FENIX – Cannactiva Winter Greeting 2023

Fenix Winter Postcard 2023 Cannactiva

This winter, in Cannactiva we have prepared a very special greeting card inspired by the Phoenix, with the illustration of the artist @negrescolor and the New Phoenix CBD Flower (Fire OG Kush)a flower of CBD Indoor with a CBD percentage of 25% and a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of resin.

Cannactiva Winter Greeting (2023)

The Secret of the Phoenix: Winter Riddle

Unique bird of its species.
It flies so high, that not even the spears

of the most powerful king can hunt him down.
Their feathers of fire shine so bright

that blind anyone who dares to stare at it.
And when it seems that its radiance has already died,

always rises again from the ashes.
It is immortal. It is always present.
The vast majority, though, cannot see it.
Like the wings of the hummingbird,

when they beat at high speed,
that cannot be seen either.
So, to see it,

for a moment longer,
and look between the lines.
When you finally see him fly glistening,

you will feel the warmth of eternal life.
You will understand that there is no such thing as night,

but day on the other side.
That the sun does not hide,

but we turn our backs on it.
And that the Phoenix always returns,

just as you will too!

Have you guessed where the Phoenix is? 😉

The legend of the Phoenix

The Phoenix is a unique bird. Its feathers shine like fire, and its flight is majestic and so high that it is unreachable. Their song, it is said, is the most beautiful of all celestial sounds, although only a few know how to hear it. But, undoubtedly, what is most captivating about the phoenix is its ability to rise from its own ashes.

Numerous cultures around the world make reference to its existence. As examples, in Ancient Egypt the Bennu bird was known, the Persians called it the Simurgh bird, the Slavs Zhar-ptitsa or fire bird, the Chinese know the Fèng Huáng bird, in Japan the Hou-ou, Greco-Roman mythology spoke of the Phoenix and the Aztecs of the Quetzalcoatl bird.

In researching and pondering the subject, we came to the conclusion that, if different cultures refer to the same magical bird, there must be a universal, perhaps natural, phenomenon that is common to all parts of the globe. Something that moves through the sky, so high that it cannot be reached, that with wings of fire illuminates the firmament, that dies and is reborn… Have you guessed what the Phoenix could be?

We have chosen the Phoenix theme for this greeting because we think it connects very well with winter. The onset of winter, which practically coincides with the winter solstice (December 21-23), is the time of greatest darkness at our place on Earth. At this time there is a change in energy and the days begin to lengthen. At this time we celebrate the imminent rebirth of the Sun and light, a perennial cycle that reminds us that even in the longest nights, there is always a new dawn on the horizon.

In these days you can’t miss a good fire to warm up, and neither the stories around the campfire. Probably in these stories lies the true origin of the phoenix, in which the … (you guessed it) … was transformed into a magical bird with such a deep meaning.

Cannactiva Fenix Palo Santo Gift and Matches
Cannactiva gift that you will receive in your orders inspired by the phoenix. It consists of a box of phoenix feathers (aka matches), a Palo Santo (wood burning incense), a candle to light up your winter, a candle holder and a greeting card.

A free gift with your orders

In addition to the New CBD Flower Fënix (Fire OG Kush) In Cannactiva we have prepared a very special gift, limited edition, for orders placed from December 30 and while stocks last. A gift that brings a little light, with much affection, from the Cannactiva team, to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. The gift consists of a metal box with the Phoenix engraving, a candle holder, a natural candle, a holy stick and a box of phoenix feathers (aka matches).

Cannactiva gift that you will receive in your orders inspired by the phoenix. It consists of a box of phoenix feathers (aka matches), a Palo Santo (wood burning incense), a candle to light up your winter, a candle holder and a greeting card.
Cannactiva’s Phoenix Collection on the occasion of the winter greeting 2023.

About the postcard artist

Joan Negrescolor explores creative expression through the poetics of the image. His work is characterized by a captivating narrative, a range of impossible colors with a powerful composition. His personal record has an imaginary of great richness and values, which are reflected in Cannactiva’s illustration.


The Phoenix in different cultures

Origin of the Phoenix

Probably, the first time the Phoenix appears in the history of mankind is in Ancient Egypt, with the Bennu Bird. This creature was intimately linked to the daily cycle of the sun and creation, often considered as the soul of the god Ra, the sun god, who dies at sunset and is reborn at sunrise.

Moving forward in time and space to ancient Persia, we find the Simurgha bird of great size and beauty, with a wingspan so large that it could cover the sky and revered as a symbol of healing and fertility, which was said to have witnessed the destruction and rebirth of the world three times.

Greco-Roman mythology tells us about another Phoenix, a being that is synonymous with resurrection and eternity.

The Vikings had the eagle Hraesvelgr, described in Norse mythology as a giant that takes the form of an eagle. It sits at the end of the world (the edge of the heavens) and is responsible for the winds when it flaps its wings, representing natural power, linked to wind and change.

In Eastern cultures, China represents the union of masculine and feminine qualities with the Fèng Huáng Bird, symbol of high virtue, prosperity and the union between yin and yang; harmony and balance. The Japanese Hou-ou bird embodied good fortune, prosperity and rebirth.

And in the Aztec pantheon, Quetzalcoatl, who goes by the name of ‘feathered serpent’, rises as a deity linked to creation and life.

In Slavic texts we find the Zhar-ptitsa or Firebird, which becomes the focus of heroic quests, symbolizing victory and triumph obtained through challenges and adventures. And just today, we will tell you one of these stories.

Traditional tale about the Firebird

This is just one of the many legends that exist about the Phoenix bird:

A Russian legend tells that once upon a time there was a powerful tsar who owned a garden in which a tree of golden apples grew. Every night, an apple was mysteriously stolen. Furious, the tsar ordered his three sons to catch the thief.

The three sons watched the tree. The eldest son fell asleep, and the next morning he assured his father that no one had entered the garden, even though an apple was missing from the tree. The second son also tried, unsuccessfully, because like his older brother, he fell victim to sleep and failed to see the mysterious thief. When morning came, another golden apple had disappeared.

Finally, it was the turn of the youngest son, Ivan Tsarevich, who had great determination and did not fall asleep. At midnight, a glowing light illuminated the garden and revealed the figure of the thief: it was a Firebird(Zhar-ptitsa). Despite being nearly blinded by the bird’s splendor, Ivan pounced on the animal, and although he failed to catch it, he did get proof of his encounter: a feather as bright as fire.

Ivan Tsarevich capturing a feather of the Firebird. Illustration by Ivan Bilibin (1872-1942).
Ivan Tsarevich capturing a feather of the Firebird. Illustration by Ivan Bilibin (1872-1942).

Presenting the feather to the tsar, his father asked his sons to go and meet the bird. And here begins the second part of this legend, in which, with the help of a wise Grey Wolf, Ivan embarks on an adventure that takes him through magical realms, overcoming various challenges. In the end, Ivan faces betrayal by his brothers, but Ivan’s kindness and courage prevailed, and the kingdom prospered under the light of the Firebird.

Meaning of the Phoenix Bird

In this classic tale, the Firebird is a catalyst for great feats and personal transformations. The phoenix, or the different names given to this fiery bird in different cultures, has been adopted as a symbol of resurrection of the eternal cycle of life and death, resilience and rebirth. The Phoenix has also become a symbol of strength and spiritual rebirth, representing hope in the possibility of new beginnings and opportunities.

The Phoenix reminds us that we can emerge renewed and strengthened.

If the Phoenix transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, it is because it symbolizes renewal, transformation, new beginnings and the eternity of cycles, ideas that resonate universally in all people.

We hope the Phoenix has inspired you for this new year. Happy New Year, Cannactivist!

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