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This is How the Coffee Shop Works in Barcelona

Discover the coffeeshop culture in Barcelona: the cannabis clubs

In the coffee shops of Barcelona is where cannabis consumers gather to stock up and enjoy their favorite plants. These establishments operate as legal marijuana dispensaries. Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain with more tradition of coffee shops dedicated to cannabis for quite some time, but the truth is that this is a fairly widespread fashion throughout the country.

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What is a coffee shop?

The term coffee shop originated in the city of Amsterdam, the marijuana capital of Europe and the place that has always had a certain reputation for being cannabis-friendly. In Amsterdam alone there are more than 150 coffee shops.

Why are they called coffee shops?

The term coffee shop emerged in this Dutch city, with the first establishment dedicated to dispensing marijuana, the Mellow Yellow (unfortunately closed in 2017).

Cabe mencionar que, para algunos, el primer coffee shop fue la casa de té de Cleo de Merode, de la gran Mila Jansen, también conocida como La Reina del Hash.

Te preguntarás por qué se llaman así, si es irrelevante que vendan café. Pues bien, ese primer coffee shop de la historia era como una cafetería en las instalaciones de una antigua panadería, y en él se podía tomar café. Se cuenta que estaba siempre llena de comerciantes disfrazados de clientes. A partir de 1972 este ‘coffee shop’, así como muchos otros, empezaron a vender clandestinamente hachís y marihuana, lo que supuso el inicio de toda una tendencia. 

Over the years, although the business has been regularized, the name “coffee shop” has been assumed for the establishment that dispenses marijuana. Nowadays, Dutch coffeeshops are authentic coffee shops where you can have a tea, a coffee or a refreshing drink, but they also have an extensive menu of joints, cookies and marijuana cakes. They are usually places for relaxation and enjoyment, with good music, and some with video consoles, pool tables, table tennis, etc.

Are there coffee shops in Barcelona?

Don’t make the mistake of searching Google maps for “coffee shop” in Barcelona to buy marijuana: you will end up in any pompous coffee shop where you can have a chocolate with churros. In Barcelona, coffee shops do not exist as we know them in Amsterdam. Establishments authorized to legally purchase marijuana are called cannabis clubs or cannabis clubs.

Differences between coffee shop and cannabis club

A diferencia del ejemplo de Holanda, en Barcelona, los sitios donde comprar legalmente marihuana no son tiendas de libre acceso como las de Amsterdam. En Barcelona son asociaciones cannábicas, clubes de cannabis o clubes cannábicos: establecimientos privados, donde se vende y consume marihuana de forma legal.

In Barcelona there are no coffee shops as we know them in Amsterdam. What there are are cannabis associations, which are private and discreet establishments, with entry restricted to members, where marijuana can be purchased legally, either for recreational or medicinal use.

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Legalmente, en los clubes cannábicos sólo pueden entrar miembros, y los clientes se registran como socios para adquirir cantidades limitadas y controladas de marihuana o hachís con THC.

Discovering cannabis clubs in Barcelona is no easy task: they are discreet and somewhat hidden, they cannot be advertised and cannot be accessed without invitation. Once inside, you have to wait about 15 minutes to avoid crowds in the vicinity and to keep the place discreet.

    How do the coffee shops or cannabis clubs in Barcelona work?

    Much like a coffee shop, Barcelona’s cannabis clubs offer drinks, such as coffee, tea and smoothies, as well as a variety of weed to smoke on the premises, or to take away and smoke at home. You will also find a comfortable and cozy atmosphere where you can sit and enjoy a drink, read or chat with friends.

    Some coffee shops may also offer additional services, such as free Wi-Fi and board games, to help make your visit more enjoyable. The truth is that many function as a social club where people with similar interests meet and seek a haven of peace and tranquility to enjoy cannabis in any of its forms.

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    Legality of marijuana for recreational use and CBD in Barcelona

    If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, knowing Spain’s legal stance on marijuana can help you enjoy your stay and avoid possible fines. Barcelona has a relatively relaxed attitude towards cannabis use. It is not uncommon to see someone smoking a joint in public places, but always discreetly. If you are in a very central area of the city, undercover police can fine you and seize your equipment.

    In general, smoking joints is not allowed in cafes and stores, nor on public transportation. However, recreational marijuana consumption is decriminalized if it is consumed at home or in a private cannabis club, where smoking weed among members is allowed.

    En relación a si es legal llevar flores de CBD por la calle, hay un vacío legal con respecto a la materia, porque, por definición, no son droga (no contienen THC), aunque hay mucha gente que no viaja con CBD

    Please note that possession of up to 50 grams of cannabis may be subject to a fine, and anything in excess of this amount will constitute an offense associated with drug trafficking.

    Cannabis clubs legal framework

    Cannabis associations find themselves in a controversial legal environment. Article 368 of the Spanish Penal Code punishes those who cultivate, produce and traffic psychotropic substances such as marijuana. In other words, the law punishes the consumption or possession of cannabis in cases of risk to public health, such as drug trafficking. On the other hand, Article 36 of the Public Safety Law (known as the gag law) establishes that illicit consumption or possession, even if not intended for traffic, in places, roads, public places or public transport, may constitute an administrative fine. In relation to personal use and self-cultivation of cannabis in private places, there are usually no legal consequences. At most, an administrative sanction, if the self-consumption is carried out in public spaces.

    Coffee shop tourism

    Returning to the case of Amsterdam, the Dutch city has long been fighting against tourist overcrowding by limiting the access of non-resident visitors to its famous cannabis coffeeshops. The city council has unveiled a plan aimed at reducing the pressure of mass tourism to buy marijuana and ensuring that local residents have priority when it comes to enjoying the coffeeshop culture.

    But the situation has changed with the arrival of CBD and legal CBD marijuana. There are now many more options for cannabis coffeeshop tourism. throughout Europe, and Barcelona is no exception. CBD marijuana opens to the public fabulous and totally legal options to enjoy cannabis in a safe and relaxed environment.

    CBD and legal marijuana is bringing about a revolution

    The context is favorable and the product has improved. It is no longer necessary to be a member of a cannabis association to obtain buds of grass, but you can buy them in a multitude of establishments in a comfortable and totally legal way. Recreational marijuana users are in luck!

    CBD flowers display in Cannactiva’s store. You will find us next to Sants Station in Barcelona.

    CBD flowers are totally legal and their aroma has nothing to envy to marijuana buds.

    En Barcelona, puedes comprar flores CBD de forma legal en tiendas especializadas en CBD y estancos, distribuidas por toda la ciudad. Viaja y déjate llevar por los aromas del cannabis CBD mientras paseas tranquilamente por la ciudad condal, o disfrutas del ambiente de la noche de Barcelona. 

    Buying CBD marijuana in Barcelona: the best option for tourists

    Ven a la tienda de CBD de Barcelona de Cannactiva a proveerte de flores de cannabis CBD legal, de aroma y propiedades inigualables. No es sólo marketing, ¡nuestras flores de CBD son lo mejor! Así lo confirman cientos de clientes que repiten con nosotros en sus pedidos.  

    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    CBD flower buds exhibition in Cannactiva's store
    CBD flower buds exhibition in Cannactiva’s store
    Cannactiva Barcelona CBD Shop Exhibitor
    Cannactiva Barcelona CBD Shop Exhibitor
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva Barcelona CBD Shop
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
    Exhibitor CBD Oils and CBD Cosmetics
    Exhibitor CBD Oils and CBD Cosmetics

    We are only 20 minutes from Barcelona Airport, and 5 minutes from Sants Station. If you are visiting Barcelona and want to get some good stuff for your vacations, we have a whole selection of CBD flowers, CBD hashish, CBD oils, CBD vape and CBD vape liquids, as well as all kinds of accessories.

    The CBD store is located in the heart of the Sants district of Barcelona, and in one of the most central places, with a young atmosphere and a multitude of popular bars and restaurants, stores of all kinds, shopping malls, cinemas, museums … Close to tourist spots and with numerous activities. You also have almost all public transportation lines and direct connection to practically the entire city.

      Information about the Coffee shop in Barcelona (FAQ)

      How to buy marijuana in Barcelona?

      To buy marijuana in Barcelona, the best thing to do is to go to Cannactiva’s store, where you will find the best variety of CBD flowers and CBD hashish. In this way you will not only be able to buy cannabis legally and safely, but you will also be sure to obtain a product of guaranteed quality and you will be spared the fiasco of adulterated products, which abound on the black market. In addition, CBD marijuana offers you the advantage of being able to enjoy the authentic aroma of cannabis without the problem of high or whiteness that THC usually gives. Undoubtedly, the best option for everyday use. Whether you don’t know CBD flowers yet, or you want to be surprised with the best varieties of buds, you have to visit our store. We look forward to showing you what we do! We are in the heart of the city, well connected and surrounded by parks, restaurants, stores, cinemas, museums and tourist attractions.

      Are there coffee shops in Barcelona?

      Coffee shops in Barcelona do not exist as such, because they are not open to the public. Marijuana can only be purchased legally in the so-called cannabis clubs, which are private establishments where only members are allowed access. However, you can buy CBD flowers legally in specialized CBD stores and tobacconists.

      How do the cannabis clubs in Barcelona work?

      The cannabis clubs in Barcelona are private premises, where legally only members are allowed to enter. Customers must register as members to enter and purchase limited and controlled quantities of THC-laced marijuana or hashish. If you visit Barcelona, your best option to buy cannabis is to go to our CBD flower store.

      What are the differences between a coffee shop and a cannabis club?

      The main difference between the coffee shop and the cannabis club is that in Barcelona (as well as in the rest of Spain) they are private establishments and not as easily accessible and widely advertised as the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Cannabis clubs must be discovered with an invitation from another member and discretion is essential. In addition, cannabis clubs have a policy governing the amount of marijuana that can be purchased. Another difference is the products offered: cannabis associations do not have a license to offer foodstuffs made in the kitchen, such as the mythical marijuana sweets and cakes of Dutch coffee shops. Although both establishments allow the legal sale of marijuana, even for recreational use, Barcelona’s cannabis clubs have a clandestine feel.

      What is the price of membership in cannabis clubs in Barcelona?

      Most cannabis clubs in Barcelona have a membership fee of 20-35 €, annual or lifetime, depending on the club. The price of the marijuana you buy inside is independent of the membership fee. On the other hand, access to the CBD stores is free of charge.

      How to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona?

      If you want access to cannabis clubs in Barcelona, you must become a member. The membership allows you to enter the establishment and purchase marijuana legally, either for therapeutic or recreational use. It is not a matter of paying as if it were an entrance fee: legally, cannabis associations are regulated to provide marijuana to frequent users, which makes it difficult for tourists to enter. Generally, to be a member of a cannabis club you must be of legal age (some clubs require you to be over 21 years of age), with proof of age in the form of a passport or identity card (DNI). Most clubs also ask for a guarantor member: a member, already a member of the cannabis club, to guarantee that you do not intend to sell the material acquired on the street. In addition, depending on the association’s policies, some may require proof of residency. In case of tourists, they can ask for a medical certificate to justify the use of medical cannabis. When the application is accepted, a membership card with club rules and regulations is provided. Once you are a member, you will be able to purchase and consume marijuana at the club according to its policies. Another version is that, apparently, the most central and popular cannabis clubs in Barcelona make it easy to become a member, due to the influx of tourists and sporadic visitors. However, this option is not entirely legal, based on the foundation of such cannabis clubs.

      How much is the maximum amount of marijuana you can buy in a cannabis club in Barcelona?

      The Confederation of Federations of Cannabis Associations (ConFAC) encourages the responsible distribution of cannabis in cannabis clubs with a recommended maximum daily dose of 3 grams per person. By limiting sales, the aim is to prevent the diversion of marijuana to third parties who are not members, to justify self-consumption and to prevent trafficking of soft drugs. In the case of CBD cannabis flowers, being a totally legal product, there is no limit to the amount you can buy.

      What is the price of marijuana in cannabis clubs?

      Depending on the club, the supply of marijuana is more or less extensive and varied. In general, you can find inexpensive options at 6 euros per gram, and other more select ones of even 50 euros per gram. Cannabis clubs in the central and tourist areas of Barcelona may have even higher prices.

      Can you be fined for smoking CBD flowers?

      CBD flowers are not drugs, because they do not contain THC. However, the police may have doubts about the origin of the buds because of their similarity to marijuana with THC, which has narcotic properties. On the other hand, the analytical methods they use to detect marijuana are outdated, and react positively to traces of THC. All this is complex, and therefore the action is quite subjective, depending on the discretion with which the authority acts at the time. Chances are, if you show the package of CBD weed you bought, you won’t get a fine or you can appeal it. That is, as long as you are not violating public health or committing any other type of crime.

      What law governs the legality of cannabis clubs?

      In case you are curious about the legal background of the issue, in Spain, cannabis clubs are legal under the law of associations. This is the same law on which the formation of political parties, trade unions or religious denominations is based. What makes a cannabis association illegal is a behavior that infringes or violates any public health law, then punishable by the Penal Code. As for the regulation of cannabis clubs, it should be through state laws, because they concern aspects of the criminal field, such as drug trafficking, a matter reserved solely to the State. As a result, all attempts to regulate these cannabis associations by autonomous communities have been annulled. This is the case of Navarre and Catalonia, which had autonomous laws in this regard, currently invalidated.

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