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Hash 45% CBD Original

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Enjoy the Original CBD hashish, a CBD cannabis resin extracted from our best CBD flowers. Our CBD hash contains 45% CBD and an intense aroma of resin with sweet touches. 100% Natural.

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Buy CBD hashish online with Cannactiva

Hash CBD 45% is the first original and exclusive resin of Cannactiva. After years of development, we have achieved a product that combines the highest purity of CBD with an incredible texture, aroma and appearance. Our CBD hashish pleasantly surprises even the most veteran consumers of marijuana hashish.

The high CBD concentration makes CBD 45% hashish an ideal choice for those seeking purity and the aroma of a good hash.

Cannactiva CBD Hash: How is it obtained?

Cannactiva’s CBD hashish is produced from a perfect blend of all our Premium CBD cannabis flower varieties. The dried buds are sieved with 70-micron meshes that remove much of the plant matter, thus obtaining a pollen with a high concentration of CBD resin. Subsequent pressing results in a dark blond CBD hash, reminiscent of Afghan and Pakistani hashish types, with an earthy but malleable texture, sweet aroma and a high concentration of CBD noticeable in the bubbles it generates when heated. Undoubtedly, this product will be surprising for lovers of cannabis resins both for its aroma and its properties.

CBD Hashish: Highest concentration of cannabidiol

Get ready to experiment with Cannactiva’s 45% CBD hashish. You will find a product with maximum purity and fantastic properties. You can now enjoy totally legal CBD hashish, without worrying about THC content. At Cannactiva we strive to bring you the best CBD hashish, with exceptional characteristics and the highest quality, at an unbeatable price. Discover the THC-free hashish Cannactiva.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CBD hashish containing less than 0.2% THC is legal in Spain and much of the European Union. All of our products comply with these regulations, ensuring that you receive quality products that adhere to current laws.

CBD hash or CBD hash is the resin extracted from the buds of CBD cannabis flowers. Technically, hashish is a type of extraction with which high concentrations of CBD are obtained. The CBD type of hashish has a high CBD content and low THC levels, so its sale is totally legal in the European Union, as its THC percentages never exceed 0.2%. Experience maximum purity and exceptional aroma with Cannactiva's 45% CBD hashish. You will be pleasantly surprised! * Product for external use.

The process of elaboration of the CBD hashish begins with the supply of raw material of the best quality. Cannactiva CBD hashish is obtained from our premium CBD cannabis flower varieties. The buds are sieved through microscopic meshes to obtain a pollen very rich in CBD resin. The hashish is then pressed with specialized equipment to obtain a final product with an exceptionally high concentration of CBD or cannabidiol. Good CBD hashish has textural and aromatic characteristics that every consumer appreciates. When heated, you will see how bubbles form easily, an unmistakable sign of its richness in resin and quality.

CBD hashish and marijuana hashish differ in the variety of cannabis plant from which they originate. CBD hashish comes from cannabis with high CBD content and low THC levels, while traditional marijuana hashish is obtained from cannabis strains very rich in THC, marijuana. As it does not contain THC, CBD hashish is totally legal, while marijuana hashish is not. Both types of hashish have in common that they are an extraction of cannabis, only that, depending on the original raw material, a type of hashish with a variable composition and characteristics is obtained. At Cannactiva we are truly passionate about cannabis and we have been working for years to develop a CBD hashish that satisfies all consumers. You can now enjoy the aromas of cannabis! * Product for external use.

Cannactiva's CBD hashish is dark blond in color, reminiscent of exotic Afghan and Pakistani hashish types. It has an earthy but malleable texture with heat and a sweet aroma that fills the air when heated.

CBD hashish is a cannabis extract highly concentrated in CBD. Unlike THC, it does not produce the psychoactive effects observable when smoking marijuana hashish. In general, the aroma of CBD hashish brings a feeling of relaxation, well-being and comfort, without losing the ability to concentrate. Some of our customers use CBD hashish for its aromas, with which they find the calm they need, perfect for relaxation and mental clarity.

CBD hashish is a product made from THC-poor cannabis plants (hemp). Since it does not contain THC, it is a totally legal product. You can now buy the best hashish and enjoy the sensory experience provided by the aromas of cannabis.

CBD hash is sold from 2,50 € per gram. Depending on the quantity you buy, you will get a cheaper price. Only at Cannactiva you will find the best CBD hashish at unbeatable prices, offering the best value for money on the market. If you like CBD hashish, subscribe to our newsletter to receive the best offers with packs and cheaper prices.

CBD Hash is a CBD-rich cannabis extract with a low THC content. As it does not contain THC, its sale is completely legal in the European Union. For CBD hashish to be marketable, it must keep its THC content levels strictly limited to 0.2%. This makes CBD hash an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy the sensory experience provided by the aromas of cannabis.

Cannactiva is a leader in the sale of CBD products and offers you the best quality and price wholesale CBD hashish on the market. We are true cannabis enthusiasts and professionals, and we bring you the CBD hashish that we have been working with for years to achieve the best texture and aroma characteristics. The result is a CBD hashish that surprises the most experienced with marijuana. Our CBD hashish is made from the best CBD flower varieties in our store and has a very high CBD concentration. Discover why CBD hashish is one of our best-selling products. You have to try it!

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