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At Cannactiva we offer a wide range of wholesale CBD products for professionals. More and more local businesses all over Europe rely on us to supply them with CBD at the best price. If you have an online or physical store and want to offer a wide range of CBD products, Cannactiva is what you are looking for! We are producers and distributors of professional CBD products.

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Wholesale CBD products for businesses across Europe

Currently, Cannactiva is a distributor of CBD products for tobacconists, pharmacies, growshops, stores specialized in CBD and CBD vaporizations, sports supplementation stores and food companies. We also distribute CBD products to physiotherapy, dietetics and health centers, among which the use of CBD in certain treatments is becoming more and more popular.

Cannactiva is committed to the cultivation, processing and manufacture of Cannabis Sativa L.

Get ready to get the best of nature! We are truly passionate about cannabis and have been developing our products for years. We select the best CBD cannabis strains and source the best equipment to produce superior quality CBD products from organic farms. Our CBD cannabis contains the most complete cannabinode profile and the most potent effects. In our products you will only find natural ingredients and the maximum properties of the herb. We are proud to have a steady clientele that, knowing well the CBD market in Europe, chooses us year after year. Only with real passion and experience we were able to develop and achieve a professional and competitive wholesale CBD product range and an efficient CBD distribution chain.

Now you can buy your CBD products wholesale safely and quickly with Cannactiva.

We have a long experience in CBD cannabis production and are proud to offer our distribution partners some of the best quality CBD products currently available on the market. We deliver all over Europe and pride ourselves on our efficiency and professionalism when dealing with large quantities and urgent wholesale CBD orders.

Wholesale CBD advisors for businesses

Our expert business consultants can prepare your business with an impressive range of wholesale CBD products. If you are a wholesaler or professional, please contact us to receive our CBD catalog for wholesalers. You have hundreds of options to choose from. No matter what product or quantity you need, at Cannactiva we are specialized producers of all hemp derivatives.

We love it, we are passionate about it, we are excited to bring you the best of nature.

Wholesale CBD flowers

Our flower is grown in perfect conditions and dried with traditional methods always at less than 25 degrees. We are proud to offer some of the best CBD flowers available in Europe.

Wholesale CBD Oil

Cannactiva CBD oils are available with different concentrations of CBD. We use full spectrum extract (supercritical CO2) and organic hemp seed oil in the production of our CBD oil. High quality CBD oil with excellent wholesale prices.

Cannactiva brand! Hemp oil full spectrum

Organic hemp seed oil with full spectrum cannabidiol extract.

  • Packaging in English and Spanish (other languages upon request)
  • Hemp Oil Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Bulk and Private Label

We are now extremely happy and excited to offer our CBD oil already tested and loved by our end customers, to all our wholesale bulk and private label customers.

  • Bulk from 1KG
  • In 10ml & 30ml bottles starting at 100U

Available in concentrations between 2.5% – 30% CBD.

We are pleased to offer the best quality CBD oils in Europe.
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Natural cosmetics wholesale

Thanks to Cannactiva Complex ® our cosmetics with CBD rejuvenates, eliminates damaged mitochondria and brings anti-inflammatory benefits. The fresh and light fragrance of our cosmetics gives a feeling of well-being and renewal.

Buy the best quality CBD cosmetics wholesale with express shipping all over Europe. Made with hemp seed and other essential oils to give the best effect on the skin.

CBD facial cream

New products! Natural cosmetics with CBD

We are pleased to introduce a new line of CBD skin care products.

Our CBD cosmetics protect, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin thanks to its combination of hemp seed oil and other ingredients specifically chosen for optimal skin care.

CBD skin care

  • Moisturizes, nourishes and protects the body skin.
  • Repairs and helps to reduce skin redness and signs of aging.
  • It renews the mitochondria and energizes the skin for an anti-aging effect.
  • Improves the quality of skin life leaving it more elastic, youthful and smooth.

We are pleased to offer the best quality CBD oils in Europe.
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Physiotherapy with CBD wholesale

CBD has a refreshing and toning effect and is perfect for the recovery of muscles and ligaments after physical activity. A CBD cream perfect for high-intensity sports use as well as for everyday use.

New size! Physiotherapy cream with CBD

In addition to a high content of CBD, Cannabidiol, we can find other plant extracts that in their combination, generate an enriching synergy of its formula.

  • Arnica Montana
  • Cinnamomum Camphora
  • Hypericum Perforatum
  • Mimosa Tenuiflora
  • Harpagophytum Procumbens

Available in two different sizes with excellent wholesale prices.

CBD Cream 70ml and 300ml

  • Packaging in English and Spanish (other languages upon request)

Indicated for the back, legs, knees, arms or neck.

We are pleased to offer the best quality CBD oils in Europe.
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