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CBD Cannabis HIMALAYA Flowers (Pink Haze)

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Himalaya, from the Pink Haze CBD strain. Hemp flowers grown in a greenhouse (glasshouse) with a striking appearance, with purple and violet tones. It stands out for its aroma and the amount of resin.

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Buy Flower CBD Pink Haze online

Himalaya Pink Haze CBD is another exclusive novelty of Cannactiva. A unique flower, obtained from crosses of hemp plants from the millenary varieties of cannabis from the mountains of Nepal and India.

Striking buds of sativa nature, with a beautiful pinkish purple color and exquisite Haze aroma, very floral and full of resin. A delicacy for the senses.

Pink Haze CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: Haze, earthy and floral with citrus and sweet nuances.
  • CBD: <12 – 18% (High content)
  • Density: Compact and dense flowers.
  • Purple and pinkish color, dense buds of medium to large size.
  • Grown in a glass greenhouse with light support.
  • Strain: Pink Haze
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.
  • Ideal for those who like sweet and fruity varieties, with citric and resinous nuances.


Himalaya Pink Haze is a variety that as far as its aspect refers, the most showy thing is its purple and pink colors that has its flower.

The pinkish-purple color is a consequence of the high concentration of anthocyanins, a pigment that appears in plants when it is very cold. They are especially noticeable in plants that have been grown at high altitudes. And although these plants have not been cultivated in the Himalayas, anthocyanins are genetically inherited, just like any other morphological trait.

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Its buds are large and medium-sized, with a rounded shape and quite dense. However, due to its Sativa nature, it can present a little bit of leaf that becomes impossible to remove at the time of manicuring because of its fragility.


Himalaya Pink Haze has an exquisite and never seen aroma. A deep resinous, fresh, sweet and floral aroma that will surprise any cannabis lover. Its aromatic profile is different from any CBD genetics you may have tried so far.

This variety has a powerful floral fragrance very characteristic and fresh lavender. The freshness of the plant also reminds us of fresh herbs with a lot of personality such as sage. All this freshness is combined and compensated with a sweet cherry perfume.

Cultivation – Glasshouse

Its Sativa-Indica nature makes its cultivation very grateful and its plants grow healthy and happy. This variety has been cultivated in high quality greenhouses, in a natural and artisanal way.

Always using biodynamic methods of cultivation, respecting the cycles of the moon to initiate or transition its moment of germination, growth, flowering, or harvest. Grown with 100% organic nutrients and never using pesticides or herbicides of any kind. Harvested manually and carefully by hand to preserve the maximum qualities of this magnificent variety.

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Drying and definition

When this flower is harvested, it is first pruned to remove the most prominent leaves before it is passed to the drying process.

Its delicate drying in controlled rooms with ideal temperature and humidity for its preservation ensures that the aromatic properties and color of this flower remain intact from its cultivation to its final flower.

Once the flowers are dry, they are given a final manual touch-up to eliminate impurities, select suitable sizes for bagging, and perfect the product. However, Himalaya Pink Haze is a very delicate and still developing genetics, so its density is not particularly hard. This causes it to present some microscopic leaves, which although they are full of resin and do not affect its aroma, are impossible to remove manually or mechanically.

In short, Himalaya Pink Haze is an exclusive novelty not only for Cannactiva, but also for the CBD market. While it is true that there are already some purple-tinged strains on the CBD market, their aroma is markedly different from any strain you may have tried before. This is a genetics developed from crosses of the best and most genuine varieties of hemp.

We don’t think there is anything like this strain in all of Europe, so if you are a lover of rarities, exotic aromas, and genuine hemp, we recommend you try Himalaya Pink Haze before it’s gone!

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Himalayan CBDCBD Cannabis HIMALAYA Flowers (Pink Haze)
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