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Cannactiva, your CBD store in Barcelona

The best CBD store in Barcelona is in Sants

Looking for a CBD store in Barcelona? If you want to buy the best CBD in Barcelona, Cannactiva is your store!

We are very well connected to the city’s nerve centers, so getting to our store during your visit to Barcelona will be very easy.

At Cannactiva’s CBD store in Barcelona we sell all the CBD products and accessories you can imagine and offer an outstanding customer service, fluent in English and Spanish. Visit us and let our team of experts advise you!

We are located in Plaça d’Osca, 6: a place with a young atmosphere and lots of commercial life, where you can breathe the atmosphere of a typical Barcelona neighborhood.

Our opening hours are flexible, making it easy for you to get your CBD when you arrive in Barcelona. We are open late all week, Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

We are open all weekend, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 am to 9 pm.

Whether you are visiting Barcelona as a tourist or if you live in the city, Cannactiva’s CBD shop is a must for you.

With over 15 years of experience in the cannabis world, we have an unbeatable selection of cannabidiol products: CBD cannabis flowers, CBD hash, CBD Vape, CBD Full Spectrum eLiquid, full spectrum cannabidiol oil, cannabidiol creams and hemp-based foods.

At Cannactiva we have all the best of CBD and hemp!
Do you prefer to buy online? Buy CBD Online at Cannactiva

Cannactiva – CBD Shop
Plaça d’Osca, 6 08014 Barcelona
Tel. 932204898
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Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 20:30.
from 11 to 21:00.
Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Going by car:
Cannactiva GPS
41° 22′ 34.487″ N
2° 8′ 19.442″ E

How to get to Cannactiva from:
Barcelona Airport
Sagrada Familia
Las Ramblas

The oasis where to buy the best CBD flowers in Barcelona

No need to sneak into the shadows of Barcelona to buy cannabis: you can buy CBD flowers comfortably in our store!

The CBD flowers are totally legal in Spain and allow you to enjoy with peace of mind the authentic taste of grass, the maximum exponent of cannabis: the delicate aromas and nuances of different varieties of CBD marijuana, the sweet notes, the good taste of grass…

In Cannactiva we are passionate about cannabis and we have selected the best varieties of CBD flowers that you can buy in Barcelona.

We are also proud of our CBD hashish, an extraordinary concentration of flavor that has nothing to envy to traditional marijuana hashish. All this with an exceptional quality-price ratio.

Many of our customers appreciate our efforts to bring the best varieties of CBD flowers and CBD hashish at unbeatable prices. We are not exaggerating when we say that thousands of customers endorse us!

In addition, our CBD Madrid store is now open.

CBD Vape store Barcelona

Many customers come to our CBD store in Barcelona in search of what has become the star product in CBD vaporization: the CBD Vape Pen. CBD Vape Pen. This is a pure cannabis extract vape device that allows vaping cannabidiol in high concentrations, thus obtaining its maximum potency of effect.

Another option is our selection of eLiquids CBD in different flavors and with the most popular aromas: cannabis, cherry, apple, mint and neutral flavor (without aroma).

If you’re looking to feel calm and relaxed, vaping CBD is the fastest route to relief, with feel-good and comfort effects that can be felt within minutes of inhalation.

Buy vapers in Barcelona

Did you forget to put your cbd vape or e-cigarette in your suitcase and you’re still looking forward to a vape session after your tour in Barcelona? Stop by our CBD store in Barcelona, where you are sure to find everything you need to vape. We have all kinds of devices for vaporization, see our offer of vapers .

Buy CBD oil in Barcelona

Whether you’re looking for relief from anxiety symptoms, an effective remedy for better sleep or pain relief, CannactivaCBD oil is what you’re looking for. At Cannactiva we have a cannabis oil of exceptional quality, winner of the first prize at the prestigious CBD Hemp Fair held in Barcelona in 2022.

CBD store near you in Barcelona

Ready to explore the winding streets of Barcelona? Tour the city for all its monuments, visit the Sagrada Familia, stroll along Passeig de Gràcia, walk along the crowded Ramblas of Barcelona to the Gothic quarter of the city …

All of Barcelona is very stimulating, but visiting it can also be tiring and exhausting. So, don’t forget your CBD and come to our CBD shop Barcelona!

Relax, unwind and get ready to serenely explore the city with our exceptional selection of legal CBD cannabis buds, cannabidiol oils, or maybe you prefer a massage with Cannactiva’s CBD creams and massage body oils after a day of sightseeing.

Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona.

The advantage of visiting our CBD shop in Barcelona is that you will be able to see and smell all our products. Taste the quality of Cannactiva’s CBD cannabis flowers and CBD hashish, try our CBD creams, see how comfortable our hemp fabric clothing is, or savor our hemp snacks.

We have designed a store specialized in cannabidiol and hemp derivatives, paying attention to every detail so that our customers can enter the world of CBD cannabis and hemp derivatives with every comfort.

How to get to the Cannactiva CBD store in Barcelona

Get ready to discover the wide range of options that Barcelona has to offer at our CBD store. From Gaudi’s modernist architecture to the city’s top-rated restaurants.

Although every year it becomes more and more crowded with tourists, Barcelona never loses its essence: that sunny and welcoming climate, the historical details in almost every corner, the good atmosphere that invites you to relax and let yourself be carried away by your senses, the charm of the city…

In our store, we are fortunate to enjoy a sunny square, with many terraces where you can have a good coffee or a beer, and eat quality homemade food menus. A place to sit and relax while observing the daily life of the locals.

Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona
Cannactiva CBD Shop in Barcelona

The CBD Cannactiva store in Barcelona is located in the heart of the city of Barcelona, in the cozy neighborhood of Sants. The store is located in Plaza d’Osca, 6, a place where you can immerse yourself in the home life of the popular city of Barcelona.

Get ready not only to discover the best of the CBD or cannabidiol world, but also to get to know and be part of the atmosphere of the traditional Barcelona neighborhoods, where the streets are filled with a cozy, young and familiar atmosphere.

The Cannactiva store is only 5 minutes away from Sants Station, with all kinds of connections with metro, train, bus and cab stops.

If you are coming from Barcelona Airport you only have to take the train to Sants Estació or bus 56 to Plaça Espanya. You’ll be in the store in less than half an hour! If you are sightseeing in the city center, it will be easier to get there by subway. We are at Plaça de Sants (L1 and L5) or Sants Estació (L3 and L5). The Plaça Catalunya metro station L1 is less than 20 minutes away from our CBD store.

Near our CBD store in Barcelona

We are part of one of the most attractive tourist and commercial areas of Barcelona. In Cannactiva’s Barcelona CBD store we are surrounded by very popular traditional stores and less traditional but equally successful businesses.

In the same Plaça d’Osca, where the CBD store is located, we have many prestigious bars and restaurants.

If you visit our CBD store in the morning, what you will find open is the Fo Bar, a traditional bar where you can have a good coffee, breakfast or tapas.

If you are a sweet eater, we have the prestigious pastry shop Vives almost next door. Forn Baltà is one of the few remaining artisan bakers in Barcelona and makes exceptional breads and pastries.

Trim Candy Krush

When it comes to having a good lunch or dinner in Barcelona, we don’t have to go far either. In the same square where Cannactiva’s Barcelona CBD store is located, there are excellent options.

If you feel like a vermouth, visit the vermutería Vermut i a la Gàbia, where every day you can breathe the cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of Sundays. If you are more of a beer lover, you have to visit the Homo Sibaris brewery, specialized in craft beers.

If what you want is to eat homemade Catalan food, your best choice is Terra d’Escudella, which prepares menus at noon and at night, is a good place to dine, with a very good atmosphere. If you like quality pasta and pizza at a good price, your safe bet is Teta de Monja, also next to our store. And if you like exotic food, the best Mexican restaurant in Barcelona is here and it’s called Las Tres Mentiras. Keep in mind that most of these places are always full, so you should book in advance if you want to secure a seat.

And if shopping in Barcelona is your thing, you are also in luck. We are located in Carretera de Sants, an important commercial center of Barcelona where you can find all kinds of stores: clothing, cosmetics, shoe stores, toy stores, pharmacies, bookstores, opticians, cinemas and the Las Arenas shopping center, among others.

If you want to take advantage of the serenity of the CBD to get inspired and browse, we suggest the CaixaForum and MNAC museums, both located in Plaza España, less than 15 minutes walk from our store. In the same place, you can’t miss La Font Màgica de Montjuic, a night show with luminous fountains very typical of Barcelona, totally free and outdoors, which is usually held every summer night around 10 pm. What could be better than savoring a good CBD after a long day of sightseeing in Barcelona from the viewpoint of the MNAC, contemplating the spectacle of light and the Barcelona skyline in the background?

If you want cultural shows, we recommend you to check the program of the Teatre Grec in Barcelona, which offers a unique experience in the city. And if you come to Barcelona in July and August, a great plan is to take your cannabidiol and your picnic to the open-air cinema that is organized every summer in the Castell de Montjuic at very cheap prices, with shuttle buses from Plaza España. All this less than 20 minutes away from Cannactiva’s Barcelona CBD store!

And if you are up for a good sports plan in Barcelona, in the same area we have Climbat La Foixarda, a climbing wall where you can spend hours climbing its intricate walls and endless routes. Of course, stop by Cannactiva’s store first to stock up on CBD cream! Cannactiva’s CBD cream will help you to improve your sensations during exercise and you can use it for massages on contractures and muscle injuries!

We are waiting for you in our CBD Barcelona Cannactiva store!

With so many known benefits from regular use, there has never been a better time to try cannabidiol products. Come to our CBD store in Barcelona for advice on the use of cannabidiol and tips on how to get the most out of your CBD purchase in Barcelona. If you want to start learning more about what is cannabidiol and what are its properties, check out our CBD use guide where you will learn what makes it such a special product.

Information about Cannactiva’s CBD Barcelona Shop

Where to buy CBD in Barcelona?

In Cannactiva’s CBD store in Barcelona you will find the widest range of CBD products. Our customers appreciate the good value for money of our CBD flowers, CBD hash and CBD vapes.
In addition, we are located in an important tourist center of Barcelona, so if you are traveling, you can enjoy a good CBD while you venture into one of the best neighborhoods of Barcelona: the popular and busy neighborhood of Sants!
You can also buy directly from our
CBD online store

Is it legal to buy CBD in Barcelona?

The sale of
CBD is legal in Spain
The sale of CBD is legal in Spain, as long as these products comply with the maximum THC limits allowed by law. At Cannactiva, all our products contain less than 0.2% THC and are legal for sale. If you travel to Barcelona, come to our CBD store in Barcelona: you can take bags full of CBD flowers, CBD oils and all kinds of CBD products with you!

How much is 1 gram of CBD in Barcelona?

In Cannactiva we have a selection of CBD flowers of superior quality and at very competitive prices, so that all Barcelona can enjoy the cannabis herb. The price of our CBD flowers goes from 2 € per gram, and the CBD hashish from 5 € per gram approximately. These prices may vary depending on current promotions.

Where to buy CBD oil in Barcelona?

In the CBD Cannactiva store you will find the best CBD oil in Barcelona and you will have the professional advice of our specialized staff. Our CBD oil has won the first prize at the CBD Hemp Business Fair, valuing its excellent taste, effects and properties. The secret is to take care of every detail, from the selection of the seed, to the extraction of cannabidiol (by means of supercritical CO2), packaging and conservation. Hundreds of satisfied customers endorse the potency of our CBD oil, discover what full spectrum CBD can do for you!

Is it possible to buy CBD cannabis in Barcelona?

If you are visiting Barcelona soon and are interested in the legal status of cannabis in Spain, you should know that the sale of CBD products is allowed, as long as they do not exceed the legal THC limit, which is 0.2% (recently changed to 0.3%). About the consumption of CBD products, there is some controversy. Formerly, you could buy products with cannabidiol in Spain for oral consumption, but as of 2018, the European Union passed its novel food regulation, in which CBD was excluded, thus restricting its sale for domestic consumption. For this reason, the cannabis oils you will find are labeled “for external use” or “for topical use”. In reality, these are the same products that you would find in Switzerland permitted for food use, they are just governed by different regulations. In short, cannabidiol can still be purchased in Spain, as always, although with the current regulation, it must be labeled for external use.

Which is the best CBD store in Barcelona?

We are looking forward to showing you Cannactiva’s CBD store in Barcelona. Opened in 2021, our facility is brand new and designed to put our customers at ease and above all to see, taste and smell our luxurious range of CBD flowers, CBD creams and hemp-based foods. Our specialized store staff will advise you on everything you need to know about cannabidiol.

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