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Cannabis OHANA CBD flowers (Hawaiian Runtz)

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OHANA, from the Hawaiian Runtz CBD strain. CBD buds grown indoors (indoor) with sweet aromas reminiscent of fruit. It stands out for its high amount of resin.

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Buy CBD Flowers from Cannactiva – Ohana (Hawaiian Runtz)

CBD Flowers – Ohana

Ohana Hawaiian Runtz of Cannactiva is a variety of greenhouse(CBD greenhouse) with exclusive light support of Cannactiva, fruity and very resinous. Warning: it may become your favorite.

Hawaiian Runtz CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: Fruity, resinous and sweet
  • CBD: <23 % (High content)
  • Density: Compact and dense flowers.
  • Light green color and very resinous, buds selected manually.
  • Grown in glass greenhouse with light support, organically.
  • Strain: Hawaiian Runtz
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.
  • Ideal for those who like fruity, sweet and very resinous varieties.


Ohana Hawaiian Runtz is a variety of Cannabis CBD that stands out for its great quantity of resin. The brightness of its flowers is intensified by the large number of crystals that cover its surface. Its buds have a colorful appearance, with a mix of bright greens, dark purples and vibrant oranges. Often, Hawaiian Runtz buds also have a layer of thick, shiny trichomes, giving them a snowy, shiny appearance that makes them very attractive.

The buds of the Runtz variety are usually dense and compact, with a spongy appearance and a sticky texture to the touch due to its high resin concentration.

Because the morphology of the plant is quite sativa, its buds can vary in size depending on which part of the plant it comes from. However, the size of the buds is manually checked by our team of expert Cannactivists so that you receive as many flowers as possible with a correct size and always with an exceptional quality.


Ohana is a CBD flower with a delicious sweet and fruity aroma, evoking notes of peach, mango and pineapple. Its caramel fragrance is irresistible and combines perfectly with a powerful smell of resin or incense, making it a real delight for the senses. Its aroma is comparable to that of Cannactiva’s popular Candy Krush Zkittlez strain.

Growing, processing, drying and curing of CBD

Ohana is a CBD flower grown in greenhouses with light support, which gives it additional advantages in terms of plant nutrition. However, despite this, the plant maintains its freshness and naturalness as if it had grown outdoors.

Cultivation is carried out in a completely natural and organic way, without the use of pesticides that can damage the quality of the flowers.

The harvesting of Ohana is a meticulous and careful process, from handpicking to drying and curing. Special attention is paid to the humidity and temperature of the environment to guarantee a product of excellent quality that preserves all the olfactory and qualitative properties of the plant. The end result is a flower with a vibrant green color and an exquisite aroma.

The Runtz cannabis strain is a hybrid that originated in California, USA. The exact genetics of Runtz are unknown, but it is believed to be the result of crossing two popular cannabis strains, Zkittlez CBD and Gelato CBD.

Ohana Hawaiian Runtz is a variety closely related to Candy Krush Zkittlez. If you already enjoyed the counterpart, we are sure that this one will also become one of your favorites. We look forward to hearing from you! And as our Hawaiian friends say: A hui hoy!


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