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Blue Dream CBD flower in bulk

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Blue Dream is a CBD flower grown indoors (indoor).

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Buy Cannactiva CBD Indoor Flowers – Blue Dream CBD – Emerald Collection

Blue Dream CBD is an indoor CBD flower variety exclusive to Cannactiva that will make you shudder with its resin and its fruity and floral smell.


Blue Dream CBD is a bright, light green CBD flower. When looking at it, a large amount of crystals stand out, which are the CBD-rich resin that covers the whole bud. All Cannactiva CBD cannabis flower varieties have a large amount of CBD crystals and potency, but in this case, Blue Dream has a very prominent resin and gives it a “snowy” CBD flower appearance.

As for the morphology of this indoor CBD cannabis strain, Blue Dream CBD has a morphology indica – sativa in equal parts. This means that this CBD bud is dense and shapely, but with slightly stretched flowers.


Undoubtedly, Blue Dream CBD is a variety that for lovers of sweet notes will be a pleasure to experience. A very fruity and floral fragrance at the same time. With resinous notes at the end of it all and a very fresh touch that accompanies the whole combination of aromas that this bud has from the beginning to the end of its terpene spectrum.

Growing, processing, drying and curing of CBD

Cultivated strictly in clean rooms, with light, temperature and humidity control, programmed and adapted to the needs of each cycle. Its manicuring is produced delicately, by hand, flower by flower, to ensure that there is always perfect definition. The drying process of CBD buds is controlled at low temperature. The result is a final product that preserves all the aromatic properties of the CBD cannabis flowers intact, to the maximum exponent, together with a long curing, in dark rooms, which results in an excellent CBD flower of the highest quality in terms of fragrance and color.

Blue Dream CBD is a product intended for those who are looking for perfect product definition and appearance. Cannactiva takes this CBD flower to the highest level for your maximum enjoyment. We hope you like it, dear Cannactivist.

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