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Full Spectrum CBD cartridge (70% CBD + Cannabinoids)

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70% CBD cartridge. 100% natural hemp distillate, which provides the cannabis aroma. Free of nicotine, glycerin and other harmful substances. These cartridges are designed for vape pens.

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CBD Liquid Hash Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge

CBD Liquid Hash Full Spectrum Cartridge (70% CBD + Cannabinoids) is a 100% natural CBD-rich hemp distillate cartridge for full-spectrum CBD vaporizations. It has a herbal cannabis aroma and is used with the 510 threaded CBD Vape Pen.

If it’s your first time and you don’t have a CBD vaporizer pen yet, we recommend the Cannactiva CBD Vape Liquid Hash Kit Full Spectrum.

CBD cartridges or CBD cartridges are the most convenient, potent and discreet way to obtain the effects of CBD with the taste and aroma of Cannabis and a high CBD content (65%).

The CBD Liquid Hash cartridge contains 100% natural hemp extract and preserves the Full Spectrum or broad spectrum of cannabinoids naturally present in the cannabis plant, which act synergistically to enhance the effects of CBD.

How does the Full Spectrum CBD cartridge work?

State-of-the-art CCELL technology, which promotes optimal heat distribution, offering the best vape experience on the market. This system allows the use of maximum power while maintaining the flavor and durability of the product in a portable format.

The ceramic mouthpiece helps evaporate hemp distillates at an optimal temperature, allowing you to get the most out of them and providing the right amount of vapor for each inhalation.

The cartridges are not refillable, when they run out they cannot be refilled.

Mode of use

Insert any 510 threaded battery into the Liquid Hash cartridge and it’s ready to vape, it’s as simple as that!

It has a 510 thread which can be adapted to most batteries on the market. Even so, we recommend using the Cannactiva battery to enjoy it in optimal conditions.

How to vape CBD

Inhale steadily and regularly for an interval of 3 to 5 seconds. It is preferable to take several gentle inhalations rather than one too strong and insistent inhalation, as this causes a loss of flavor and could become too hot.

Cartridge Types

There are two varieties: 0.5ml or 1ml cartridges. The only difference is in the milliliters.


Distilled from 100% natural hemp extract.


1ml, 0,5ml

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long the CBD cartridge lasts depends on the individual's use. Depending on how you vape, CBD cartridges can be a long-term companion or something that fades into the distance in no time. If used for one-time use, a CBD cartridge can last up to more than a month. If you vape daily, maybe a couple of weeks or less. It depends entirely on the use of each user. If you are an occasional vaper, your CBD cartridge could last more than 4 weeks. But if vaping CBD in high concentrations is more of a daily routine, maybe in a fortnight you will need a new one. The choice is yours and remember: usage dictates the longevity of the CBD cartridge!

The CBD cartridge gives approximately 150-200 and 300-400 puffs, depending on whether you choose the half or 1 ml cartridge. and the intensity of the inhalations.

The duration of a cartridge of CBD Liquid Hash Full Spectrum depends on the rate of consumption, individual tolerance to the effects of CBD and the effects sought. Some people use it occasionally, for example to relieve pain or to feel calmer on certain days. Other people use the CBD cartridge for daily vaping because the effects of the Full Spectrum CBD cartridge are more potent than other vape liquids. Therefore, the duration of the CBD cartridge is very relative.

CBD cartridges are different products from E-Liquid and both use different devices or vape devices. The CBD concentration is the most important difference between a CBD cartridge and a CBD eliquid, and what determines their different dosage and administration.

  • CBD cartridges have a concentration of about 70% CBD, while eliquids have a CBD concentration of between 1-5% (depending on the product).
  • CBD cartridges contain 100% hemp distillate and no additives. Eliquids, on the other hand, contain additives such as vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).
  • They require different vaping devices. For vaporization with CBD in high concentrations, CBD Vape Pen is used and for E Liquid a Vaporesso Osmall vaporizer is recommended.

The CBD cartridge or CBD cartridges is a vape accessory that contains cannabis extract rich in CBD and minor cannabinoids. This accessory screws onto the CBD Vape Pen, which is the pen for vaporizing with CBD. In the CBD Vape Pen, the CBD cartridge is connected to an atomizer, which heats the contents to a controlled temperature, turning the CBD into a vapor, which can be inhaled. A CBD cartridge is the perfect companion, loaded with delicious CBD cannabis extract and all the full spectrum cannabinoids, ready for a hot vaporizing date in the elegant embrace of your vape device. Just screw it on tight, heat it up and voilà : pure cannabinoid vapor just a puff away!

The effects of the CBD cartridge begin to be felt within 1-5 minutes and can last up to 1-3 hours, although there are several factors that can alter the effect of CBD, including individual tolerance, predisposition to relaxation and the amount of CBD vaped.

Consumers of CBD vaporizations with CBD cartridge (70% CBD + minor cannabinoids) report a feeling of relaxation, comfort and well-being. Many people also vape CBD to improve sleep quality, insomnia, relieve anxiety and decrease pain. Looking for something to calm you down? Look no further, vaporize CBD cartridges, packed with a potent blend of cannabidiol or 70% CBD. Users report feeling more relaxed.

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