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Discover the CBD hashish plate of Cannactiva, the CBD store where you can buy your hashish plate rich in cannabidiol and with very low percentage of THC. Get different types of CBD resins with different prices and weights.

From 2,49 euros per gram

Blond pollen plates

Find out what the Cannactiva hash looks like and which plates are available for purchase:

In our online store we have three different types of hashish, which you can get in slabs from 3 grams up to 100 grams, and if you have your own CBD store you can buy up to 1000 grams of CBD in bulk.

The types of CBD resins that you can buy in Cannactiva are:

Bubble Hash CBD Plate

Discover the new bubbly hash with high CBD content. A work of art in the world of CBD cannabis. Thanks to its incredible aroma and high CBD content, bubble hash has earned the position of the best hash in our online store, and probably in the whole market.

See the price of Bubble Hash CBD

CBD bubble hash

Dry Sift CBD Pollen Plate (Blond Pollen)

Pollen of the best quality, with a sandy appearance and light colors, indicating the purity and quality of the product itself. Introducing the dry sift pollen plate that you can buy from 3 grams to 100 grams. An earthy aroma with citrus notes.

pollen dry sift cbd

Original CBD Hash Plate

A Cannactiva classic, the CBD hash that has been with us for a long time, thanks to its incredible appearance and aroma of resin, incense and sweet touches. Buy a plate from 3 to 100 grams at economical prices.


As you can see, in Cannactiva we have different types of resins, from a hash rich in CBD, with a very pleasant aroma and a look that reminds us of a type of Afghan and Pakistani Afghan and Pakistani hash, to a Bubble Hash bubbly and light colored, showing the great quality of the product. In addition if you buy with Cannactiva you will enjoy a high quality product at an affordable price, so that anyone can enjoy the CBD hash plate.

100g pollen plates

At Cannactiva we offer CBD hash plates from 3 grams to 100 grams. And if you have your own CBD business, you can buy a lot more and sell quality hash in your own CBD store.

What is the price of the 100g hash plate?

One of the concerns among people who buy CBD, whether hash or flower, is price and quality, so we have come up with our own product made from Cannactiva’s best CBD marijuana strains.

The retail price of the 100g plate is 248,99 € (price per gram is 2,49 €).

Now we also have available the dry sift pollen plates and the 45% CBD bubble hash plates. You can check prices by clicking on the button below.

If you prefer less quantity, in our CBD store you will find smaller hash plates, starting from 3 grams, with a price of 14,90 euros (the price per gram in this case is 4,97 euros).

Also if you have your own CBD business you can buy the hashish plates at a lower price, to get the maximum profit and offer the best product.

Why buy Cannactiva’s hash plate?

An own and unique product, besides being one of Cannactiva’s best selling CBD products. After searching for the best formula for a while, we came up with a work of art in the form of a hash plate.

How do we make our hash plates?

As you know, Cannactiva’s hash is a proprietary product that we make from the best CBD flowers, since we have a catalog of premium CBD.

The dried buds are sieved using 70-micron mesh, to remove most of the plant debris and preserve the purest pollen. This gives us a product with a high CBD content, since almost all the material is CBD resin.

Once the pollen is ready, it is time to press. Once the pollen goes through the press, we get a dark blond hash, like Afghan and Pakistani hashish.

Characteristics about the hashish plate

Find out why Cannactiva hash is the best on the market:

  • Texture: Earthy and malleable
  • Appearance: dark blond hash (like Pakistani and Afghan)
  • Aroma: Resinous and sweet
  • CBD concentration: 45%.
  • THC concentration: 0.19%.
  • Extraction: 100% natural

There are many reasons why the Cannactiva hash is so highly valued by our customers. It has nothing to envy from traditional hashing.

Do you want to buy the Hash plate at a discount?

In Cannactiva we have a community of Cannactivists, forming a family that loves CBD and Cannabis, an incredible plant for many different uses, from making fabrics for clothes, to making oils, soaps, etc.

Communication with our community is done by mail, where you can ask us any questions you may have, as well as receive interesting articles about Cannabis and exclusive offers on the web.

What is blond pollen?

Blond pollen, or blond hash, is a form of cannabis with more concentrated cannabinoids and therefore a purer product than cannabis flowers. In recent years it has become very popular among people who like cannabis and CBD.

What is the price of a 100 gram hashish plate?

The price of the 100 gram hashish plate varies according to the type of hashish you want to buy. Prices range from 248,99 € (price per gram is 2,49 €), up to 380,00 € (price per gram is 3,80 €).

En Cannactiva queremos cambiar la perspectiva sobre el cannabis. Te traemos lo mejor de la planta a través de nuestros productos y de los posts que puedes leer en nuestro [...]

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