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CBD Hash Pack: Bubble Hash + Dry Sift + Original Hash (9 grams)

Original price was: 51,70 €.Current price is: 39,91 €.

Discover the pack for CBD hash lovers. A pack of CBD that includes the 3 premium resins of Cannactiva:

A unique experience to discover the 3 types of Cannactiva hashish with a discount of more than 20%.

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Buy Hash CBD Pack

In Cannactiva we want to facilitate the purchase of Hash to CBD lovers, for that reason we have created the CBD hashish pack that includes the 3 jewels of Cannactiva, to buy quality CBD in an easy and safe way.

What resins are included in the purchase of the CBD hash pack?

These are the 3 resins included in the best CBD hashish pack on the market:

1. Bubble Hash CBD 45%.

  • Concentration and Purity: The purest CBD among all resins. The new Bubble Hash is ideal for hash lovers. It is obtained through a meticulous extraction process, obtaining the purest product.
  • Aroma and texture: Enjoy the intense aroma of bubble hash, a sweet and earthy aroma, with a moldable texture and a bubbly experience when heat is applied.

2. Pollen Dry Sift CBD 45%.

Specialized Extraction: Cannactiva’s Dry Sift is obtained through the Dry Sift technique, preserving the trichomes of the original product.
Aroma and appearance: CBD Pollen stands out for its fine texture and light color, in addition to its distinctive, earthy aroma.

3. Hash Original CBD 45%.

  • Quality assured: This has been the jewel of Cannactiva’s hash, long considered one of the best products on the market. Elaborated with techniques that preserve the original aroma.
  • Aroma and appearance: The Original Hash presents itself with a soft and malleable texture, with a darker color than pollen and bubble and a deep, earthy aroma.

Why buy the Cannactiva CBD Resin Pack?

This pack is ideal for amateurs, experts and people who want to discover the world of CBD resins. With 3 totally different types of hashish, this pack is ideal to test the 3 resins with their 3 grams formats.

Explore new aromas and textures. The three products are very different from each other, so you will have 3 experiences in the same purchase.

At Cannactiva, we are committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices for all budgets. This pack of CBD resins is our way of offering variety and excellence with economic prices.

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cbd resin pack CBD Hash Pack: Bubble Hash + Dry Sift + Original Hash (9 grams)
Original price was: 51,70 €.Current price is: 39,91 €.
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