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CBD Cannabis flowers PURPLE BUDDHA (Purple Haze)

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Purple Buddha, from the Purple Haze CBD strain. A greenhouse-grown hemp flower with a citrus and earthy aroma. It stands out for its incredible violet and purple colors, and for its amount of resin. See CBD Flowers

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Buy Purple Haze CBD online with Cannactiva

Cannactiva presents its variety of marijuana buds CBD Purple Haze aka Purple Buddha.

Purple Haze CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: Citrus, with floral hints and subtle earthy notes.
  • CBD: <14 – 19% (High content)
  • Density: Dense and large buds. Manual manicuring.
  • Violet color, with purple touches and with many CBD crystals or resin.
  • Grown in a glass greenhouse with light support.
  • Strain: Purple Haze
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.


Its aromatic range is reminiscent of oriental cannabis strains such as Afghan Cannabis, Pakistan, or Himalaya. The aroma of Purple Haze weed permeates the atmosphere with citrus, floral and earthy notes, reminiscent of our CBD Gorilla Glue flower. Its large amount of resin covers the bud and translates into a high CBD content.


This CBD flower variety is also distinguished by its purple sparkles and purplish color, with buds that can vary from purple-green tones, to totally violet.

Hard, resinous and compact buds make this strain a super cost-effective and very reliable choice. Ideal for beginners in the world of CBD flowers, as well as for experts looking for robust buds with a high-end aromatic profile and high CBD content.

Another flower with very compact buds: Lemon Haze CBD.

Growing and Drying

Thanks to its organic cultivation, a delicate drying process and a careful preservation, Purple Haze CBD Flower is at its optimum point of maturity, thus preserving all the aromas of the plant to perfection. Finally, the meticulous hand manicuring makes for excellent product definition.

Purple Buddha CBD buds come from EU certified hemp strains grown without pesticides or herbicides, in a totally organic way and respecting all GACP quality standards.

Purple Haze CBD flower comes from a selection of industrial hemp varieties. A Tiborszallazi cross of the best EU-certified hemp CBD flower varieties.

These CBD flowers stand out for their attractive presence and high concentration of cannabinoids. One of Cannactiva’s best legal cannabis strains!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Purple Haze marijuana became popular thanks to the song by Jimi Hendrix, famous American guitarist and singer. The song Purple Haze was released in 1967 and became a hit at the time. Its lyrics refer to a psychedelic experience Hendrix had while smoking this strain of marijuana. Since then, the song has become a music classic, and Purple Haze marijuana is already one of the best known and most popular strains among adventurers of new horizons. You should know that CBD Purple Haze hemp flowers do not have the same genetics as the marijuana that Jimi Hendrix smoked, but perhaps their aromas manage to envelop you in the magic just like the chords of his guitar.

Purple Haze CBD flower is a cannabis strain with a high CBD content and no THC. Its price ranges from 2 to 4 € per gram, depending on the harvest, the quantity purchased, and seasonal promotions. When you discover this flower, you will enjoy a symphony of fragrances that combine citrus, earthy and floral, while its purple and violet tones will conquer your senses.

CBD Purple Haze marijuana will delight your senses with its aroma where citrus, earth and flowers reign. In addition, you will be mesmerized by its magical purple hue, which contrasts with the orange pistils. Let yourself be trapped by the magical purple haze, which invites you to dive into its CBD-filled depths. Welcome to the enchanting world of Purple Haze CBD flower, a fascinating creation from the realm of cannabis!  

Purple Haze CBD is a hemp-flowering strain reminiscent of the iconic marijuana strain and offers the best of both worlds. Its unique purple buds, brimming with cannabidiol (CBD), and the orchestra of citrus, earthy and floral aromas, will immerse you in an oasis of well-being without causing psychoactive effects.

Purple Haze CBD derives from a selection of industrial hemp seeds in which specific care has been taken to obtain the highest CBD levels and a low THC content, with maximum aromas and the characteristic purplish-green color of this variety.

The secret of the purple or purple color of cannabis buds lies in certain genetics and cultivation techniques. The lilac, purple, purple and even red tones are due to the presence of anthocyanins, which are natural pigments found in plants such as cannabis. Depending on the variety, anthocyanins are produced naturally (always), or as a plant response to environmental stress (depending on the crop). The function of the purple color in the plant is to protect itself from intense sunlight, extreme temperatures and lack of nutrients. In the case of CBD cannabis buds, exposure to low temperatures during flowering can increase anthocyanin production and lead to purple buds. There are also some cannabis strains that are genetically prone to produce purple buds. It is important to note that the color of the buds does not necessarily affect the quality or potency of the cannabis. In addition, it is possible for the same plant to produce different degrees of coloration of its buds, some of which are naturally more greenish in color. This may be due to the chlorophyll, which is green, overshadowing the violet color. If you are interested in the subject, you can continue reading in our post about purple marijuana.

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Purple Haze CBD CBD Cannabis flowers PURPLE BUDDHA (Purple Haze)
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