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Discover the properties of hemp seeds

Have you already tried adding hemp seeds to your diet?

Hemp seeds are very rich in omega 3, protein, fiber and minerals for your health. Including them in the diet is like taking a multivitamin, only richer and more nutritionally complete. In this article you will find the nutritional properties and benefits of hemp seeds, from the hand of our nutritionist.

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Discovery of hemp seeds

Although hemp seeds were traditionally consumed in Asian countries, they were not discovered in the West until just under half a century ago. With the analysis and quantification of their nutrients, the value of these seeds for human consumption was discovered.

In Spain, hemp seeds had their boom with the superfood fad, because they are really very dense in nutrients. However, the truth is that they arrived in Spain much earlier, as bird food. It is amusing to remember that they used to be available only in bird food stores (hempseeds, which are the seeds in their shells). Hemp seeds are now available in most health food stores, expanding the vast array of nutritious foods we can incorporate into our diets.

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What nutrients do hemp seeds provide?

Hemp seeds stand out as an extraordinary source of omega 3, protein, fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Omega 3 is one of the essential fats(essential fatty acids), which the human body needs to manufacture its structures, but cannot synthesize. Therefore, it is important to introduce foods rich in omega 3 in the diet.

From the omega-3 in food, the body is able to synthesize antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances, which are necessary for the body to function properly.

Caramelized organic hemp seeds
Our hemp seed snack with chocolate caramelized hemp seeds. Finally, a real healthy snack!

Hemp seeds contain, per 100g:

  • Iron 57% NRV
  • Magnesium 233% NRV
  • Phosphorus 206% NRV
  • Zinc 67% NRV
    * NRV = Nutrient Reference Values.

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Do hemp seeds have CBD or THC?

It should be clarified that these seeds do not contain cannabinoids, since these components are found in the trichomes of the flowers of the plant, not in the seeds.

Although it is a widespread myth, hemp seeds are not a source of cannabinoids. They do not contain THC or CBD, even in minute quantities, except for contamination of the food with cannabis flowers. Therefore, no psychoactive effects can be expected from eating hemp seeds.

Nutritional composition of hemp seed

Nutrient Content per 100 g 15 g (1 tablespoon)
Energy value 553 Kcal 83 Kcal
Proteins 31,6 g 5 g
Fats 48,8 g 7 g
Of which saturated 4,6 g 1 g
Of which monounsaturated 5,4 g 1 g
Of which polyunsaturated 38,1 g 6 g
Omega 3 10 g 1,5 g
Carbohydrates 8,67 g 1 g
of which sugars 1,5 g 0,23 g
Dietary fiber 4 g 0,6 g
Salt 0 g 0 g
Calcium 70 mg 11 mg
Iron 8 mg 1 mg
Magnesium 700 mg 105 mg
Phosphorus 1,650 mg 248 mg
Potassium 1,200 mg 180 mg
Sodium 5 mg 1 mg
Zinc 10 mg 2 mg

Source: USDA, 2021.

Benefits of hemp seeds

Enriching our dishes with hemp seeds provides extra omega 3, protein, fiber and minerals. Among the main benefits of this dietary change we have:

  • Due to their high content of omega 3, they are highly recommended in diets for obesity, pain, fibromyalgia, dysmenorrhea, and, in general, in all types of diseases that involve inflammation.
  • Due to its protein and mineral content, it is an ideal remineralizing food at all stages of life, but especially during growth, to help the formation of bone and muscle mass. They are also recommended for anyone who requires extra protein in their diet, for example, athletes.
  • Its carbohydrate content is low, which, together with its nutritional profile, makes it an ideal food for people with diabetes, obesity, and is suitable for ketogenic diets.
  • Due to its fiber and fat content, it is highly recommended in diets for constipation.
  • It is a food rich in iron, which can be added to all dishes in case of anemia, during pregnancy and lactation, or in any diet with increased iron requirements.
  • They are very rich in magnesium, whose intake is recommended to increase in diets for hypertension, heart care, athletes, fibromyalgia, insomnia and fatigue.
  • It has a high phosphorus content, an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the brain, as it is part of the neurotransmitters. Students, opponents, intellectuals, creative people… These seeds activate the mind!
  • Due to their high zinc content, they are recommended in diets to increase fertility and defenses.
buddha bowl hemp seeds
Hemp seeds in a bowl.

Add hemp seeds to your diet, and in a few days you will notice that you feel full of energy and vitality.

Are hemp seeds high in calories?

A generous serving of hemp seeds, such as 1 heaped tablespoon (about 15 g) provides 90 Kcal. This is not a lot of calories, considering that a large part of these are calculated from protein, which we know the body does not use as an energy source.

People who must follow a hypocaloric diet to lose weight can consume hemp seeds, which will also provide them with all the benefits of essential fats and other nutrients mentioned above.

How do hemp seeds taste?

They have a very mild flavor, reminiscent of walnut and pine nuts, with some bitter notes of hemp.

They can be added in both sweet and savory recipes: they have a neutral flavor that combines with everything.

How to eat hemp seeds?

Here are some tips to introduce hemp seeds in your diet:

  • The best way to eat them is raw, because this way they retain their nutritional benefits better.
  • Add hemp seeds in yogurts, buda bowls, fruit smoothies or green smoothies.
  • In salads of all kinds: green, legume, quinoa, rice or potato salads.
  • You can grind them together with oil, garlic and salt to make a pesto-like sauce, as an alternative to using pine nuts.

Dietary tips

In summer, people tend to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, foods that, by nature, are not very dense in minerals, proteins or omega 3. More than ever, in summer we recommend that you always add seeds to your diet. Your body will need the nutrients from hemp seeds to keep up with the vacations!

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Have you tried them yet? Don’t hesitate to write to us with any questions you may have and we will discuss them with our nutritionist!

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