MoonRocks 70% CBD

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Buy MoonRocks CBD in Cannactiva, they represent the best in quality and potency. With a meticulous and artisanal process, we obtain MoonRocks with a 70% CBD concentration, an intense aroma and a unique appearance. We mix CBD flowers, extract and pollen, find it in our CBD Resins section.

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What are CBD MoonRocks?

Do you like potent CBD? CBD Moonrocks are one of the most potent CBD formats. These are premium buds, dipped in CBD extract and completely covered with hemp pollen (Kief).

This process results in an intense and CBD-rich experience.

Varieties of CBD flowers used for the elaboration of Moonrocks

The most important factor to obtain quality Moonrocks are the products chosen to elaborate them, that is why we use our best flowers.

Some of our best CBD flowers are:


Discover the incredible aromas of the Moonrocks that you can buy in our CBD Shop.

Our Moonrocks emanate a deeply earthy and intense aroma, with nuances that vary according to the flower used, from sweeter and fruitier flowers to more citrusy and earthy varieties.

Enjoy this complex and pleasant aromatic experience, with notes that may include citrus, berries, pine,…


Moonrocks have a very special aspect, since they go through a process of elaboration where 3 different types of products are combined, hemp buds, CBD extract and pollen.

This leaves us with a robust, rounded appearance, with a sandy texture from the premium CBD pollen we use.

High CBD content (The most potent CBD)

Cannactiva Moonrocks are one of the most potent CBD products on the market, with a 70% concentration of cannabidiol. This high concentration is ideal for those seeking an intense CBD experience.

Elaboration process

Discover how we make the best Moonrocks on the market, a meticulous and artisanal process.

  • Selecting the best CBD flowers: The first step is to meticulously select the highest quality hemp buds.
  • Extract bath: The buds are immersed in CBD extract with a very high concentration of cannabidiol.
  • Coating with Kief (CBD pollen): Finally, we cover the buds bathed in extract with fine hemp pollen, increasing even more the potency of our moonrocks.

In Cannactiva we have the best opinions from our customers, which leads us to have very positive opinions of Moonrocks, weed, extract and pollen.


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