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CBD for sleep: its benefits and how to use it

What’s behind the growing trend of taking CBD for sleep?

In recent years, we have seen an increasing percentage of our customers buying CBD to solve sleeping problems such as insomnia, or to improve rest and get a more restful sleep.

From the customer service center of our online CBD store Andrea explains that she receives very positive feedback from people who have found that CBD has helped them to sleep well and rest better. Likewise, there are also frequent questions about how to use CBD: by what mechanism this cannabinoid can help regulate sleep cycles, in what dosage it should be used, and which CBD product is most recommended to promote rest. The following are the answers to all these questions.

We remind you that this is informative content. Sleep disorders require individualized diagnosis and treatment. If you have trouble sleeping, consult your physician for the best therapeutic approach for your particular case. Do not use CBD without professional advice.

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What are sleep disorders and how do they affect our health?

Sleep disorders are disturbances in the normal cycle of nocturnal rest due to various causes. These conditions are increasingly common in industrialized societies. The fast pace of life, stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, time changes, jet lag and various underlying pathologies such as obesity or anxiety can cause or aggravate sleeping difficulties, affect the body’s rest and have a negative impact on health.

Among the most common sleep disorders are insomnia, insufficient rest (waking up at night, work schedules, pain or anxiety that prevents good sleep) and snoring. These disorders have been directly related to increased risk of cardiovascular accidents and psychological problems such as lack of motivation, irritability, disorganization, attention deficit, anxiety, depression and destructive thoughts (1).

CBD as a natural remedy for sleep disorders

Now more than ever, changes in vital rhythms and the worries of everyday life cause many people to have trouble sleeping or feeling fully rested the next morning. Finding a solution to sleep disorders is complex, and treatment is often multifactorial.

When people seek a remedy, they find that sleeping medications and sleep supplements can have unwanted adverse effects. They can also generate tolerance, forcing an increase in dosage over time, or cause dependence, aggravating difficulties in falling asleep without the help of the substance.

In this context, CBD is presented as a natural sleep aid, with few, mild side effects, and which does not cause dependence or withdrawal symptoms in case of sudden discontinuation of treatment (2).

We can find countless opinions and experiences on the use of CBD in which they talk about its ability to help sleep and get a greater sense of rest during the day. As a result, more and more professionals are considering cannabidiol as an option to help improve sleep quality.

Benefits of CBD for sleep and in which cases it is indicated

Although cannabis in general has been used as a sleep aid for years, few people know what cannabidiol or CBD in particular can contribute to sleep. Let’s see how we can use CBD to improve the quality of sleep and alleviate certain disorders that prevent us from resting as our body needs.

Cannabidiol acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is like the control center of our body, in charge of maintaining homeostasis or natural balance, favoring an adequate response by the organism to situations that provoke an imbalance, as in the case of acute and chronic diseases. SEC also plays an important role in the regulation of sleep cycles (3).

Through its effects on SEC, cannabidiol may be a potential treatment for a wide range of conditions related to psychological disorders and physical ailments, such as sleep problems, stress or anxiety that often accompany nighttime rest problems. If you want to go deeper on the subject, we recommend the post about the CBD for anxiety .

Importance of good sleep for mental health

Sleep contributes to our mental health in ways we are still beginning to understand. Until recently, it was thought that the whole body went into rest during sleeping hours, but we now know that our brain is full of activity while we sleep.

At night, the activity of the parts of the brain related to emotions, decision making and those that control social interaction is drastically reduced during deep sleep or non-REM phase. Therefore, experts suggest that deep sleep is especially important to maintain a clear and calm mind.

Health consequences of not getting a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep affects these brain areas in different intensities, affecting attention and concentration, mood and sense of well-being. There is a relationship between sleeping problems and various conditions, such as:

  • Work and school performance problems.
  • Memory and concentration problems.
  • Mood disorders and depression.
  • Irritability and difficulty in controlling emotions.
  • Increased risk of accidents.

Scientific studies on CBD for sleep

Recent studies seem to confirm that CBD is a great therapy in alleviating sleep problems, especially in disorders related to stress, anxiety and chronic pain (4, 5). However, the appropriateness of the use of CBD for sleep should be prescribed by the physician.

Sleep disorders that may respond to CBD include the following:

  • Insomnia, which prevents us from sleeping during the night.
  • REM phase disturbances or waking up during deep sleep.
  • Alterations in the sleep cycle, which prevent us from sleeping at the right hours.
  • Daytime sleepiness or the need for more sleep than recommended.

How to take CBD to sleep?

We recommend that before starting treatment with cannabidiol you consult with your physician to obtain a personalized diagnosis and treatment. Although it is a topic that is sometimes given little importance, sleep disorders affect physical and mental health and may require a multidisciplinary approach.

Currently, it is possible to find a wide variety of CBD products, in different formats and with different concentrations. This generates a lot of confusion about which product and quantity to use.

CBD oil for sleep infographic
CBD oil for sleep (infographic). Sleep disorders require consultation with a physician. We recommend that you consult with your physician before using CBD oil.

Here are some general recommendations to help guide you on how you can use CBD for sleep. We remind you that the appropriateness of the use of cannabidiol for sleep must be prescribed by the physician.

CBD oil for sleep: How and when to use it?

The use of CBD oil is the most common way to use cannabidiol to improve sleep. The effect obtained is stable and long-lasting, allowing it to act during sleeping hours, promoting a feeling of well-being and calmness and preventing nighttime awakenings.

It should be noted that with CBD drops drops do not have an immediate effect, but it is recommended to administer them at least 1-2 hours before going to sleep. We can make a single daily application, or make several applications throughout the day.

You should know that the oral use of CBD is not regulated in Spain, so there are no cannabidiol products for internal use in the Spanish market. All commercially available CBD oils are labeled for topical use. In contrast, other countries such as Switzerland do allow the sale of CBD oil for oral use. Although they are the same product, they are governed by different regulations.

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What dose of CBD is the most suitable for sleep?

The dosage of CBD for sleep depends on the underlying condition that prevents sleep. For example, if the sleep disorder is caused by anxiety, it is recommended to consult the appropriate dosages to treat that disorder based on research. For occasional use, it is recommended to start with low CBD doses.

CBD oil is sold in different concentrations, allowing to better adjust the dosage. It is advisable to maintain the initial dose for at least one week, in order to appreciate the real effect of CBD, which is often subtle.

If after the first few days we are not obtaining satisfactory results, we can first try to distribute the intakes differently and then gradually increase the dose. We must take the time to find the combination that best suits our needs. At this point, we insist again on the importance of consulting a physician before using CBD. Read more information about what is the optimal CBD dosage .

CBD vaporizations for sleep

CBD vaporizations are the ideal option to feel the effects of CBD immediately. The peak effect occurs in the first 1-2 minutes after inhalation and disappears within a few hours. For some people, vaping CBD is the solution to falling asleep. Other people combine this format with CBD drops for a longer lasting effect during the night.

For customers who do not like to vape, they can use vaporizations with CBD in high concentrations, so that in a few puffs a wellness effect is achieved. In these cases, the CBD Vape Pen includes the vape device + CBD Full Spectrum CBD Full Spectrum cartridge . It is used only in specific moments of need, and can last for more than a month.

Other people feel comfortable vaping eLiquid with CBD (without nicotine) during the day. In the latter case, the concentration is lower and several puffs can be performed.

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There are also herb and dried flower vaporizers, ideal for CBD. The most prominent weed vaper is the PAX Plus, and the PAX Mini for travel.

CBD infusions for sleep

Infusions with a few drops of CBD oil for sleep have become very popular. From a therapeutic point of view, based on current clinical trials, CBD oil drops are used sublingually or orally, because their absorption is faster and their effect is somewhat earlier. However, the oral use of CBD is not regulated in Spain. Therefore, Cannactiva CBD oils are for topical use.

Another popular option is homemade herbal cannabis tea. Note that the mode of preparation greatly affects the amount of active ingredient. Therefore, it is better to resort to commercial CBD oil preparations, with controlled doses of active CBD. We remind you that the oral use of CBD is not regulated in Spain, therefore, the CBD hemp flowers that you will find in our store are not legally intended for ingestion.

Buying quality CBD: decisive for potency and effectiveness of the remedy

When it comes to buying CBD products for relaxation, there are many different types and qualities of CBD. CBD and cannabinoids are molecules that work infinitely better when taken together. Therefore, the CBD product we buy must contain Full Spectrum CBD.

Only the full-spectrum cannabidiol extract retains the full spectrum of cannabinoids in hemp, thus preserving all the properties of Cannabis, for a more potent result and a balanced effect.

At Cannactiva we can guarantee that we have the best quality cannabidiol oil on the market. We only work with CBD Full Spectrum in all our products. As a sign of its good quality, in 2022 our CBD oil won the First Prize for Best CBD Oil at the prestigious CBD Business Fair in Spain.

Our CBD oil has the highest potency and hundreds of positive customer reviews attest to this.

The objective of this article is informative and seeks to provide scientific information in a language understandable to the general public. Its content can complement, but never replace, the diagnosis or treatment of any disease or symptom. Before using CBD, consult your doctor.

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Frequently asked questions about CBD for sleep (FAQs)

Will taking a lot of CBD help me sleep better?

Using too much CBD will not make you sleepier at night. If you want to sleep better, cannabidiol could be an aid in treating sleep disorders or sleep problems, but you should consult with your doctor before using it. In case he/she considers the treatment convenient, start with a small amount of CBD and increase it gradually, and only if necessary. Cannactiva products are for external use.

What is the optimal dose of CBD for sleep?

The appropriateness of the use of CBD for sleep should be prescribed by the physician. Consult your physician. In general, as a guideline and according to current studies, there is no universal dose of cannabidiol that works for everyone. It is recommended to start with a low CBD dose and wait a week to assess its real effects. If necessary, it can be increased, little by little, until the dosage that best suits the particular situation is found.

How many drops of CBD oil to take to sleep?

The amount of CBD, as well as the adequacy of the treatment, must be prescribed by a physician. As a guideline, based on available studies on the use of cannabidiol, one can start with 25 mg of CBD daily, which is a dose used in some studies for sleep problems caused by anxiety (5). There are also studies using higher doses of CBD. Another example, in people with insomnia, using 160 mg CBD daily, improved sleep duration (6). However, the oral use of CBD oil is not regulated in Spain. Cannactiva products are for external use.

When to take CBD oil to sleep?

Try using CBD oil at different times. It seems logical to assume that the best way to use CBD for sleep is a few hours before bedtime. Many people use it that way and it works satisfactorily for them. Even so, there are professionals who recommend spreading the doses throughout the day to alleviate the feeling of tiredness the rest of the time and to be more relaxed. Before choosing an option, evaluate which one best suits your needs. We remind you that the convenience of the use of CBD for sleep must be prescribed by the physician. Cannactiva products are for external use.

Can I combine CBD with other sleep supplements?

If you are taking medications or supplements (such as melatonin), consult your physician before using CBD to avoid possible interactions and adverse effects.

What is sleep hygiene?

Sleep hygiene is all those habits that are performed during the day – and not only before going to sleep – that allow optimal conditions to promote good rest and restorative sleep.

What are good sleep hygiene routines?

Perform physical exercise, activities that generate well-being and maintain a positive and constructive attitude towards life. Good levels of endorphins and endocannabinoids and low cortisol will make you feel better and be able to rest. Sunbathe during the day to regulate your brain’s circadian rhythm. At night, keep a dim, warm light indoors. Avoid exposure to white lights, bright screens and loud music at least 2-3 hours before bedtime to send the signal to the brain that it is time to sleep. Create a routine that allows you to relax hours before going to sleep: a warm shower, a pleasant-smelling cream, clean sheets, a pleasant reading session, a guided meditation… Always breathe through your nose! Scientific studies show that nasal breathing has many benefits, including improved sleep and apnea. Conversely, mouth breathing increases the risk of snoring and sleep apnea. Avoid going over to-do lists or stressful thoughts when you get home. If there is anxiety, stress, or other conditions that detract from your well-being, consider seeking professional help. Dining very early and eating frugal food.

How many hours of sleep is recommended?

Although each person is different, according to the consensus of experts (7), it is advisable for adults to rest between 7 and 9 hours a day.

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