JUNGLE VIP : Cali mist CBD 18% : Flores Greenhouse : Cannactiva

CBD Cannabis JUNGLE VIP CBD flowers (Cali Mist)

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Jungle Vip, from the Cali Mist CBD strain. Very special and hard to find CBD flowers. It stands out for its high CBD content and its bright green appearance.

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Buy Cali Mist CBD (Jungle VIP)

Jungle VIP is the most exclusive variety of Cannactiva from the famous and original Cali Mist. A unique rarity you won’t find anywhere else. Full of resin, with aromas of incense and the purest Haze style. This Cali Mist CBD has been recovered from plants that grew wild in the mountains of Colombia. This variety is characterized by its genuineness, purity and fragility.

Jungle VIP: Features

  • Aromatic profile: citrus, passion fruit, earthy
  • CBD: <18% (High content)
  • Density: Dense and compact buds. Highly visible crystals.
  • Light green color and very resinous.
  • Grown in a glass greenhouse with light support.
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.


Jungle VIP (Cali Mist) is a variety that seems to be from another world, something you have never seen before. Let’s make it clear from the beginning, its buds are not big and round, Jungle VIP is something different.

Given its wild nature, and its totally Sativa morphology, its buds hide fragrances of other times. These flowers have a light green color and are extremely resinous, apart from their unique aromatic profile.


Jungle VIP has a unique fragrance. Its palette of aromas is very characteristic due to its high concentration of caryophyllene. Caryophyllene is the terpene that most characterizes the aroma of the cannabis plant. Caryophyllene is a terpene known to have relaxing properties and many interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

Thanks to its purity in terms of Caryophyllene, Jungle VIP Cali Mist has spicy fragrances, reminiscent of clove, cardamom, pepper, or cinnamon. And on the herbaceous side, we find very deep and woody aromas such as oregano flowers.

Its exquisite spicy aroma is combined with notes rich in humulene, earthy, and woody. The spicy combination, together with its earthy resinous aromas make Jungle VIP an exclusive and unique variety in terms of purity and originality.

A fragrance faithful to the traditional cannabis plants that could be found thousands of years ago.

Cultivation – Glasshouse with light support (Indoor)

Jungle VIP has a very long flowering cycle, due to its Sativa nature, but the good stuff is long overdue!

Its long flowering, low production and great difficulty of cultivation make this variety a rarity, besides being virtually nonexistent in the market, industrial growers are not lovers of this type of genetics because they are not productive and are not profitable economically.

These CBD flowers have been grown with light support and in greenhouses with controlled temperature and humidity environments. The high quality of the organic nutrients used, together with the artisanal care given to the plants before harvest to purify their roots, make for an impressive result in terms of purity and high CBD content.

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Drying and definition

The artisanal and manual harvesting of Jungle VIP is an expensive and delicate process that is done slowly to try to keep the fragile structure of the flower intact. Drying and curing takes place in controlled rooms to maintain the humidity and temperature at the ideal point to guarantee the preservation of the aromas to the maximum.

Subsequently, a last manual pass is made on the flowers to remove all the small leaves that may remain in the bud. A work of craftsmanship worthy of this exclusive and unique Cannactiva strain.

In summary, Jungle VIP Cali Mist is from an expert point of view perhaps the best CBD strain on the market. Despite having a fragile structure, and poorly formed buds, some of which may break and end up forming small mini buds, it is fully compensated by its aromatic profile and its large amount of CBD resin. Undoubtedly, our favorite.

If you’re a CBD gourmet, this is something you can’t miss!

Want to see something unique in the world of CBD? Jungle VIP, all yours!

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Jungle Vip Cali Mist CBDCBD Cannabis JUNGLE VIP CBD flowers (Cali Mist)
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