First edition of the CBD and hemp fair in Barcelona

This was the first edition of the CBD and hemp fair in Barcelona 2022

Cannactiva, CBD store, we were sponsors of the first edition of the CBD and hemp fair held in Barcelona on October 7, 8 and 9, 2022. They were 3 intense days in which we were able to devirtualize many of our customers and make ourselves known, outside what you see on the screens, as we really are: a young, enterprising, hard-working team, and above all with a lot of joy and good energy.

We were there with a spectacular stand to present all the Cannactiva CBD products (which you can now also find in our online store):

… And much more! We have a new catalog with novelties, we give out free samples and prepare merchandising of all kinds to give as gifts. In addition, all the visitors of our stand got a voucher with an incredible discount in the CBD Cannactiva store.

CBD Hemp Business Fair CBD Oil
Cannactiva CBD Oils at the CBD Hemp Business Fair booth.
Best CBD Oil Cannactiva Award
Best CBD Oil Cannactiva Award

As a result, we are proud to announce that Cannactiva ‘s 30% CBD oil won the award in the Best CBD Oil contest at the CBD Hemp Business Fair. Best CBD Oil contest at the CBD Hemp Business Fair . Thank you for voting for us!

We put a lot of effort in getting the best CBD oil in the Spanish and European market, with organic hemp seed oil and Full Spectrum CBD that preserves the full extract of cannabinoids and preserves the best properties of the plant. Our best reward is the satisfaction of our customers!

We also won the contest for the Best Booth at the CBD Hemp Business Fairthanks to the incredible work of Mercè Batlle the interior designer who also designed our Barcelona store. Cannactiva’s booth is inspired by our essence and values: connection with nature, ecological materials, lots of plants, warm lights, a pouf to relax, a comfortable space for conversation, a bicycle and many more details. The design bears the seal of Cannactiva, a company that accompanies you in your daily life. A spectacular stand to match our CBD products!

Without a doubt, for the whole Cannactiva team, the Barcelona CBD and Hemp Fair was a very exciting experience, and one for which we had been preparing for months of hard work.

CBD Hemp Business Fair
CBD Hemp Business Fair

Good atmosphere and music at the CBD fair

In this first edition we have an outdoor space with food trucks and concerts of reggae, hip hop, cumbia, electrocumbia, swing and tribal music, among others. A place to relax and have a drink in the open air. With the following artists: Dj Naan, Mr. Manley, Morgana Souljah, Paula Bu, Sr. Wilson, Naan Hang, Dj Cucumba, Hijas de la Cumbia, Lia Kali, Emeterians, Sonikgroove, Lady Avocado, Dj Rambla, Pulmón Beatbox, Sharin Skunk.

Next editions of the CBD and hemp fair of Barcelona

The CBD and hemp fair in Barcelona is here to stay and the success of this first edition is a good example of that. Sign up for the next CBD and Hemp Fair in Barcelona, a great opportunity for everyone from cannabis cultivation experts to cannabis enthusiasts. The fair is a showcase for the incredible variety of interesting products that can be made from the Cannabis sativa plant, and an opportunity to learn how the cannabis industry is flourishing from professionals.

Come and visit us at the next Hemp and CBD fair, we will be very happy to meet you and explain what we do! If you have any questions, you can find more information, updated program and the option to buy tickets on the official website of the Barcelona CBD and Hemp Fair.. Check the fair’s website for the latest news and more details:

Once again, we were able to see that the hemp industry has enormous potential to improve the quality of life of people and the planet through its products and to generate innovative ideas. It is an opportunity to learn first-hand all that this plant has to offer and to grow all hemp and CBD companies together, rowing in the same direction. Thank you very much to all of you who came to greet us and have a good time with us. We look forward to seeing you at the next CBD Hemp Fair!

CBD Hemp Business Fair
Cannactiva Bicycle at our stand at the CBD and Hemp Fair in Barcelona

Information about the CBD and hemp fair of Barcelona

What is the CBD and Hemp Fair?

The CBD and Hemp Fair is a unique event in Spain where you can discover the leading companies in the sector and new products. Explore the world of hemp and CBD in Spain at this unique fair With hundreds of stands from leading European companies, plus conferences to bring you up to date on all things cannabis, it’s an event not to be missed.

Where is the CBD and Hemp Fair?

The first edition of the CBD and Hemp Fair was held in Barcelona, at the Fira de Cornellá fairgrounds, very well connected to the city center and the Barcelona airport.

What businesses are at the CBD and Hemp Fair?

At the CBD and Hemp Fair you will be able to visit the stands and meet the professionals behind the most important companies dedicated to CBD in Spain, Europe and other countries outside the continent. You will have the opportunity to network with innovative companies making CBD cosmetics, cannabinoid doctors and therapists, laboratories, fabrics made from hemp fibers, legal consulting and much more.

What activities are there at the CBD and Hemp Fair?

– Hemp and CBD Showroom: your opportunity to experience, taste, touch and learn about the amazing products of this rapidly expanding industry. – CBD Business Networking: hundreds of CBD entrepreneurs from Spain and Europe in a day full of networking opportunities – you will get essential information on new developments as well as have a great time connecting with like-minded people who are equally passionate about Cannabidiol (CBD) – Foodtruck – Stands and Exhibitors

Who organizes the CBD and Hemp Fair?

Feria del Cáñamo SL is the organizing company of the CBD and Hemp Fair of Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in national and international events, some as well known as in Barcelona. His contact:

What is the entrance fee to the CBD Fair?

Based on the first edition of the fair, the ticket price is 15 € (1 day). Get tickets at a reduced price of 13 € (1 day) or 30 € (3 days), simply by purchasing online.

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Inés Cárrega
Chief Marketing Officer at Cannactiva

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