you to enjoy long sessions without worries.

If you want a smaller PAX vaper, we have the PAX MINI.

PAX Plus, a versatile weed vaper

Whether you prefer to vaporize herb or concentrates, the PAX Plus guarantees a powerful and quality aroma vapor in less than 30 seconds. Although there are vaporizers dedicated solely to extracts, the PAX Plus is sufficient for occasional use, offering the flexibility to easily switch between different types of material.

Less maintenance, more enjoyment

Compared to previous models, the PAX Plus requires less maintenance thanks to its new 3D oven display, allowing more time for enjoyment and less time for cleaning. In addition, it comes with a cleaning brush and a redesigned multi-tool to keep the oven in perfect condition.




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