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FUNKY MONKEY CBD Cannabis Flowers (Gorilla Glue)

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Funky Monkey, from the Gorilla Glue CBD strain. A CBD flower with a “Diesel” aroma, reminiscent of wood and truffle. It stands out for its high CBD content, between 18 and 22%.

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Buy CBD Gorilla Glue flower online with Cannactiva

Cannactiva brings you one of the best varieties of CBD marijuana buds: the CBD Gorilla Glue variety of greenhouse cultivation with light support.

Cultivated biodynamically and with a high CBD content (<22%), its trichomes stand out for being more voluminous than in other CBD varieties, giving the flower a spectacular “snowy” effect. Enjoy the power of freshly harvested Gorilla Glue!

Gorilla Glue CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: Robust and earthy, with notes of glue and diesel, woody nuances, and a touch of funk.
  • CBD: <22 % (Very high content)
  • Density: Excellent flower density. Medium and large buds.
  • Green color with a snowy appearance, due to the prominent resin crystals on its surface.
  • Biodynamicallygrown in a glass greenhouse with light support.
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.


Gorilla Glue CBD flower from Cannactiva aka Funky Monkey is a cannabis variety with a distinctive and powerful aroma, with an incredible aroma and an impressive amount of resin.

Its genetics come from the same family as Cannactiva’s popular Blue Cheese or Gelato. It is characterized by a very deep aromatic profile, with hints of “glue” or “diesel”.


The phenotype of the Gorilla Glue cannabis has been developed to improve the density of the CBD flower, to make them more compact and bigger.

With a less compact and round morphology, its slightly elongated and open buds reveal impressive trichomes full of resin, much more prominent and voluminous than in compact CBD flowers. This large amount of resin completely envelops the flower, generating a very beautiful “snowy” effect.

Cultivation and legality

Like its analogues, the CBD Gorilla Glue cannabis flower has a sativa-like nature. This makes it a variety that presents certain challenges in its cultivation, due to its long growing and flowering cycle.

All Cannactiva’s Gorilla Glue flowers are grown in greenhouses with light support, achieving the results of an indoor flower but at more economical prices.

CBD cannabis flowers sourced from EU certified seed hemp strains grown without pesticides and herbicides in a totally organic way and respecting all GACP quality standards.

The CBD flower is greenish in color. They are known for their peculiar deep and unmistakable aroma, their high concentration of CBD resin in their crystals that cover the whole flower.

Undoubtedly, one of the best varieties in our catalog and in the European market. Satisfaction guarantee. You have never seen a CBD flower with a higher aromatic profile and CBD percentage than this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gorilla Glue weed is a variety very high in CBD and with special aromas and characteristics. Delights the senses with a blend of unique aromas, predominantly betacaryophyllene and myrcene, responsible for relaxing effects. Enter the world of the sophisticated Gorilla Glue cannabis flower and embark on the adventure of exploring the aromas of cannabis in a harmonious and balanced way.

Imagine a cannabis flower that surpasses all others in quality and effectiveness, Gorilla Glue is that jewel of mother nature. With exceptional genetics and meticulous care in its cultivation and processing, this strain stands out for its potency and relaxing effects. Think highly resinous buds, full of potent and aromatic terpenes, along with a generous CBD content, which in combination create a unique and harmonious sensory experience for those who try it.

The effect of Gorilla Glue cannabis flower, like the wind, if it reaches you through the smoke, its effects will reach you quickly, but will also leave you quickly. The preference for this flower can last for several periods of time, either because you are captivated by the strength of its aromas, or the richness in cannabidiol of its abundant resin. Now, each of us lives our own experience with Gorilla Glue, as our essence, past and personal connection influence how this magical encounter unfolds in our lives.

The enigmatic CBD Gorilla Glue hemp flowers hide surprises under their blanket of trichomes: with a THC content of less than 0.2%, CBD rises majestically, in concentrations exceeding 20%. However, while it is true that CBD cannabis has a low THC content, Gorilla Glue marijuana strains are famous for their portentous THC content, ranging from 18% to a ferocious 32%. On the other hand, Mother Nature is capricious, molding the potency and aromas of each flower through factors such as the type of cultivation, curing and drying of the buds. Open yourself to its charm and discover what mysterious surprise awaits you among the buds of this intriguing strain.

The captivating CBD Gorilla Glue hemp flowers have an aroma of diesel essence, wood, truffle and a touch of funk, sweet. What makes them unique is their enigmatically deep olfactory profile, which combines notes of glue and diesel.

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gorilla glue CBDFUNKY MONKEY CBD Cannabis Flowers (Gorilla Glue)
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