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CBD Cannabis MELLOW flowers (MAC & Cheese)

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Discover MAC & Cheese CBD (Mellow), a strain of CBD buds with an aroma enriched with floral notes, cheese and earthy touches. Grown under controlled conditions to ensure the quality and purity of each flower.

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Buy MAC & Cheese CBD Online with Cannactiva

Explore the new addition to our catalog, MAC N Cheese CBD, ideal for those who appreciate CBD cannabis strains rich in aromas and with a complex profile. This flower is now available to buy directly through our online CBD store, offering you the opportunity to experience its uniqueness and superior quality.

MAC & Cheese CBD: Characteristics

Discover the characteristics that make Mellow, a unique flower in our catalog of CBD buds:

  • Aromatic profile: A complex combination of floral notes, with the characteristic aroma of mild cheese and an earthy background.
  • CBD %: 23% CBD content.
  • Density: Dense and very resinous buds, a sign of the quality and care in its cultivation.
  • Color: Shades of light green with visible crystals, reflecting its high concentration of trichomes.
  • Cultivation: Grown in a greenhouse with light support, providing almost indoor conditions that optimize its development.
  • % THC: Less than 0.2% THC, complying with legal regulations.


MAC N Cheese CBD captures attention with its distinctive aroma that blends soft floral notes and a characteristic cheese aroma, complemented by a subtle earthy undertone. This aromatic profile creates a deep and rich olfactory experience, ideal for those who enjoy complex nuances in their CBD flower selections.

MAC and Cheese CBD cultivation: Greenhouse

Our MAC N Cheese CBD is grown in a modern greenhouse equipped with advanced light support, which allows us to control almost all environmental conditions, simulating an indoor growing environment. This organic and natural growing technique ensures that each plant reaches its maximum genetic potential, reflected in the potency and purity of the buds.

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Flor de CBD Mellow Mac and Cheese CBD Cannabis MELLOW flowers (MAC & Cheese)
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