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Mila Jansen: God Save the Queen (of hashish)

At 78, Mila Jansen is probably the most important woman in the cannabis world. She is known as the Queen of Hashish. Pop icon in Amsterdam in the 60’s, entrepreneur, dealer, mother and hustler, she is the inventor of the high quality resin extraction systems: Pollinator, the Ice-O-Lator and the Bubbleator. The story of a daughter of the forest who brought the secrets of cannabis from Asia to the whole planet.

Mila Jansen’s story: One of the most important people in the history of cannabis.

If it is true that there is such a thing as design, then life or the cosmos or whatever it is that regulates our magical existence had a throne prepared for little Mila, even before she was born in post-war Liverpool.

Daughter of a forest

Mila is the daughter of a forest. And that conditioned his story: a thread of adventures marked by plants, flowers, travel, freedom and especially marijuana as the final destination, the crown of his kingdom.

Within Mila Jansen’s life there are a thousand lives. Daughter of a forest? It is that in a snowy mountain in the state of Saint Louis, in the United States, during the atrocious winter of 1943, someone, by pure chance, found the young Dutchwoman Ilona van Hall, half-frozen, given over to death by her own decision. His mind had become imprisoned in the memory of a friend – perhaps his love – killed by the Nazis during the German invasion of Amsterdam. The terror was enough for her father, with the intention of saving her, to send her immediately by ship to the other side of the Atlantic.

But Ilona could not stand the distance. He wandered into the thicket of trees and snow to let himself be carried away forever. Failed. He was lucky. Someone saw her and rushed her to a hospital. And here, another work of design. There he met Hans Jansen, a 20 years older executive, who was also an interned Dutch survivor of the Second World War. Not even a few months passed and the couple married and returned to Europe where, during the fall of 1944, Mila arrived, named after the nurse who joined the paths of her parents.

It was a world that was going to change forever. And it would be Mila’s generation that would take the reins of a new social paradigm where the celebration of life, youth and experimentation with drugs, would form the personality of the culture in the second half of the twentieth century.

How she became the Queen of Hashish

Sooner rather than later, Mila Jansen would become one of the most important women in modern cannabis history. First with his iconic teahouse in Amsterdam’s underground, and later thanks to the wisdom he gained from two decades of living in Asia, where he learned the secrets and mysteries of hashish like no other person in the West.

Half a century after her birth, Mila Jansen, at that point a mother of four children, felt a revelation as she watched the drum of her washing machine turn.

He had already walked the Hindu villages and had already been a pop referent of the Netherlands. He had learned in Afghanistan the charas method, separating trichomes from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant by hand rubbing, a way of making hash. And then eureka: if I adapted the mechanism of the washing machine to the ancestral idea of the peoples of lower Asia, I could put buds in and get resin out.

Thus, Mila invented the Pollinator the first mechanical resin separator, the first electronic hashish factory, with which he definitively became a reference for the incipient sector of the cannabis industry that, timidly and clandestinely, was emerging in the old Holland.

The Pollinator method works like the drum of a dryer, only instead of separating the dirt from the clothes, it removes the trichomes from the clothes. cannabis trichomes .

Hashing has been done manually for thousands of years in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. That’s why I’m the queen. Because it was the first time people were able to make their own hash without having to spend hours doing it.“he often repeats in interviews with the press.

By the years of the enlightenment and the Pollinator, Jansen was already a major supplier of hashish to Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. He had large indoor crops hidden from the police. Mila’s resin was so good that, at the beginning, even many local dispensaries did not want it because they considered it too strong, too powerful.

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The life of Mila Jansen

The first joint

The first time he tried a joint was in late 1964, when he was 20 years old. “From that moment on, it became my drug of choice. In those days there was no weed in Amsterdam, so it was a hashish joint and that’s what I’ve smoked for more than 50 years,” the Queen recounts. In those years, she would become a celebrity thanks to the opening of her clothing store “Kink 22”.

From clothing store to tea house

It was a wild time for the Dutch capital. After being for more than a year the favorite clothing house of the most important models, after receiving celebrities such as Tina Turner, from becoming an iconic beat In November ’67, Mila and her partners mutated the fashion business into a tea house they named Cleo de Merode, after a dancer friend of Mata Hari.

Cleo de Merode was not a coffee shop, but it is considered the first coffee shop. Inside, a place decorated with Persian carpets, golden bars and low tables, there was an air of absolute freedom, in the same way that the youth culture of the late 60’s, such as Bob Dylan or Timothy Leary.

The changing rooms became private spaces with cushions. Everyone could smoke whatever they wanted and a cigarette with tobacco and hashish was always circulating among the tables. “It was never the first coffee shop because we never sold anything, we just shared the hashish that came from Turkey, Lebanon and even Afghanistan.“, he clarifies.

Mila’s escape to the land of cannabis

However, it did not take long for the local police to receive complaints from neighbors and then, its creator, decided to leave with her little girl. The security forces threatened to report her to social services and take her daughter away from her. So, at the age of 24, Mila went into exile far away from the Netherlands. It was the beginning of a journey through the Orient that lasted 14 years and during which she would have three more children.

A wonderful part of my life. In the summers I would trek in the Himalayas with my four children, and in the winter we would spend time in Goa.“Mila said. Those were years of very little money, and some of what he made he made by shipping hashish to Europe in the same bags in which he exported clothes from local weavers. He met sadhus and smoked chillums of hand-rubbed hashish. He even spent time in Tibetan monasteries. He was in the original land of cannabis culture and made the most of it.

Mila’s return to Amsterdam

As a consequence of some health problems of one of her sons, Mila decided to return to Amsterdam a decade and a half later. He quickly found in cannabis cultivation not only a job opportunity but also a vocational inspiration.

It was not difficult for her to get a job in the cannabis industry because she always knew she had a green thumb, as a good daughter of the forest. At the age of seven, after living in several countries for his father’s work, his family moved to a house with a garden in Essex, UK. “How I loved spending time with my mother working in the garden! In summer I would pick baskets full of flowers (…) It was a wonderful garden to grow in; it was full of secrets”, Mila narrated in her more than interesting book Cómo llegué a ser la reina del hashish (How I Became the Queen of Hashish).

Unlike 14 years earlier, Amsterdam was now full of marijuana and coffeeshops that demanded a permanent supply. So he went to work doing what he loved.

“I started out making marijuana clones and a year later I started my own eighteen-lamp garden. It went well and I was able to pay all the school bills. In the end, with friends we had thirteen gardens in Amsterdam, but these places come and go, even the wonderful greenhouse I worked on in ’92 didn’t make it to the end. We lost 24,000 plants 10 days before harvest,” he recounted. She was the first strong woman in an underground industry absolutely dominated by men, but again the police appeared as a threat to her freedom.

Mila’s crowning as Hash Queen

Once again, for Mila, the crisis was an opportunity: police persecution led to her coronation. Upon opening up the illegal business, Jansen received inspiration from the cosmos to invent the Pollinator, and shortly thereafter, he invented the Ice-O-Lator, an innovative method of making resin from water and ice.

His invention led to the birth of an entirely Dutch hashish, pressed and dry, known as “neder hash“. And she occupied, forever, the throne of Queen of Hashish.

Everything Mila owes to cannabis, the plant also owes to her. What we give we get, Jansen knows, we all know. “Hashish keeps me sane and sane in the face of all the craziness that life brings,” the Queen often repeats. She is almost 79 years old and still radiant as a freshly cut flower.

Some frequently asked questions about Mila Jansen

Who is Mila Jansen?

Mila Jansen, better known as The Queen of Hashish, was born in the United Kingdom in 1944 and is a female pioneer in the cannabis industry. Traveler, mother, artist and adventurer. After more than five decades of being a pioneer and influencer in the cannabis world, Mila needs virtually no introduction: the entire cannabis industry knows her.

What did Mila Jansen do?

Mila Jansen is the inventor of the Pollinator, the Ice-O-Lator and the Bubbleator, three systems for making cannabis resin. That is why she is considered the Queen of Hashish.

When was Mila Jansen born?

Mila Jansen was born on December 5, 1944 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

What is Dab-A-Doo?

Since 2013, Mila Jansen has been organizing the Dab-A-Doo, one of the international Cannabis Cups dedicated to Europe’s most iconic extractions. What started as a special birthday gathering for Mila has turned into an internationally renowned hashish festival, where people from all corners of the globe come to taste cannabis extractions.

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