Fisio Pack (CBD Oil 5% 10ml + Fisio Cream 70ml)


Physiotherapeutic treatment with this CBD Pack. This pack includes a 70ml cream for muscle and joint pain and inflammation, as well as the 5% CBD oil.

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Physio Pack: CBD Oil 5% 10ml + CBD Physiotherapy Cream 70ml

Cannactiva Product Pack: Purified CBD Oil – 5% CBD Full Spectrum + Physiotherapy Cream with CBD. This product pack is perfect for connecting with your body, releasing tension and finding relief from muscle and joint pain. At Cannactiva we strive to offer you the best products with the highest quality CBD.

Fisio Pack is designed so that you can include the properties of CBD in your daily routine:

Purified 5% Full Spectrum CBD oil is a full spectrum CBD oil. This means that, in addition to CBD, it contains other minor cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp flower, which act in synergy with CBD, enhancing its effects. Taking CBD oil provides a feeling of calm, comfort and well-being. Some people take it to help relax, relieve pain or decrease satiety.

CBD Physiotherapy Cream has a relaxing and soothing effect. It is used as a massage on the skin to relieve muscle or joint pain. It contains active ingredients such as cannabidiol (CBD), combined with botanical extracts of arnica, hypericum and mimosa, for an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. It acts in a localized way reducing swelling and pain sensation.

It is the most indicated product for sports and physiotherapy massages. Some customers also use it before sports practice, to improve their sensations after exercise or after a long workout.

Take a first step to getting better naturally and incorporate CBD into your wellness routine!

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Legislation on the method of use and human consumption

Since 2018, Spanish legislation indicates that CBD oil can only be used topically on the skin and not as a dietary supplement or any type of human consumption. In countries such as the United States, Canada and Switzerland, legislation allows CBD to be taken sublingually or as a dietary supplement. Although the products are the same, the brands in these countries operate within a different legal framework.

Physio Pack Summary

Relax and recover inside and out! The Physio Pack includes:

  • Purified CBD Oil 5% Full Spectrum (10ml)
  • Cream with CBD Physiotherapy (70ml)
  • Cannactiva cloth bag as a GIFT
  • All with a 25% discount*.
  • With the Fisio Pack you save 25%. In other words, you would be paying practically the price of the 5% CBD Oil and you get the Physio CBD Cream for FREE.
  • Wrap your gift for free. Read below how to get it!


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