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CBD Cannabis HALLEY CBD flowers (Space Cookies CBD)

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Halley, from the Space Cookies CBD strain. A greenhouse-grown CBD flower with fresh aromas that have hints of wood and fresh grass. A peculiar and limited edition flower.

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Buy CBD flower online Halley Space Cookies with Cannactiva

Halley Space Cookies is a limited edition variety of Cannactiva that will surprise you with its peculiar aroma and large amount of resin.

Space Cookies CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: Kush aroma with notes of resin, oak wood, with earthy and incensey touches and citrus notes.
  • CBD: <12-18 % (High content)
  • Density: Dense and resinous buds.
  • Vibrant green color, very fresh, with visible crystals.
  • Grown in glass greenhouse with light support, organically.
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.


Halley Space Cookies is a CBD variety very grateful at the time of cultivation. Its genetics, morphologically speaking, can be said to have an Indica character, that is why its buds express a good density at the time of flowering. You will be able to observe very strong, round and hard flowers.


Halley is a variety with a predominantly KUSH terpene profile, such as Low Rider Gelato, Runtz, or Truffle. However, within the diesel aromatic ranges or “glue” by which we know the Kush genetics, Halley has a deep resin aroma, which is mixed with its earthy and incensed touch, so that without being extremely strident, has a balance of serious fragrances exquisite and natural, which are diluted in its middle notes of oak wood.

In its middle notes, we can also appreciate a fruity and pungent touch, but without reaching the extreme sweetness of other varieties of this type. Candy Krush Zkittlez. Its fruity touch is based on the dry and somewhat bitter citrus fruit that can be found in the grapefruit. Finally, its fresh fragrance at the end of all, gives us a touch of fresh grass that balances in its perfection the resinous aroma of kush, together with the sweetness of the grapefruit and soft notes of nocciola (hazelnut).


Halley Space Cookies has been grown on a small scale in a controlled greenhouse growing environment, with light support and light deprivation techniques to achieve an earlier harvest and more productive yield. So its flowers grow stronger and express the aromatic properties more adequately.
Biodynamic practices such as substrate and fertilizers/fertilizers made from natural bocashi have been used. Respecting the lunar cycles at the time of planting, pruning and harvesting. These techniques make the plant grow and flower in a more pleasant way, and in accordance with its vital cycles. Halley Space Cookies has a predominance, morphologically speaking, Indica. This results in short but very leafy plants, and dense and rounded buds.

Drying and definition

Halley Space Cookies CBD flower was harvested and processed by hand. With a very perfect definition. It may present some tiny leaves because this flower has not been scraped in industrial machines. Its drying has been carefully carried out in facilities with controlled humidity and temperature, and with a subsequent curing process that guarantees the maximum expression of its aromatic profile.

In short, Halley Space Cookies is a variety for lovers of Kush genetics, with woody touches. A CBD flower made on a small scale in a totally artisanal way and following the natural growing cycles of the plant, with all the respect that any Cannactiva variety deserves. Being a small-scale production, the result of research into new varieties, Halley is a limited edition and is launched as an exclusive product with a limited number of units. Hence its name Halley, a comet that can be seen for a very short time by the human eye around our orbit. We recommend you to hurry up and try it before it runs out!

We hope you enjoy this marvel made with lots of love. It’s time to meet Halley Space Cookies!


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Halley Space Cookies CBD FlowerCBD Cannabis HALLEY CBD flowers (Space Cookies CBD)
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