Different concentrations of CBD oil

The CBD-rich cannabis oil, or simply called CBD oil is an increasingly popular product that can be found in different formats, doses and dosages. We can observe the confusion of customers with the recurring queries we receive about, for example, what concentration of oil to buy, how many drops of CBD to use, how often or every how many hours.

Depending on your needs and preferred dosage, here we tell you everything you need to consider to buy the CBD preparation with the most optimal concentration for you.

CBD Concentration in CBD Oils

CBD oil has become popular as a remedy for a multitude of conditions. But when purchasing it, many customers are hesitant about which concentration is the most optimal. First of all, explain that the concentration of a CBD oil refers to the amount of cannabidiol dissolved in the cannabis oil.

It is important to remember that CBD oil is a dilution of CBD extract with a carrier oil. At Cannactiva we only use full-spectrum CBD and organic hemp oil of the highest quality. Other brands may use any other carrier oil, to which CBD extract of varying quality is added.

There are many different concentrations of CBD oil available on the market. We find CBD products with a concentration starting at around 2% up to a CBD concentration of approximately 80%.

How to calculate the amount of CBD in a CBD oil of X concentration?

It can be a bit confusing when talking about percentages. For example, our CBD oil of 2.5% CBD concentration in 10 ml bottle means that each bottle has a total of 250 mg of CBD.

Amount in the CBD meter

All our CBD oils, regardless of their concentration, come in a vial or pipette with a teat to facilitate the administration of the product.

The measure of a vial or pipette is 1 milliliter (ml.) of CBD oil.

Approximately, each vial or pipette contains 20 drops of CBD which is the amount that can be absorbed by the nipple. It is possible to observe slight variations in this measurement.

How many mg of CBD are in each drop of CBD oil?

The amount of CBD contained in a drop of CBD oil obviously depends on the concentration:

  • CBD oil 30%: Each drop contains 15 mg. of CBD. One pipette (1 ml.) contains 300 mg. of CBD.
  • CBD oil 20%: Each drop contains 10 mg. of CBD. One pipette (1 ml.) contains 200 mg. of CBD.
  • CBD oil 10%: Each drop contains 5 mg. of CBD. One pipette (1 ml.) contains 100 mg. of CBD.
  • CBD oil 5%: Each drop contains 2.5 mg. of CBD. One pipette (1 ml.) contains 50 mg. of CBD.
  • CBD oil 2.5%: Each drop contains 1.25 mg. of CBD. One pipette (1 ml.) contains 25 mg. of CBD.

How many mg of CBD do I need?

The amount of CBD needed for each person is very personal and variable. There are many factors that can modify the effect of CBD, such as weight and size, but also more complex ones, such as metabolic and pathophysiological differences.

Even subjective variables come into consideration, such as the sensation that each person feels when using CBD oil. Two physically similar people can use different doses of CBD. Sometimes, even the same dose in the same person can have different effects depending on the day.

It is always advisable to start with low doses, regardless of the concentration of CBD oil. Some people feel that the effects are negligible. Even so, we insist on maintaining the dose for 1 week before increasing it, since the effects of CBD may still be acting, even if we do not appreciate them at the beginning.

How do I know what concentration of CBD oil to buy?

In general, to choose the concentration of CBD oil we are guided by:

  • Weight and height: the more body mass, the more CBD will be needed, relatively speaking. It is also not necessary to buy the highest concentration CBD oil, but we would initially think of a medium concentration. Likewise, a heavy person may feel that a low-concentration oil works for them.
  • Experience in the use of CBD: we advise to reserve CBD oils of higher concentrations for people who already know its effects or who have high cannabidiol needs.

Types of CBD extracts: Different active ingredients

In addition to concentration, there is also a noticeable difference in the type of extract added to make CBD oil. Some brands add a pure crystalline form of CBD, which is known as CBD isolate. In contrast, in Cannactiva’s CBD products you will find full-spectrum CBD extract, with a greater quantity and variety of active ingredients (such as terpenes and minor cannabinoids), which are naturally found in the cannabis plant and which complement the effect of CBD.

We talk more about it in: Types of CBD Oil: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Pure CBD

Concentration in active ingredients of CBD oil

Therefore, labels state the concentration of CBD, but not the full amount of active ingredients from the cannabis plant that resides in the oil. That is, the percentage provided on the label refers only to the amount of CBD, and the other cannabinoids are omitted.

It is always recommended to buy CBD oil containing all the cannabinoids in hemp, because together they exert an entourage effect. entourage effect They act synergistically, enhancing the properties of CBD. This complete extract is known by the trade name Full Spectrum CBD oil.

The aroma of CBD oil

When using CBD on a daily basis, it is important to make sure you buy the right type of oil, not only in terms of its concentration, but also in terms of its organoleptic properties.

We have seen customers who were not experienced with CBD oil buy extracts that they found very unpleasant to use because of their strong grassy aroma and bitter notes. It should be noted that the original, unrefined CBD oil has an intense and resinous aroma.

At Cannactiva we are passionate about bringing you the best CBD oils and that is why we developed Purified CBD oils. These oils contain all the cannabinoids, but have undergone a filtering process to remove waxes and bitter resins, improving the aroma of the full-spectrum CBD oil.

Although some people prefer the natural flavor of the original cannabis extract, in general, the aroma of purified CBD oils is more pleasant and better tolerated. We believe this innovation is necessary to improve adherence to care and wellness routines with CBD oil.

    Buying CBD oil cheaply or expensively, depends on the concentration and something else…

    In summary, it is good to consider the concentration of active ingredient when buying CBD oil, but it is not the only factor to consider.

    What is a good price for a CBD oil depends on several points:

    • Amount of oil: total ml of product. Smaller format, smaller quantity and cheaper.
    • CBD oil concentration: amount of CBD or active ingredient. The higher the percentage of active ingredient or concentration, the more expensive the price of the oil.
    • Type of extract: full spectrum CBD is considered the best. Isolated CBD, on the other hand, is considered worse, because it has fewer active ingredients. We could also talk about the method of extraction…
    • Flavor: some oils are filtered and others are not. Only the flavor changes.
    • Carrier oil: we use organic hemp seed oil, certified organically grown. Other brands use seed oils such as soybean, sunflower…
    • Quality: choose opaque glass containers and experienced companies in the cannabis market.

    Apart from these points, the price of the oil also varies if it is for humans or pets, since CBD oils for dogs are usually cheaper. Even so, we leave you a guide of CBD for dogs, so you know what concentration and dosage to give him.

    Get to know the quality of Cannactiva CBD oils

    We want to show you a little bit more about Cannactiva, a company established in Spain, dedicated to the cultivation of industrial hemp. Our passion is to let the world know about the benefits of hemp for our society and general well-being. Our company philosophy is very simple: Love for nature, peace and respect. We hope our intention reaches you.

    We know there may be many questions about the use of CBD. We are pleased to invite you to ask one of our experts to clarify any questions you may have about our products. We will clarify any unanswered questions about our CBD oils. We look forward to your call. People can understand each other by talking! If this is your case, please visit the contact page.

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