CBD Cannabis SOFT G (Lemon Sorbet) CBD flowers

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Discover the new variety of marijuana flowers without THC SUAVE-G, a flower with a citrus, fresh and sweet aromatic profile. From the Lemon Sorbet strain.

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Buy Suave-G, the best CBG flower by Cannactiva

Introducing SUAVE G Lemon Sorbet, a subtle variety, rich in resin and lemony fragrance that will transport you to a fresh citrus field.

  • Aromatic profile: Powerful and very citric, with a lemony predominance.
  • CBD + CBG: <12% (High content)
  • Density: Dense, compact flower with silvery splendor. Freshly harvested CBD!
  • Silver color with abundant resin crystals.
  • Grown in a glass greenhouse with light support.
  • THC: Less than 0.05% THC (the lowest in THC)


SUAVE G Lemon Sorbet has a unique and balanced morphology. The intrigue of this flower lies in its mixed CBG-CBD lineage, giving it a surprisingly light tone, bordering on silver. This wonderful shade is complemented by a generous coat of resin, making each bud shine with a splendor that delights the eye. Despite their delicate appearance, the buds are consistent and dense, reflecting meticulous work at every stage of their development.


The name does not deceive: SUAVE G Lemon Sorbet stands out for its predominantly lemony, powerful and unmistakable aroma. This citrus fragrance, enriched by its remarkable resin content, is intertwined with fresh and slightly herbaceous notes. This aromatic profile invites to a moment of serenity, ideal to escape from the pressures of everyday life and meet with nature.


Precisely bred in high-tech greenhouses with lighting supportSUAVE G Lemon Sorbet benefits from an “indoor hybrid” environment, balancing the advantages of indoor cultivation with the benefits of natural light. The high quality glass of the greenhouses ensures optimal conditions, always maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity. In addition, its organic cultivation ensures that each flower is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Instead of resorting to chemical treatments, biodynamic techniques have been used to protect these precious flowers.

Drying and definition

Each flower of SUAVE G Lemon Sorbet has been carefully harvested by hand, passing through a drying process in controlled and refrigerated rooms. This meticulous care ensures that the natural fragrances are preserved to the maximum, resulting in buds that are defined, dense and, above all, radiant in their unique silvery hue.


Given the fame and reception of other varieties, we are sure that SUAVE G Lemon Sorbet will become a favorite among CBD enthusiasts. Its low THC content (0.05%) makes it a perfect choice for those seeking all the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects. With such a fresh and pure aroma, it is a real gem in the Cannactiva collection. Don’t wait any longer to experience its magic!

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Mild G CBD Lemon Sorbet CBD Cannabis SOFT G (Lemon Sorbet) CBD flowers
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