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CBD TRIM Funky Monkey 30g


Trim of CBD buds in pocket format. The Funky Monkey is a variety full of resin and with “Diesel” aroma.

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Buy CBD Trim Funky Monkey online with Cannactiva

The CBD Trim Funky Monkey (Gorilla Glue CBD) is composed of small pieces of already chopped buds of one of our favorite varieties, the CBD Flower Funky Monkey. We present this new ready to roll format and forget about having to use the grinder.

The Trim Funky Monkey bag contains the remains of already chopped buds, the leaves closest to the hemp flower that have resins rich in CBD and with a high concentration of CBD. It does not contain twigs or seeds.

The chopped hemp comes in a new package of 30 grams, “pocket” format and ready to use. It is ideal to carry with you, fits in your pocket or purse, and practical for outings or vacations, as it can be used on the spot.

TRIM means “to prune” or “pruning”. It is the name given to all the material that falls from the hemp flower when it is processed or cleaned with scissors by hand. The result is a combination of the leaves closest to the bud, very resinous, together with small buds and pieces of carefully chopped buds.

The Trim of Funky Monkey Cannactiva is of an exceptional quality, with a lot of resin and small pieces of chopped buds. With the aroma of our classic Funky and with a lot of CBD.

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CBD trim gorilla glue 30g CBD TRIM Funky Monkey 30g
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