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How Coffee Shops work in Madrid

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A modern phenomenon is taking shape in Madrid: coffeeshops or cannabis clubs. Along with Barcelona and the Basque Country, the Spanish capital is one of the centers of cannabis club culture in the country.

We will tell you how you can buy marijuana legally in Madrid through these associations, and we will take the opportunity to explain that this month has also flourished our CBD store in Madrid . In addition, you can always buy CBD online with us with fast shipping 24 hours and free shipping from 25 €.

Discover the coffeeshop culture in Madrid: cannabis clubs

What is a coffee shop?

The “coffee shop” concept emerges from the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam, the European capital famous for allowing marijuana consumption in establishments open to the public. The coffee shops, true icons of this city, have forged the reputation of the city of canals as the oasis of tolerance and openness regarding cannabis. But this is not the case in Madrid.

Don’t make the mistake of searching for “coffee shop” on Google Maps to find a place to buy marijuana in Madrid, because chances are you’ll end up in a coffee shop ordering a chocolate con churros. In Madrid, the legal places to buy marijuana have another name: cannabis associations, cannabis associations or cannabis clubs.

Are there coffee shops in Madrid?

In Madrid there are no coffee shops, what there are are Cannabis Consumers Associations, and their operation is totally different from the coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Differences between coffee shop and cannabis club

Unlike coffeeshops, cannabis associations are not open to the public, but are restricted to members only. These clubs allow their members to buy and consume cannabis inside the establishment, but it is not allowed to sell it to non-members, nor to consume it in public spaces. The idea behind these clubs is to provide a controlled and safe space for cannabis consumption among responsible adults. It should be clarified that the membership fee is not like a ticket to buy marijuana: legally, cannabis associations are regulated to provide marijuana to frequent users.

Operation of Madrid’s coffee shops

How can I access the coffee shops in Madrid?

By law, cannabis clubs must be discreet establishments: they may not advertise, nor advertise on the street. They are also private, restricted to members, and, in addition, each can maintain its own rules about consumption on the premises.

In no case may cannabis associations sell marijuana to non-members of the association.

The very restrictive operation of cannabis associations makes legal entry difficult for tourists, sporadic visitors to Madrid, or simply people who do not want to register in these establishments, for whatever reason. However, you can always buy CBD flowers and cannabis resins legally from specialized CBD stores like Cannactiva. You have one of our stores in the neighborhood of Lavapiés, in Argumosa street 27.

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Legality of marijuana for recreational use and CBD in Madrid

If you are planning a trip to Madrid, knowing Spain’s legal stance on marijuana can help you enjoy your stay and avoid potential fines.

In general, the Spanish capital has a relatively relaxed attitude towards cannabis consumption, and it is not unusual to observe someone rolling a joint in public spaces, always with discretion. However, in more central areas of the city, tourist sites or crowded places, the police could impose fines and confiscate the material. Although smoking cannabis is not allowed in public places, cafes, stores or on public transport, there is an exception: the purchase and recreational consumption of cannabis is decriminalized when it is done in the private sphere of your home or in an authorized cannabis club.

As for wearing CBD flowers in public, the legal situation is somewhat ambiguous. In theory, as they do not contain THC, they cannot be considered a drug, but many prefer not to take risks when traveling with CBD. Although personal consumption of cannabis is not punishable, smoking cannabis on the street in Madrid or in public spaces can lead to administrative sanctions of up to €3,000, although fines are usually more moderate and rarely exceed €450.

Where to buy cannabis legally in Madrid

Whether you are a tourist visiting the city, or if you live in the city, you can buy CBD flowers legally in Madrid if you go to stores specializing in CBD. And we can’t help but recommend that you stop by our CBD store in Madrid, at Calle Argumosa, 27.

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CBD marijuana store in Madrid: the best option for tourists

In close proximity to our CBD store, you will find a variety of options for exploring the city. For those who enjoy walking, Puerta del Sol is less than half an hour from our Lavapiés store. From there, you can continue exploring the lively area of Callao and Gran Vía, full of commercial activity and nightlife.

If you don’t want to walk, sit at one of the sunny terraces on Argumosa street to enjoy a delicious coffee or enjoy some tapas. Madrid is a gastronomic paradise, with options for every taste: from Ethiopian and Italian cuisine to authentic Japanese food, and, of course, traditional bars and restaurants where you can taste classic Madrilenian dishes such as squid sandwiches, huevos estrellados or callos a la madrileña.

If you are looking for cultural activities, we suggest exploring La Casa Encendida and the CaixaForum Museum, both a short 10-minute walk from our store. For a breathtaking art experience, the majestic Prado Museum is an option less than half an hour away by metro (and remember that admission is free for students and every day from 6 p.m.). If you prefer a touch of fun, the Museum of Illusions is an ideal stop for a surreal time with friends or family.

If you are passionate about nature, you will love the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Retiro Park, just a 15-minute walk from our CBD store. If you prefer a different direction, Parque Casino de La Reina is an ideal place to stroll, read outdoors and enjoy playgrounds.

And as a final touch, our CBD store is also open on Sundays! Take the opportunity to browse the stalls of the iconic Mercado de El Rastro, Spain’s most famous flea market, and immerse yourself in authentic local life.

We invite you to our recently opened Cannactiva CBD store in Madrid, where you will find CBD flowers of unparalleled aroma and quality. This is backed by hundreds of satisfied customers who return to us again and again to place their orders. We hope to see you soon!

Frequently asked questions about cannabis associations in Madrid

How to become a member of a cannabis club in Madrid?

In order to become a member, you must be a resident of the country, of legal age (18 years old, some ask for 21 years old), provide a valid ID card or passport, and complete a registration process, including the payment of the membership fee, which can be monthly, yearly or for life. Some clubs may require an endorsing member – a member of the association to vouch that you do not intend to sell the equipment purchased on the street. In addition, they may also require proof of residency. Upon approval, you will be able to purchase and consume marijuana according to its policies. For example, once inside, some clubs make you wait 15 minutes to avoid crowds in the immediate vicinity and maintain the discretion of the premises.

What can you do in the coffee shops in Madrid?

Coffee shops (aka cannabis associations) offer a variety of THC marijuana products, including different strains, concentrates and derivatives. But you can do much more than just buy marijuana.

Almost like in a coffee shop, cannabis clubs in Madrid can offer coffee, drinks and snacks. You will also find a comfortable and cozy atmosphere where you can sit and read or enjoy a chat with friends.

Some coffee shops may also offer additional services, such as free Wi-Fi and board games, to help make your visit more enjoyable. In reality, many of these associations function as a social club where people with similar interests meet and seek a haven of peace and tranquility to enjoy cannabis in any of its forms.

How to buy marijuana buds in Madrid?

The easiest way to buy marijuana in Madrid is to visit the new Cannactiva store, where you can buy high quality cannabis products at the best prices on the market. At Cannactiva, not only will you find a wide variety of CBD flowers and CBD hashish, but you will also be able to do it legally and with total peace of mind.

One of the undeniable advantages of opting for Cannactiva products is that you are assured of receiving guaranteed quality cannabis. You will avoid the potential disappointments and risks associated with adulterated products that are often abundant on the black market.

What are the legal bases for cannabis associations in Madrid?

If you are curious about the subject, in Madrid, cannabis associations are governed by Spanish law and therefore operate as non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGOs). Legally, they are protected by the law of associations, the same law that allows the formation of political parties, trade unions or religious denominations.

Is it legal to buy marijuana in Madrid?

In Madrid, you can buy marijuana in a totally legal way by going to associations of cannabis consumers (the only place where you can find marijuana with THC) and in specialized CBD stores (where you will only find hemp, without THC). In addition, it is worth mentioning that in CBD stores, cannabis buds can only be sold as collectibles, and are not legally intended for consumption.

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