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CBD Cannabis BLUE GREEN CBD flowers (Gelato)

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Blue Green, from the Gelato CBD strain. If you want to buy CBD online, this light-supported greenhouse-grown CBD flower with a fresh, resinous aroma will make you fall in love. It stands out for the density of the bud and the quantity of trichomes.

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Buy Flower CBD Gelato online with Cannactiva

The flower of cannabis Blue Green aka Gelato CBD is a classic variety of Cannactiva, resinous, gassy, and with impressive citrus touches!

Gelato CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: glue, diesel, fruity, fresh grass. Powerful aroma of resin and a fruity touch.
  • CBD: <12-22 % (Very high content)
  • Density: Good flower density. Mixed medium and large bud size. Round shape but a little spiky (Sativa).
  • Vibrant green color with very visible crystals.
  • Cultivated in a glass greenhouse with light support in a totally organic way.
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.
  • Ideal for those who like resinous and potent varieties.


Blue Green Gelato is a CBD flower is a variety with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, as far as its morphology and flowering time is concerned.

It expresses hard and rounded buds, with a good density, without leaving aside the beautiful formations that characterize the Sativas, together with the incredible aromas that come out of them.

The size of the buds is medium-large. The cultivation of this phenotype, in addition to its totally organic nutrition, results in a product with a medium-large size, but with an unmatched perfection of aroma as it is a 100% natural product, like Gorilla Glue CBD and all our flowers.

Thanks to the fact that Blue Green Gelato CBD is a variety with a very high percentage of CBD, it is possible to observe a good quantity of trichomes that cover the flower with CBD resin.

The color is bright green, thanks to the careful cultivation process in which these cannabis plants have grown. Always with light and environmental control, ensuring the good health of the plant.

These CBD flowers have a very good definition, they have been manually manicured so that you receive the best quality product, without leaves or sticks.


Blue Green Gelato CBD has a very fresh aroma in general, like Lemon Haze CBD.

In its middle notes, a very pleasant and revitalizing forest grass fragrance can be appreciated. In the highs, we can observe citric, sharp touches, reminiscent of lemon, and even traces of oranges, such as Orange CBD.

In the background, at the end of it all, we can smell its “diesel”, resinous perfume. A very characteristic aroma of Blue Green Gelato. Known in the United States for being very popular varieties and marketed for their relaxing and wellness effect.

Cultivation – Glasshouse with light support

CBD flowers grown in a glasshouse with light support (such as the CBD Indoor) are perhaps the best way to obtain a product of the best quality that can be obtained in the market without obtaining very high production costs of CBD, as it can be the pure and hard Indoor.

In this way, we obtain plants that have grown naturally in a fresh environment, in contact with natural air and sun. But at the same time, extra light is provided during the shorter solar cycles of the year so that the plants are well fed and happy.

The result is a magnificent CBD flower, with an excellent appearance and aroma. It results in the best CBD flower in relation quality/price of the market.

Drying and definition

In controlled environments of humidity, light and temperature, we obtain the best cannabis curing results, resulting in a wonderful CBD flower that preserves the natural color of the plant, bright and vigorous.

Its manicuring is done manually to keep the resin of the bud intact to the maximum. In this way, we obtain a delicately made product, which is transferred from the seed to the final product in its sachet.

Blue Green Gelato is one of the best varieties that Cannactiva has in relation quality/price. A pungent aroma, resinous, hard and large buds, and a crystalline and very attractive appearance. Its 100% organic quality is reflected in its delicious fragrance.

Undoubtedly, a sure hit!

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