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Find your IKIGAI x Cannactiva

To celebrate the summer, at Cannactiva would like to invite you to find your IKIGAI. This word, which has recently gained popularity around the world, comes from Japanese and could be translated as “a passion that gives value and joy to life”. To follow the IKIGAI, there are four basic premises:

That you like what you do,
That you are good at what you do,
May what you do be useful to the world,
And that it gives you food, energy to continue.

Summer is here and we want to put the focus on our IKIGAI. To inspire you, for your next orders of CBD flowers we will give you a fan with a Japanese-style illustration by artist Gerard Nel-lo (@nellogerard). In addition, we have prepared for you an exclusive variety of CBD Flowers Special Ikigai – Mochi .

Summer is a time of relaxation and good vibes, where you can enjoy with friends and family. Savor every moment shared with your loved ones, where laughter is guaranteed. Explore new horizons and live new experiences. Enjoy the summer sun with our new reversible beanie with cannabis print design. Find the calm you need and feel how life invites you to be present and honest with yourself. Live intensely in the now.

Discover the real meaning of IKIGAI

What is IKIGAI?

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that could be translated as that which gives value and fulfillment to life. Others translate it as “a raison d’être“. It is finding an activity, a purpose or something that makes you feel fulfilled, fills you with joy and keeps you engaged and excited every day.

Actually, IKIGAI is a broad concept, encompassing everything that brings value and joy to life: from people, such as parents, siblings, children or friends, to activities, including work and hobbies.

It is said that, in order to find the IKIGAI, everyone must do a four-element balance The fundamental aspects of your life: what you love, what the world or the community needs, what you can be remunerated for (not necessarily with a salary: energy to continue) and what you are good at doing. When IKIGAI is found, a state of fulfillment and satisfaction is reached, a balance between passions, contributions to society, retribution and skills.

Our IKIGAI can change several times during our lifetime. People may not have a single, large IKIGAI. This can take some pressure off, at least for me, who loves so many things in life. Although, no doubt, those who are masterfully dedicated to just one thing, broadly speaking, I understand that they may be blessed with having a clear and consistent IKIGAI. There are no doubts, there is only flow.


The “IKIGAI” has been present in Japanese culture for centuries. The word is composed of two terms: “iki”, which refers to “life” and “gai”, which translates as “value” or “merit”. It would be something like “having a value in life”, although it is difficult to understand the real connotation it acquires in the original culture, without westernizing the meaning.

To know the real meaning of “IKIGAI”, we can mentally travel to Japan, in the small village of Ogimi, located in the north of the island of Okinawa, next to a national park, where the concept of IKIGAI is deeply rooted. This place is known as “the town of longevity” for being the place with the most people over 100 years of age in the world. Hector Garcia, co-author of the book on IKIGAI that popularized the term, interviewed more than a hundred local elders to ask them about their IKIGAI. As a result of these experiences, he explains that what keeps these people active and healthy well into old age is IKIGAI: “They all have a source of enthusiasm for life and they dedicate themselves to it everyday.”

The authors of the book explain that a notable characteristic of all the interviewees is that 100% had a home garden. They also discovered that in Ogimi, music, singing and dancing are present almost daily as an essential part of daily life.

Another distinctive feature of this community is that the elderly have strong social ties with their peers, and meet frequently to participate in activities such as sports, karaoke or birthday celebrations. Hence, avoiding social isolation can be a key factor in maintaining the motivation and confidence needed to lead an active and fulfilling life. Most people are active members of neighborhood associations, where they find a sense of belonging and love similar to that of a family. There are also moai, informal groups of people with the same interests, in which members meet regularly to have dinner and prepare joint activities.

In the book you get the idea of the simplicity of the concept of IKIGAI in Japan. It goes beyond (or not so beyond) the Western scheme of “something I like, useful to the world, paid and good at”. It is much simpler and fuller. IKIGAI for some people can be as simple as playing with their grandchildren. That is, to experience a sense of belonging (where the community plays a fundamental role), to be active in life, to be present, to be useful to society and to be recognized by the group.

To find IKIGAI is to feel that we are part of it (the community is a fundamental part), to be active in life, to be present, to be useful to society and to be recognized by the group.

The book’s authors also invite us to live and immerse ourselves in our everyday actions with mindfulnessreaching that state of “flow“where we are in sync with life, we stop looking at the clock and time unfolds. As a curious fact, in Japan, there is no word that means “retire forever” as in the West.

Finally, reference is made to young people, who sometimes feel unmotivated, worried or depressed. Since childhood they are projected what they can be when they grow up, but the IKIGAI is to live in the present, to feel, to flow.

How to find your IKIGAI in life

If you are looking to find your IKIGAI, here is a small step-by-step guide to help you in the process:

Reflect on what you are passionate about

Think about those activities that make you feel good, that you enjoy doing, that you like, that you are passionate about. Reflect on the things that excite you, excite you and fill you with energy. What fills you and excites you, just like IKIGAI, can change as we grow and experience different life stages.

Identify your skills and strengths:

Explore your strengths and skills. What natural abilities do you have? Recognizing your strengths will allow you to apply them in your pursuit of IKIGAI.

Think about what your community or the world needs:

Reflect on how your passions and skills can be of use to others, in your community, and on ways you would like to contribute to making the world a better place. Thinking about the existing needs that you identify in your environment may help you.

Seek balance:

Reflect on the ideas arising from the previous steps. Is there any activity, hobby or vocation, which combines all or some of them? That intersection can be your IKIGAI, the point at which you find purpose and fulfillment.

Experiment and flow:

Take it easy: walking slowly goes a long way. Experience different activities, projects or jobs that allow you to grow. Look for opportunities that challenge you and help you expand your skills and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Explore different paths or just one, test yourself and flow, no pressure.

Cultivate your relationships and your community

IKIGAI is also found in human connections. Cultivate positive and meaningful relationships with the people around you. The community is a fundamental part. Share what you love and your purpose with those who support and inspire you. These relationships can be a source of motivation and enrichment in your pursuit of IKIGAI: telling and listening to stories, dreaming together, asking for advice, having fun…. It is an elixir of life.

Accept personal growth

The search for IKIGAI is an experience in itself. Learn as you go, accept challenges and obstacles as opportunities for personal growth.

Keep an open mind

IKIGAI can be found in unexpected places, so keep an open mind and be willing to explore different paths. Listen to your intuition as you go on this quest.

Reference book on IKIGAI

The concept of IKIGAI has gained popularity worldwide as a philosophy for finding enthusiasm and joy in daily life. It has been linked to increased longevity, emotional well-being and greater overall satisfaction in various aspects of life. Many assume that the IKIGAI concept is responsible for the exceptional longevity and health of the elderly population of Okinawa, one of the so-called “blue zones” of the world, as it is home to the highest number of people over 100 years of age per 100,000 inhabitants on the planet.

If you feel like reading more on the subject, there is the book – essay: IKIGAI: Japan’s secrets for a long and happy life. by Héctor García (Kirai) and Francesc Miralles. The work has been translated into 63 languages and has sold more than 3 million copies since its publication in 2016 and can serve to provide and remind us of very important vital points.

Cannactiva x IKIGAI

We hope you have enjoyed this little tour through the philosophy of IKIGAI as much as we did. We bid you farewell wishing you to live your life the way you want:

Like an old Turkish pythoness who reads your future with the grounds of a cup of coffee,
as an Inca praying to his Goddess Quinoa, creator of all things,
as someone who doesn’t get married or embark on a Tuesday the 13th,
with your own spirit animal, whether as a tigress, a rabbit, a monkey or a monk…
Anyway, live as you wish and make sure that, whatever you do, you fulfill your IKIGAI.

May your IKIGAI be with you, Happy summer, Cannactivist!

  • IKIGAI. Japan’s secrets for a long and happy life. Héctor García (Kirai) and Francesc Miralles Contijoch. Editorial Urano. First edition: 2016. ISBN 9788479539221
  • JapanGov, The Government of Japan. IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret to a Joyful Life. KIZUNA, Linking Japan and the World (March 18, 2022)

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