Organic Hemp Seed Oil Green (100 ml.)


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Hemp oil rich in Omega 3 and chlorophyll, ideal to add to your daily diet. It is an oil made from organic hemp seeds, and has only 100% natural ingredients. Find it in the Hemp Food section.

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Organic Hemp Seed Oil Green (100 ml.)

Green hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing whole hemp seeds, with the hulls on. Although we also have peeled and roasted hemp seeds.

It has a bright green color and an intense nutty flavor.

Green hemp seed oil is a potent source of omega-3s and chlorophylls, ideal for enriching any healthy diet.

Mode of use

It is recommended to use raw to avoid deterioration of Omega 3 fats, which are sensitive to temperature.

It can be taken as anatural Omega 3 supplement, by teaspoonfuls. One teaspoon of green hemp oil provides 1 g of Omega 3.

Use as cooking oil in raw recipes, for example to prepare sauces (pesto, guacamole, vinaigrettes…) and to dress salads, hummus, purees and creams.

Remember that food supplements cannot replace a balanced diet. Cannactiva recommends a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the best possible nutrition with Cannactiva hemp oil. Enjoy your meal!

Product specifications

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil * whole. * From organic farming. May contain traces of gluten-containing cereals, lupine and mustard. Grown in the EU.

Store in a cool, dark and dry place. We recommend storing in the refrigerator to better preserve all the components of the oil. Omega 3 is very sensitive to heat, and it is recommended to keep it at a temperature below 22 ºC. Chlorophyll is very sensitive to oxidation if it is exposed to light, so it must be stored in a dark place. If the chlorophyll is oxidized or subjected to heat, the rancidity of the oil is accelerated.

Nutritional information: Energy value: Per 100 g.: 3,697 kJ / 899 Kcal; Fats: 100 g., of which saturated: 11 g., of which monounsaturated: 11 g., of which polyunsaturated 78 g., Omega 3: 18.5 g., Omega 6: 57 g.; Salt 0 g.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recommendations indicate that 15-20% of daily caloric intake should come from fats, and that approximately one-third of these fats should be omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids in a 3:1 ratio. 3 teaspoons of hemp seed oil would be enough to cover this daily intake.

1 teaspoon of hemp seed oil provides 1 gram of omega-3.

There is an oil remedy for constipation that consists of taking 1 tablespoon of oil with a little squeezed lemon. It is taken on an empty stomach, in the morning, to help evacuate. Hemp seed oil, due to its richness in omega 3 (slightly laxative), is a type of oil especially recommended in these cases.

Among the main benefits of hemp seed oil is its high content of omega 6 (57%) and omega 3 (19%), in an optimal ratio. Taking hemp oil can be beneficial to your health. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory and anti-cardiovascular disease, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties(4). On the other hand, green hemp oil is one of the oils richest in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant component with the ability to protect the healthy omega fats in the oil from oxidation(5). In one study, the possible effect of hemp seed oil for dermatitis was tested. In the study, 20 participants with atopic dermatitis consumed 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of olive oil versus hemp oil daily for a period of 20 weeks. The hemp oil group observed a subjective decrease in skin dryness and itching, as well as a reduced use of topical medications, while this effect was not observed in the participants taking olive oil. These results suggest a possible positive effect of eating hemp seed oil in dermatitis diets(6). Hemp oil is also used in cosmetics to soften, moisturize and protect the skin(7). In humans, chlorophyll has always been associated with cleansing diets due to its presence in vegetables. Studies show that chlorophyll supplementation is antioxidant, and has been studied for its effects on cholesterol reduction and to promote cardiovascular health(8). It is worth mentioning that chlorophyll is photosensitive, so it is necessary to protect the container from light in order to preserve its properties. We recommend storing the container in the refrigerator to better preserve all its nutritional and antioxidant components.

Hemp seed oil can be included in any recipe, raw. In recipes with cooking, add hemp oil raw, at the end of the preparation: salads, hummus, soups, vegetable creams and sauces.

Both types of oils can be present in our diet, as they complement each other. Hemp oil provides a high amount of Omega 3, while olive oil provides Omega 9 fats. For more details, we recommend reading our post.

Green hemp seed oil has an intense nutty and grassy flavor.

A curiosity of hemp seed oil, still unknown to many, is its content in stearidonic acid (SDA) in a proportion of 0.5-1%(2), being the richest food in this type of Omega 3. Stearidonic acid is an intermediate fatty acid in the biosynthetic pathway from alpha linolenic acid to EPA and DHA fatty acids. Conversion from stearidonic acid is more efficient than from alpha linolenic acid(3). Simply put, hemp oil contains a more potent type of Omega 3 than other seeds.

The components present in green hemp seed oil are mainly fats, 80% of which are polyunsaturated. Among these, its high content in Omega 3 (19%), chemically called alpha linolenic acid, stands out, being one of the richest oils in this principle. It also contains a large amount of chlorophyll, as well as carotenoids, phenols, polyphenols and antioxidant vitamin E (tocopherol) (1).

The hulls of whole or whole hemp seeds are very rich in chlorophylls, which provide this natural green pigmentation to hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil contains only 100% organic hemp seeds. Cold extraction is used to preserve the quality of the fats. The result is a superior quality hemp seed oil with high amounts of omega-3 and healthy fats.

Organic hemp seed oil is a virgin, unrefined oil, obtained exclusively by raw pressing of organic seeds. Legally or technically, it cannot have the category of virgin oil, because this can only be attributed to olive oil.

Green hemp seed oil is obtained by cold pressing the whole seeds, with the shell on. The husk is where the greatest amount of chlorophyll is found, which gives the oil its bright green color.

No, hemp seed oil does not cause side effects. It does not contain CBD, THC or any substance likely to cause intoxication. Hemp oil is a safe food, as confirmed by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) in a press release. communiqué expressly, in which it was reported that all derivatives of hemp seeds, such as oil, are safe for dietary consumption.

CBD oil is a preparation of vegetable oil to which is added extract of the flower (bud) of cannabis, which is rich in CBD. This type of oil is not used for food purposes. Hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is completely edible, food grade, does not contain any cannabinoids (including CBD) and has food grade status. It can be used for cooking and consumed in the diet on a daily basis, just like other types of edible oils such as olive oil or sunflower oil.

No, hemp seed oil does not contain CBD and THC. This is because cannabinoids are only found in the flower (buds) of the cannabis plant, but not in the seeds. Hemp seed oil, for food use, should not be confused with CBD oil.

Hemp seed oil is recommended for use in raw recipes, mainly in dressings, e.g. vinaigrettes, pesto sauce, guacamole and mojo. It can also be used to dress hummus, baba ganoush and all kinds of salads. It is advisable not to heat green hemp oil to better preserve all its nutrients, such as Omega 3 and chlorophylls.

Green hemp seed oil is made from whole or whole organic seeds by cold pressing. It contains an enormous richness in chlorophyll, present in the seed husk, which is retained by the oil, giving the final product its characteristic green color. At Cannactiva we also offer the golden colored hemp seed oil which is obtained from the peeled seeds, without the shell, that is why it has no green color. Its flavor is milder.

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