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Cannabis ORIGAMI CBD flowers (Blueberry)

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Experience the harmony of Origami Blueberry CBD, our premium flower that combines the delicacy of Japanese art with the potency of nature. CBD buds with a unique aromatic profile reminiscent of berries. Discover these resin-packed, CBD-rich, indoor-grown flowers.


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Origami – Blueberry CBD: Sensory Experience and Cultivation

Immerse yourself in the essence of autumn with our Origami – Blueberry, an indoor CBD flower that captures the creativity and beauty of the Japanese art of paper folding in every detail. Just as origami transforms a simple leaf into a work of art, our flowers are distinguished by their aesthetics and structure, reminiscent of the complex and delicate shapes of this ancient tradition.

Characteristics of Origami – Blueberry CBD:

Discover the characteristics of the new variety of Cannactiva, with a unique aromatic profile that we did not have yet in our catalog of CBD flowers.

  • Aesthetic structure: Inspired by the intricate shapes of origami, each calyx folds into a fascinating structure, displaying generous buds of vibrant green and orange filaments.
  • Abundant resin: Like a masterpiece of paper art, its surface is delicately dusted with a layer of crystalline resin.
  • Guaranteed potency: With a CBD content close to 25%, it promises an authentic and robust wellness experience.
  • Carefully selected genetics: Predominantly Sativa (80%) with Indica traits (20%), it offers an exquisite morphology and balanced effects.
  • Enveloping aroma: A fruity aromatic profile evoking berries, complemented by high notes of resin and the distinctive aroma of incense and kush.

Cultivation – Indoor Premium

Each Origami – Blueberry flower is grown under strictly controlled conditions, where every aspect, from light to humidity, is precisely adjusted to ensure optimal expression of its genetic potential. This attention to detail is reflected in the premium quality and unmatched purity of our buds.

The temperature is regulated in detail, ensuring that our Blue Berry CBD comes from robust and healthy plants, developing the aromatic profile that characterizes them. Humidity is the other key factor for a premium flower result, so it is adjusted to mimic the ideal climate, promoting exceptional resin, cannabinoid and terpene maturation. This environmental control not only enhances the fragrance and aroma of the buds, but also optimizes the concentration of CBD, and we obtain buds with a higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD).

If you are looking for quality indoor CBD flowers at an affordable price, the new Blueberry CBD is ideal.

Drying and definition:

Our curing process is carried out in an environment with meticulously controlled humidity, light and temperature conditions, ensuring that each bud retains its natural brightness, color and aroma. In addition, each flower is hand manicured to preserve the integrity of its resin, reflecting artisan care from seed to final product.

With Origami – Blueberry, we offer an experience that goes beyond the sensory, it is a tribute to tradition and art, carefully cultivated to provide wellness and beauty. An exceptional choice for those looking for quality, taste and effect in perfect harmony.

  • Perfumed and structured buds, without excessive leaves.
  • Controlled indoor cultivation for excellence in CBD.
  • CBD potent: < 25%, THC < 0.2%.
  • Fully legal in Europe, grown from EU certified seeds.
  • EXPRESS shipments to Spain, Portugal and all Europe, ensuring freshness and speed.

Enjoy the exceptionality and commitment to quality that only Origami – Blueberry CBD from Cannactiva can offer.

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