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CBD Tropicana Cookies CBD flower in bulk

Discover Tropicana Cookies in bulk, an indoor variety exclusive to Cannactiva. It has an intense and refreshing aromatic profile, like a tropical forest.

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Cannactiva Indoor CBD Flowers – Tropicana Cookies – Emerald Collection

Tropicana Cookies is an extraordinary variety of Flores Cannabis CBD brought to you exclusively by Cannactiva. We present you Tropicana Cookies, an exceptional CBD flower that inspires our way to the collection of the best quality indoor CBD flowers.

The Tropicana Cookies variety is an indoor CBD flower that presents an intense and refreshing aromatic profile, with sweet and floral notes reminiscent of tropical fruits, herbal and herbaceous touches and serious notes of noble wood and resinous sandalwood, which will transport you to a tropical forest.

Tropicana Cookies has a sativa dominant morphology. That is why its fruits are extraordinarily beautiful. The buds of the Tropicana Cookies variety are dense and of a large/medium size. With a light green color, orange hairs and a large number of crystals.

The Tropicana Cookies variety is carefully dried in specialized chambers, with controlled temperature and humidity, to ensure that it preserves all its aroma and color prior to and during the curing process. Finally, the buds are manually manicured to remove any remaining leaves, thus achieving the maximum possible definition of the authentic indoor CBD flavor of Tropicana Cookies.

Our delicate focus on preserving the color and definition of the buds during drying and curing, as well as professional hand manicuring, make Tropicana Cookies a truly extraordinary indoor CBD flower, ideal for those looking for the highest caliber presentation.

In California’s Emerald Triangle, marijuana cultivation has become a way of life, and it is there that the best and most exquisite cannabis strains are born. The Emerald Triangle is therefore one of the sources of inspiration, knowledge and secrets hidden in Cannactiva’s CBD Flowers.

The Tropicana Cookies variety is an extraordinary CBD flower, worthy to inaugurate a collection with which Cannactiva wants to take to the maximum exponent the appearance of the CBD flower, putting special emphasis on the preservation of color, and definition of the bud. An option for the most demanding in terms of final product presentation.

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