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Benefits of Natural Cosmetics for your Skin

In today’s post we talk about all the benefits of natural cosmetics for the beauty of the skin and your health, reviewing its principles and scientific studies that support its properties. If you still have doubts about this more natural alternative, it is high time to be convinced and decide once and for all to switch to real “personal care” products.

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Why switch to natural cosmetics?

Throughout the day, on average, each person uses more than 10 different personal care products. From soaps, creams, shampoos and toothpaste, to serums, masks, make-up, rinse-off, toner, lipstick, deodorant and cologne, among others.

It is crucial to understand that cosmetics not only have a superficial impact, but also influence the health of our skin and even our overall well-being. And it is precisely for this reason that the natural cosmetics sector continues to grow.

Natural cosmetics have become a skin and environmentally friendly and effective alternative for visibly healthier and hydrated skin. These products offer the benefits of healthy, radiant skin without compromising the health of your skin or body.

At this point, we want to advance you that the benefits of natural cosmetics are not reduced to the use of less toxic or biodegradable ingredients: each product offers added advantages over its “conventional” version. We invite you to stay to the end to discover what lies behind these everyday products.

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Try CBD cosmetics: a natural and effective principle to take care of your skin.

What is natural cosmetics?

Before we begin to list the benefits of natural cosmetics, it is important to define them.

Natural cosmetics refers to the manufacture and formulation of beauty and personal care products using ingredients of 100% natural origin, such as plant extracts, essential oils, natural butters, clays, minerals and other natural components.

It is important to mention that the efficacy of natural ingredients has been analyzed and tested in different studies (1-5), as well as in laboratory tests during the development and formulation of the cosmetics themselves.

Natural cosmetics provide highly effective biologically active ingredients that focus on skin barrier repair, hydration, reduction of inflammation, prevention or attenuation of skin blemishes and sun protection (2,4). The effects of natural cosmetics are comparable or even superior to those of conventional cosmetics, effectively nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and protecting the skin.

At the same time, natural cosmetics avoid the use of chemical substances that are aggressive to the skin. Through our skin we absorb a great amount of chemicals present in cosmetics and perfumes, such as artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, sulfates, etc. and other questionable additives commonly found in conventional beauty products that can have an irritating effect on the skin or even affect the hormonal balance by acting as endocrine disruptors (both for the applicator and the ecosystems).

Another fundamental point of natural cosmetics is its focus on sustainability, respect for health and the environment. For this reason, biodegradable organic ingredients and environmentally friendly, reusable packaging are used in these products.

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Benefits of natural cosmetics for your skin

The first thing to banish is the myth that natural cosmetics are less effective than conventional cosmetics. From Cannactiva our line of natural cosmetics has been developed by professionals with extensive experience in the formulation of products from leading “conventional” brands. Therefore, we can guarantee that the change to green cosmetics in no way implies a loss in the quality or efficacy of the products, quite the contrary.

Natural and effective ingredients

In general, people choose natural cosmetics first for their beneficial results for the skin, to minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and as a more earth-friendly option.

Natural cosmetics use premium ingredients with bioactive molecules that have different properties for the skin. Among its main benefits are:

  1. To provide powerful antioxidants, which are substances with effects to prevent and attenuate the signs of natural aging of the skin.
  2. Provide deep hydration and nourishment to the skin.
  3. Use natural ingredients that respect the skin barrier, which makes them more suitable for sensitive skin.

But if we focus on each type of cosmetic in particular, you will discover benefits about natural cosmetics that you probably didn’t know about. Join us until the end!

Toxic-free creams for your skin

Among the most important personal care products are facial creams: the products we rely on to make our skin look its best. preventing or attenuating the signs of skin agingThe main causes of this problem are wrinkles, fine lines, loss of elasticity and firmness, lack of hydration and dry skin, or skin blemishes.

For all this to be possible, it is necessary to provide creams that deeply moisturize the skin and have a long-lasting effect throughout the day. We know that keeping skin hydrated is related to its softness, suppleness and therefore beauty. Moisturizing is also key for everything to work properly “inside” our skin and for it to look healthier. In natural creams we find a combination of moisturizing ingredients that provide effective and long-lasting hydration to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most potent natural moisturizers in natural cosmetics, improving skin hydration, softness, volume and suppleness. Other moisturizing ingredients include honey, aloe vera, glycerin and vegetable oils such as shea butter, which are used to provide additional hydration. These natural ingredients also have soothing properties, providing additional benefits to the skin.

One of the sensations shared by users of natural cosmetics is the revitalizing and refreshing feeling. While many conventional creams leave an occlusive or sticky sensation upon application, natural cosmetics promote skin oxygenation by using natural ingredients that stimulate circulation and cellular metabolism, thus improving skin appearance and health.

Cares for the skin’s natural barrier

One of the great benefits of natural cosmetics is their gentle, skin-friendly approach, which is why they are a better tolerated option for people with sensitive skin.

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin, which protects against moisture loss and the entry of harmful substances. Most conventional creams and soaps contain irritating synthetic chemical ingredients that damage the skin barrier causing loss of moisture, firmness and hydration, resulting in redness, irritation, dry and flaky skin.

Within the group of natural ingredients for the repair of the skin barrier, the star and most valued ingredient is cannabidiol or CBD, with almost miraculous effects when it comes to caring for dry skin, and which has already demonstrated its regenerative properties in conditions such as psoriasis.

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CBD is an innovative cosmetic ingredient and unique in its properties, being the only cosmetic agent with real effects on the endocannabinoid system of the skin.

Other natural ingredients used for skin barrier repair include linoleic and linolenic fatty acids found in hemp oil, vitamin E and the ceramides in shea butter. These ingredients help maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, resulting in firmer, better hydrated, healthy and resilient skin.

An ideal treatment for repairing the skin barrier is to apply CBD Repairing and Moisturizing Body Lotion and complete the treatment with body oil with CBD . You can perform this routine after your daily shower, and it is perfect for when you come back from the beach or after spending many hours in the sun.

Natural cosmetic serum: Powerful results

Another misconception about natural cosmetics is that they use different ingredients than conventional cosmetics. It is a myth: both types of cosmetics share many active ingredients, such as the aforementioned cannabidiol (CBD) and hyaluronic acid, or vitamin C and panthenol.

Thus, it is possible to create a Serum with CBD, Hyaluronic Acid and Panthenol from natural cosmetics with ingredients of proven efficacy and improved properties compared to the conventional version.

Skin anti-inflammatories

One of the greatest benefits of natural cosmetics is the contribution of very effective anti-inflammatory principles. Inflammation of the skin can be produced by various causes, such as depilation, friction, chemical products (cleaning products, make-up, etc.), or conditions such as dermatitis. All this damage causes an inflammatory reaction in the skin, which is necessary for tissue repair. This natural reaction produces pain, swelling and redness of the skin. The Full Spectrum CBD oil has unique soothing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin.

The essential oils and moisturizing principles of the creams also have an anti-inflammatory effect. If you have very sensitive skin, an ideal homemade mask is to mix oatmeal (or finely ground oat flakes) with a concentrated infusion of chamomile (boil the oatmeal, add the chamomile, cover, let cool and apply on the skin), with anti-inflammatory properties.

Sulfate- and paraben-free soaps, less irritating and more respectful of your skin

Why do I have dry and flaky skin if I use creams? Cosmetics and skin care encompasses everything, not just creams. The use of soaps with harsh chemicals that damage the skin barrier is behind skin dryness.

Sulfates, such as the famous sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), are foaming agents commonly used in personal care products (such as facial cleansers) and soaps (gels, shampoos and detergents). Its function is to generate a lot of foam to attract and remove all types of dirt. But these chemical compounds also strip the skin’s natural oils and moisturizing factors from the skin barrier, causing redness, irritation, dry and flaky skin and flushing, especially in people with sensitive skin. Parabens, on the other hand, are chemical preservatives questioned for their hormonal potential and their ability to irritate the skin.

The alternative of natural cosmetics is the Handmade solid soap with natural ingredients in which vegetable oils and natural aromas are the main ingredient, forming a soft and respectful foam with the cutaneous barrier and the skin. By choosing sulfate-free soaps, the removal of the skin’s natural moisture is avoided, resulting in a more comfortable and softer, non-irritating feel.

Try changing all your soaps and shampoos to their natural version and in a few weeks you will notice a great change in your skin. Because there is little point in applying moisturizing lotion after showering, if you have first “razed” your skin’s own natural defenses with the use of chemical-laden body gels.

Natural toothpaste: Effective and without harming your teeth

The natural toothpaste is an effective and safe alternative for dental care. You would be surprised if you did some research on the composition of conventional toothpastes, with whitening ingredients that are very abrasive to enamel (hydrated silica), artificial colors and flavors (sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame…), endocrine disruptors (triclosan) and harsh chemicals (such as sulfates, mentioned above).

Instead, organic versions often include ingredients such as white clay or kaolin, essential oils, plant extracts and natural minerals, which provide effective cleaning without compromising dental health. Natural toothpaste not only helps eliminate plaque and bacteria, but also promotes better oral health.

Another point that you will only find in natural alternatives are the benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste. benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste. .

Ecological benefits of natural cosmetics

Biodegradable ingredients

We cannot finish talking about the benefits of natural cosmetics without mentioning their commitment to protecting and respecting the environment.

The life of soaps and creams does not end in the household drain, but reaches ecosystems, where these products must be degraded by microorganisms.

Natural cosmetics use natural ingredients that, in addition to the above benefits, are biodegradable and non-toxic to marine life. In contrast, most chemicals and synthetic ingredients in conventional soaps and creams take months or even years to be completely eliminated from the environment. In other cases, they are toxic and alter marine life.

Sustainable packaging

In addition, ethics in cosmetics involves the use of sustainable packaging, reducing pollution and environmental impact at all stages of the product life cycle. This is reflected in the use of solid soap (without plastic packaging), but also in packaging that is reusable or 100% recyclable.

Cruelty free cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are also cruelty free, because the ingredients used are natural, of known toxicity, and do not have to pass the laboratory tests on animals required for synthetic products.

Importance of choosing professional natural cosmetic brands

There is no doubt that natural cosmetics are the best option for your skin and for the planet. But, as always, not all brands offer products of the same quality and efficacy.

In our online CBD store Cannactiva you will find high quality natural cosmetic products, developed and elaborated by professionals in the sector and with extensive experience in cosmetic formulation.

We hope you have found this information useful about something as important as cosmetics, products that we use so many times and on a daily basis. If you have any questions, write to us, we’d love to hear from you!

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