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CBD Cannabis GUAVA (Tropical Skunk) CBD Flowers

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Guava, from the Tropical Skunk CBD strain, is the new jewel of Cannactiva’s CBD Flowers collection. Super fresh flower, with very powerful, fruity and earthy aromas. Organic cultivation with care down to the smallest detail.

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Buy Guava CBD Flower (Tropical Skunk)

Discover the new CBD buds of Cannactiva, from the Tropical Skunk strain.

Tropical Skunk CBD: Characteristics

  • Aromatic profile: Tropical, citrus, with sweet notes
  • CBD: <25 % (High content)
  • Density: Compact and dense flowers.
  • Intense green color, good resin.
  • Grown in a glass greenhouse with light support.
  • Strain: Tropical Skunk
  • THC: Less than 0.2% THC.
  • Ideal for those who like powerful, fruity and earthy varieties.


The buds of Cannactiva’s Guava CBD Flower (Tropical Skunk) have a light green color with bright orange resin hairs, the result of careful organic cultivation. This variety is distinguished by the density of the buds and the abundance of crystals that cover it.


Its aromatic profile will transport you directly to a tropical paradise with its sweet, fruity and earthy notes. This flower emanates a fresh and powerful aroma, with fruity nuances that will take you to a tropical paradise. You will also notice the presence of citrus aromas, such as our lemon haze or cali mist.


CBD Guava Flower (Tropical Skunk) is grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses with light support (greenhouse). This method of cultivation combines the best of the power and control of indoor growing with the natural benefits of sunlight and fresh air for the plant. It is a type of hybrid cultivation, which guarantees the quality and purity of the flower at each stage of its development.

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Drying and definition

The drying and definition process is carried out with precision to preserve the maximum definition and characteristics of the flower.

Cannactiva’s Tropical Skunk CBD is an exceptional choice for those seeking a unique aromatic and sensory experience, backed by quality and care at every stage of cultivation and production.

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