Special Valentine’s Day gifts with CBD

Valentines Day Gift CBD Flowers

Relive the love with CBD products!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to rekindle the spark in your relationship with your partner, and at Cannactiva we bring you a special selection of CBD products that will help you in love, as well as some ideas to help you succeed in preparing for your romantic date.

And you, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

We all know that Valentine’s Day is a date imposed by the calendar, and that, in reality, the day of love and friendship is every day and not only on February 14. But don’t stop celebrating: Take the opportunity to organize a romantic evening and spend quality time with that special person. With today’s pace of life, spending a good time of peace, intimacy and deep connection with another person is a true declaration of love. Whether you’ve just met or you’ve been together for years, celebrate Valentine’s Day!

How can CBD help you with love?

If you don’t know it yet, the CBD or cannabidiol is a component obtained from hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). Unlike marijuana, CBD cannabis has no THC, therefore, it has no psychoactive effects and is totally legal. The sensation when taking CBD is very different from that of marijuana: it provides a a subtle feeling of calm, comfort, convenience and wellbeing.

Fall in love with CBD and enjoy even more relationships

Although cannabis has been used since time immemorial, the effects of CBD on sex are not very clear, as it is often a taboo subject, about which rather little research is done. According to available data, CBD has anxiolytic properties, and CBD flowers can help you with their relaxing and invigorating effects, depending on their indica or sativa predominance.

Some studies even suggest that the properties of cannabis sharpen the senses and aid sexual arousal. If you are interested in this topic, take a look at our post about the CBD, marijuana and sex .

In any case, in Cannactiva we are already masters in that of the effects of cannabis and therefore we facilitate your search. We have selected for you the most suitable CBD products for Valentine’s Day, at very affordable prices and with special gift packs for the occasion.

Relax to the sound of CBD oil

If you or your partner are immersed in a stressful routine, CBD oil can be a good gift for both of you. For an intimate date, it is essential to prepare your mind, and in that, the CBD oil can be the solution. Cannabidiol acts in a subtle way, promoting the relaxation necessary for a stress-free and carefree evening.

But while attitude is vital, the location of the appointment also plays an important role. Whether you go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner or you prefer to stay at home, creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere is essential. Opt for dim lights and soft music, as well as a pleasant and relaxed conversation. For the date at home, spend time cleaning and tidying up, it will make the home look more inviting. Add some details such as candles, flowers or rose petals. And if you’re going out, securing that reservation in advance is a demonstration of love. With all these details taken care of, it’s sure to be an evening to remember!

Two people embracing in nature

Buy her some nice flowers for Valentine’s Day

Flowers are always a thoughtful gift, a token of love with its own language that can convey many things: passion, tenderness, purity, elegance, friendship, affection, fidelity, gratitude,… It all depends on how you decorate it and the meaning you want to give it. No one better than you can know what is the perfect type of flower for your Valentine’s Day, so let yourself go and choose the bouquet of flowers that you like the most.

For our part, we have selected for you the CBD flowers that best suit the desirable effects of a romantic evening. To celebrate love and to spice up a good date, we propose you the varieties Sweet Spot (Watermelon Zkittlez) and its “cousin” Candy Krush (Zkittlez CBD). Both are indoor (greenhouse) CBD flowers with high CBD content and a fruity and sweet aromatic profile. Thanks to its large amount of resin, and to its genetic origin coming from Zkittlez CBD Its low notes include hints of wood, resins and glue. Its enveloping fragrances will provide you with a comforting and relaxing sensation, ideal to disconnect from the daily routine. This Valentine’s Day don’t give chocolates, give CBD flowers and surprise your partner with an unparalleled experience!

Relaxing massage with CBD for a memorable and intimate evening.

There is nothing as relaxing and soothing as the sound of a massage made with love and care. In addition, the effect of cannabidiol takes romantic massage to another level due to its relaxing and calming properties.

The star of our catalog is Body Oil CBD Tantra a massage oil with cannabidiol and a captivating blend of soft aromas that relaxes body, mind and spirit. Apply the CBD massage oil slowly, gently caressing the skin. It is an effortless experience that will sharpen your senses like no other. Its sweet and warm aroma is equally peaceful, inviting sensations of tranquility and relaxation that reach the deepest part of the being. This CBD massage will relax you, increase your blood flow and intensify your reaction to touch – perfect for intimacy. Let the effect of CBD be part of this ritual and see where it takes you…

Don’t forget to prepare yourself for this body experience with a good relaxing shower with natural hemp oil soap dress up in your most sensual look and fix your hair in your own style. Self-love is captivating! And it’s sure to raise a seductive smile or two.

CBD Lovers packs for Valentine’s Day: the most romantic offers

Try CBD with your partner and discover how it can help you deepen your connection and create unforgettable memories. We have prepared for you the Cannactiva Valentine’s Day CBD Lovers Packs. You will find deeply discounted products with discounts of more than 20% that also include exclusive gifts:

In addition to these CBD packs, we have many more in our online CBD store, with different varieties of products, although the most prominent are the flower packs. You will also find the Tool Kit, a kit that includes a rolling tray, a biodegradable grinder, paper and more.

The best gifts are priceless

We hope you have been encouraged to celebrate love this coming February 14. Even if your partner is not a fan of Valentine’s Day, a nice evening will surely change his or her mind. We wish you above all to have fun, and to enjoy many more romantic evenings with your loved ones and the magic of CBD. Here’s to many Valentines!

Inés Cárrega
Chief Marketing Officer at Cannactiva

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