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CBD, marijuana and sex

How do marijuana and CBD influence sex?

Cannabis has been used since time immemorial and has since been granted hypothetical aphrodisiac properties. In India, for example, its use in tantric sex has been known for centuries. We can say that from ancient India to modern times, cannabis and its potential to enhance sexual pleasure has been a hotly debated topic.

What is true in these statements? What impact will CBD have on sexual relations? Does marijuana really help people in their bedroom endeavors, or is it just a heady myth? What’s the truth of it all?

Little information on cannabis and sex

We did not find a great variety or quantity of scientific studies that have a bearing on the relationship between marijuana and sex. And the reason is clear: both, marijuana and sex, are historical taboos. If, in itself, it is difficult to find information on both things separately, their union, until recently, was an almost impossible mission. But there are studies. Despite centuries of social taboos, research is beginning to paint a clearer picture of the relationship between marijuana and CBD for sex.

The endocannabinoid system and sexual desire

The endocannabinoid system has behavioral effects and may be related to sexual pleasure and libido. Thus concludes a study in which the endocannabinoid system is proposed as a possible therapeutic target to help alleviate problems related to sexual dysfunction that have been unsuccessful with conventional pharmacological treatments. It appears that cannabinoids, by their way of affecting multiple behavioral responses, may influence sexual desire and increase sex-related activity.

Stanford University study on marijuana and sex

One of the most talked about studies on marijuana and sex in recent times is this one, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. For this study, the researchers cross-checked data from 28,000 men and 23,000 women from the U.S. Center for Disease Control. And it draws several interesting conclusions. The first is that people who consume cannabis before sexual intercourse have a greater sensation of pleasure, a sensation that is especially relevant in women. The second is that regular marijuana users have more carnal relations than non-users.

On the other hand, the third conclusion is that consuming cannabis in large quantities can produce precisely the opposite effect: sexual appetite. Although these data cannot be considered conclusive, a relative trend can be glimpsed in them, which would go along the lines of thinking that, indeed, in the appropriate amounts, cannabis can improve libido.

How does marijuana influence libido and feelings of pleasure?

The Stanford researchers only examined data and surveys, without looking at motives, but these are not hard to find.

On the one hand, and this is more than studied, cannabis produces several alterations in the organism, and among them the sharpness of some senses. It is common for the cannabis consumer to emphasize touch or taste, senses closely related to amorous pleasure.

Also, certain strains can produce an invigorating effect. And if we mix all this with the also proven relationship between consumption and increased appetite, we have a cocktail that could perfectly increase sexual desire, especially if we are accompanied by that person who turns us on so much.

Infographic CBD, marijuana and sex
Cannabis for sex (infographic)

CBD marijuana for sex: What are its effects?

Another reason would be the relaxing and anxiolytic effect that consumption usually causes, especially of CBD-rich cannabis strains such as CBD flowers. By being relaxed, people feel less nervous or pressured, we let ourselves go more naturally, and that helps the enjoyment of the act. In this regard, a study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs states that CBD or cannabidiol helps regulate inhibition and improves sexual arousal.

Multiorgasmic from cannabis? An extreme case

Another high-profile case is that of a 40-year-old Dutch woman who went to the hospital because she had been experiencing spontaneous orgasms for a week. The case was reported in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. Apparently, the lucky (or maybe not so lucky) patient had frequent sex and was also a cannabis user. Two reasons that, by themselves, would not explain this unusual case, but the doctors who attended her had no choice but to attribute these spontaneous orgasms to the use of the famous plant.

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Which is responsible for the invigorating effect of cannabis, THC or CBD?

Now, which cannabinoid would be responsible for this hypothetical increase in libido? THC? CBD or cannabidiol? The mixture of both, with the other cannabinoids? As with everything related to the therapeutic applications of marijuana (and sexual health, of course, is a therapeutic application), there is no universal consensus. There are those who believe that THC, with its psychoactive effect, is responsible for the sexual pleasure properties of cannabis. But the psychoactive effect of THC can be counterproductive, especially in today’s marijuana strains, which are disproportionately high in THC.

Others attribute these sexual benefits to CBD, with its relaxing and anxiolytic properties, which heighten the senses – reinforced by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs study. And there are those who, defending the entourage effect believe that it is the combination of the different cannabinoids that generates the magic of sexual enjoyment.

Also, there are many varieties of CBD and marijuana flowers, and each strain can have a different effect depending on its cannabinoid and terpenoid profile and the amount of compounds, which can give a more energizing or, on the contrary, sedative effect. It is what is known as sativa or indica effect. This is where the needs of each individual come into play. Everyone can experience what type of cannabis suits him/her best to consume for sex: if a more relaxing, invigorating, disinhibiting, stimulating effect suits him/her… So you know, you’ll have to try it yourself!

We, of course, argue that you can find all the pleasure with the crucial role of CBD or cannabidiol in sex. Read on!

Finding the right balance between marijuana and sex: The dose is the effect

Cannabis and sex are two surprisingly compatible activities: both can be enjoyed even more if combined, but be careful! in moderation. Finding the perfect balance in dosage makes all the difference. Because not everything is positive in the relationship between marijuana and sex.

The Stanford study already warned that excessive consumption can lead to sexual inappetence. Also, THC, especially in high amounts, can be harmful. It is well known that excessive consumption, especially of varieties high in THC and low in CBD, can cause anxiety, paranoia or dizziness, symptoms that will not exactly make you horny. Attention must be paid to the variety of herb, the amount taken and the tolerance of each one.

On the other hand, there are contradictory data. Looking at the studies, we find that, for centuries, cannabis use has been linked to both increased and decreased sexual desire. And precisely, this controversy of results could be understood by the fact already documented, both in animals and humans, that the dose changes the effect. It appears that high doses (especially of THC) are associated with less sexual activity, as well as greater adverse effects.

Some studies, such as one from Washington State University, claim that cannabis may decrease the number of sperm in males and thus impair reproductive function. However, there is also a research, from Boston University, with totally opposite results: it assures that men who consume cannabis generate more sperm and have higher levels of testosterone. In any case, it seems that these alterations are mainly related to THC.

Marijuana and CBD for erectile dysfunction

Ayurvedic physicians have long used Cannabis sativa, the plant from which marijuana and CBD are derived, to treat erectile dysfunction. How exactly it works remains a mystery. Experts speculate that it may be due to its ability to relax blood vessels, thus promoting better blood flow in the penile area to improve performance with prolonged intercourse sessions.

Who doesn’t run, flies! Aphrodisiac hemp products

However, the industry has not remained aloof from the relationship between our two protagonists. Today there are a multitude of products derived from cannabis that have a sexual function, such as lubricants, creams and massage oils, or even chocolates with aphrodisiac purposes. We encourage you to take a look at our online CBD storewhere you will find CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD vaporizers or CBD massage creams that may brighten your day (or your life) with your partner. Do you dare?

  • CBD oil its effects are stable and long-lasting. Take it in the form of CBD drops, sublingually (orally), at least 90 minutes before the moment of need.
  • CBD vaporizations Its effects are immediate but not very long lasting. It gives a feeling of well-being and comfort. You can combine them with CBD oil for longer duration of CBD effect.
  • Varieties of CBD Flowers You have to feel yourself which one gives you the best effect of well-being and pleasure. Each person’s preferences are unique. Discover the world of CBD flowers!

Information on CBD for sex (FAQs)

What effects does CBD have on sex?

We know that the use of cannabis usually causes an intensified sharpness of the senses, a relevant factor in the enjoyment of amorous pleasure. For this effect, the use of strains with invigorating properties is also important.

How does marijuana and CBD affect sex?

Cannabis, whether marijuana or CBD cannabis, can be a good way to heighten sexual pleasure, especially for women. Studies have also revealed that regular cannabis users enjoy more intimate encounters on a more regular basis, compared to those who do not take cannabis. But watch out! Dosage is the key: if you want to enhance your relationships, don’t take too much cannabis.

Does too much marijuana decrease sexual libido?

It has been observed that heavy marijuana users may experience a slight loss of libido. This effect could be explained by the narcotic and sedative effect of THC, which would not occur with CBD cannabis strains, without THC.

How to take CBD for sex?

Don’t let them tell you! Test the effects of CBD on your own body by using CBD drops, vaporizing with the CBD vape or lighting up some CBD flowers. Remember that every detail is important: have a relaxed environment prepared, clear your mind and be predisposed to enjoy yourself to make the experience more pleasurable.

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