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Save money and time with the new CBD pack that includes 10 grams (or 3 grams, your choice) of your favorite CBD resin, and 30 grams of your favorite CBD Trim. You can choose between 5 different types of Trim and 3 different types of CBD Hash. Buying this pack means savings of up to -25%.

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Choose your favorite products and save on your CBD purchase. At Cannactiva we understand that everyone has their own preferences, that’s why we offer you the opportunity to customize the CBD pack that includes 30 grams of Trim and 10 grams of Hash, with the freedom to choose your favorite strains.

Choose your CBD Trim

Select your favorite chopped CBD flowers from the following varieties:

  • Trim Zkittlez (30 grams): Sweet and fruity notes.
  • Trim Gorilla Glue (30 grams): Earthy and gluey profile.
  • Trim Lemon Haze (30 grams): Citrus and refreshing aroma.
  • Trim Strawberry kush x Watermelon (30 grams): Fruity and sweet aroma.
  • Trim Mix (30 grams): A mixture of chopped small buds and sugar leaves.

Choose your CBD Hash

Select the CBD resin you like the most and enjoy it together with the CBD flowers:

  • Bubble Hash: Rich in terpenes and powerful aroma.
  • Pollen Dry Sift: Fine texture and distinctive, earthy aroma.
  • Original Hash: earthy and malleable texture, with intense resin aroma.

For all tastes and pockets

CBD packs are one of the best ways to save on your CBD purchase, for this reason we want to offer you the possibility to combine the products you like the most in a single pack. Each combination offers a unique experience, exploring different aromas and facets of CBD, both buds and resins.


Candy Krush (Zkittlez), Funky Monkey (Gorilla Glue), Ninja Fruit (Strawberry Kush x Watermelon), Trim Mix, Vibration (Lemon Haze)


Bubble Hash 10g, Bubble Hash 3g, Original Hash 10g, Original Hash 3g, Polen Dry Sift 10g, Polen Dry Sift 3g

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