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Cannactiva: Your trusted store where to buy CBD in Madrid

Cannactiva CBD Shop: Located in the heart of Lavapiés, Madrid.

Looking for the best CBD store in Madrid? Welcome to Cannactiva! We are excited to finally present the new Cannactiva CBD store in Madrid. Come and visit us, you will find a sunny, newly renovated store, full of plants, CBD products and all kinds of hemp derivatives: from cannabis flowers, cosmetics, food, personal care products, hemp-based food, clothing, books and much more.

The CBD Store Cannactiva Lavapiés maintains the natural and fresh style that characterizes us. A renewed space, with good vibes, where you can enjoy selecting the product with cannabidiol that best suits your preferences.

We are open every day, from Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 9 pm, always with a smile to welcome you. We are waiting for you!

We are also a collection point. Buy in our online store and come and pick it up at the store whenever you want, even Saturdays and Sundays.

CBD Cannactiva store in Madrid. Interior.
CBD Cannactiva store in Madrid.

We pay special attention to make your stay pleasant and to provide you with a high quality service. In our store you will find specialized staff that will advise you at all times. We provide our clients with attention in both English and Spanish. Without a doubt, the best place to buy CBD in Madrid!

Cannactiva – CBD Shop
Argumosa, 27
28012 Madrid
Tel. 911987249
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Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

How to get to Cannactiva from:
Atocha Station
Barajas Airport
Plaza del Sol

In addition, we are located in an important tourist center of Madrid, in the neighborhood of Lavapiés, 10 minutes from Atocha Station. Whether you are on a trip or a stroll, you can enjoy a good CBD while venturing into one of the most popular neighborhoods of the Spanish capital: the lively and busy neighborhood of Lavapiés! Its vibrant streets combine with the eclectic mix of intellectuals and artists.

About our CBD products store in Madrid

What is CBD?

If you don’t know it yet, the CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive compound found in hemp(Cannabis sativa L.), the same plant from which marijuana is obtained.

CBD marijuana has been a revolution in many ways. Its buds are obtained from a cannabis strain without THC (the compound in marijuana with narcotic properties), so CBD does not produce the well-known “high” of smoking marijuana.

Customers come to the CBD shop for a variety of reasons, from people who like the aroma of CBD flowers, to people who come to buy other products with cannabidiol.

The best CBD store in Madrid is located in the Lavapiés neighborhood.

We invite you to discover our store and all that CBD can offer you. From tasting the aromas of CBD cannabis flowers and premium CBD hash, to experiencing the comfort of cool, lightweight hemp fabric clothing, to sampling Cannactiva’s delicious and healthy hemp snacks.

Your trusted store where to buy CBD in Madrid

Buy CBD Flowers in Madrid

You can now enjoy cannabis flowers legally and safely. We are specialists in the sale of CBD flowers and we have many years of experience in the sector. That is why we can offer you the most exclusive hemp flowers on the market, with that unmistakable cannabis aroma.

With more than 30 varieties of CBD buds in the current catalog, in Cannactiva we have tastes for everyone and you will always find what you are looking for to spice up your special moments with the aroma of cannabis.

In the CBD shop we have CBD flowers with unique and exclusive characteristics: indoor, outdoor, greenhouse and glasshouse cultivation. If you don’t know which one to choose, we also have economic packs that combine several varieties at very low prices. CBD Premium marijuana has arrived in Madrid!

Do you prefer to buy online? Buy CBD buds Online at Cannactiva

Buy CBD Hashish in Madrid

The CBD hashish is one of our major specialties. After years of development, we have managed to produce a hashish of exceptional qualities and unparalleled quality. The closest thing to traditional marijuana hashish. Made from our Premium CBD flower varieties.

Our careful attention to detail has culminated in a product of the highest purity, perfect texture and appearance, and an aroma that will captivate you. Come and visit us in our store at 27 Argumosa Street in Madrid and discover it.

Buy CBD Oil in Madrid: the most potent CBD at Cannactiva

The CBD oil is the most popular CBD product among those seeking a relaxing effect. In the recently opened CBD store in Madrid Cannactiva you will find a wide variety of cannabidiol oils, with different cannabidiol concentration and degree of purification, but all of them maintain THC levels below 0.2%.

We only work with full spectrum CBD oil because it is the one that preserves the maximum properties of cannabis, providing a high content of CBD, but also other minor cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN and CBC, which enhance the effect of cannabidiol.

View the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil

Many of our customers who buy CBD flowers are surprised to discover cannabidiol oil and all the possibilities that this product has. Its popularity is due to its potential potential wellness benefits, such as pain relief such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, insomnia and improved skin health, among others. If you are not yet familiar with CBD oils, come and get to know them and we’ll tell you all about it!

We are the place where to buy CBD Cosmetics in Madrid

Another field where CBD is triumphing is in cosmetics. Cannabidiol is highly valued for skin care and beauty due to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

In fact, it is recognized in the European database for cosmetic ingredients (CosIng) as a potent antioxidant that helps preserve skin softness while protecting against environmental damage: a must-have in any beauty routine! At Cannactiva we incorporate cannabidiol to our range of cosmetics with natural ingredients. We offer you from skin creams and CBD serum with hyaluronic acid to CBD body care oils.

Discover the biggest CBD marijuana store in Madrid!

Where to buy CBD in Madrid?

Cannactiva CBD is your trusted CBD store in Madrid, located in the central neighborhood of Lavapiés. Here you will find a wide range of cannabis products and accessories for all your needs.

Our CBD store is unique in Madrid and in Spain, both for the wide variety of cannabis products, as well as for the care and dedication of a completely renovated store, taking care of every detail to meet your needs. We offer you all the comforts to buy products of the highest quality, including specialized personnel and of our greatest confidence, and all this wrapped with very good vibes.

Whether you live in Madrid, or if you are visiting the capital, we invite you to what is already your CBD Cannactiva store in the capital.

What to visit around: discover Lavapiés

You have many options to explore the city near our CBD shop. You will find cozy and sunny terraces on Argumosa street, where you can have a good coffee or tapas. Just 10 minutes walk from our CBD shop in Madrid, you will find the medical office of Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, who is a Family Doctor specialized in drugs. With extensive professional experience, do not hesitate to contact his private practice if you need any kind of advice.

There are many restaurants in the area. Actually, it is very easy to eat well in Madrid. There are options for all tastes: Ethiopian, Italian, Japanese, vegetarian… And of course, neighborhood bars and restaurants where you can eat typical Madrilenian dishes, such as squid bocata, huevos estrellados or callos a la madrileña.

If you feel like a cultural plan, you can visit La Casa Encendida and the CaixaForum Museum, both a 10-minute walk from the store. To visit the majestic Prado Museum you have to take the metro, although it is not far either, less than half an hour away (we remind you that the entrance is free for students, as well as every day after 6 pm). Another more playful option, to go with friends or family, is the Museum of Illusions, where you will have a surreal good time.

If you are one of those who like to explore the city on foot, you may prefer a walk to Puerta del Sol, less than half an hour from Lavapiés, and then continue through the area of Callao and Gran Vía, with lots of shopping and nightlife.

For plant lovers, we have the Royal Botanical Garden and the Retiro Park just 15 minutes walk from our store. Or, in the opposite direction, we have the Parque Casino de La Reina, a place to stroll and read outdoors, with a playground.

In addition, our CBD store is open on Sundays! You may want to take the opportunity to stroll around the stalls of El Rastro Market, the most popular flea market in Spain.

Buy CBD online from Madrid

We are very excited to show you our brand new store, but if you prefer the comfort of your home, we also deliver to your home. Place your order comfortably from our CBD Cannactiva online store.

Browse through the different sections of our website to access the entire catalog of available products. And if you have any questions, our customer service team is at your disposal via phone or WhatsApp.

We are waiting for you in our CBD Cannactiva store in Madrid!

Come to the CBD shop Cannactiva in Madrid and discover the wonders of CBD and all that cannabidiol has to offer.

Buy CBD in Madrid (frequently asked questions)

Is it legal to buy CBD in Madrid?

The sale of CBD is legal in Spain, as long as these products comply with the maximum THC limits allowed by law. At Cannactiva, all our products contain less than 0.2% THC and are therefore legal for sale. If you travel to Madrid, come to our CBD store: you can take bags full of CBD flowers, CBD oils and all kinds of CBD products with you! You should know that the sale of CBD flowers is authorized as collector or decorative products. Therefore, you can stop by the store and smell the aromas of the different cannabis strains. In addition, CBD oils are not regulated orally in Spain, and therefore, their commercialization is for topical use. Cannactiva products are for external use.

How much is 1 gram of CBD in Madrid?

At Cannactiva we offer superior quality CBD flowers at the best price. Our prices start from 2 €/gram for CBD marijuana and 5 €/gram for hashish, approximately. In addition, you can benefit from great discounts for larger purchases! Take advantage of it right now, both in our CBD store in Madrid, as in the online store, and enjoy the unique aroma that only cannabis gives.

Where to buy CBD oil in Madrid?

Cannactiva’s CBD oil is the winner of a well-deserved First Prize for Best CBD Oil at the CBD Business Fair held in Spain in 2022. Thousands of satisfied customers endorse Cannactiva CBD oil. We take care of the whole process, from the selection of the seed, to the most delicate extraction of cannabidiol, to preserve to the maximum the components of the cannabis. Discover Cannactiva’s most awarded CBD oil!

Is it possible to buy CBD cannabis in Madrid?

If you are visiting Madrid soon and you are interested in knowing the legal status of cannabis in Spain, you should know that the sale of CBD products is allowed, as long as they do not exceed the legal THC limit, which is 0.3%. About CBD legal marijuana flowers, lacking THC, they do not have the narcotic properties attributed to marijuana. Therefore, you can buy hemp flowers as collector’s items or decoration.

Where to buy CBD oil for oral use?

Oral consumption of CBD products, such as CBD oil, is not permitted. Until 2018, products with cannabidiol could be purchased in Spain for oral consumption, but when the European Union passed its novel food regulation, CBD was excluded, thus restricting its sale for oral use. For this reason, all cannabis oils that you will find in Spain are labeled “for external use” or “for topical use”. In reality, these are the same products that you would find in Switzerland permitted for oral use, they are just governed by different regulations. In short, cannabidiol can still be purchased in Spain, as always, but under these indications.

What is the best CBD store in Madrid?

We have reformed the store in Madrid with the desire to be the best place to buy CBD in the capital. Opened in 2023, our facilities are designed to make our customers feel at ease and above all to see, taste or smell our luxurious range of CBD flowers, CBD creams and hemp-based foods. Our specialized store staff will advise you on everything you need to know about cannabidiol.

Where is there a CBD store in Madrid?

Our CBD shop is located in the Lavapiés neighborhood and is easily accessible for both locals and tourists. Enjoy the best balance between quality and price with our extensive offers of CBD flowers, CBD cosmetics, CBD pain creams, hemp fabric clothing and many more products with cannabidiol. If you visit Madrid, you can’t miss a stop at Cannactiva!
After enjoying all that our CBD store has to offer, you will get the perfect good energy to fully immerse yourself in Madrid’s culture and explore other amazing places in and out of Madrid, starting with the lively neighborhood of Lavapiés where we are located.

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