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Buy CBD Hashish Online

You can now buy hash and other CBD resins legally, online and completely safe. At Cannactiva we have the best products on the market, and we know this thanks to our customers. This collection of CBD hashish is meticulously maintained to provide you with the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Find out which CBD Hash to buy

Entering the world of CBD can be an eye-opening experience and, at Cannactiva, we want to make sure you have all the information you need. Choosing the right CBD hashish is essential to ensure that your expectations and results are positive.

Original – Hash CBD 45%.

This is our all-time star, rated by many of our customers as the best CBD hash available on the internet today.

It is a CBD hash with a 45% concentration of cannabidiol, which makes it more potent than CBD flowers.

Pollen Dry Sift – Pollen CBD

Do you like pollen better? Our new dry sift CBD is your best choice. A more economical product made with quality products, so that our customers have a cheaper alternative.

Tips for buying CBD hashish

In order for you to get the most successful purchase of CBD hash, here are some tips to analyze the product before buying.

    • CBD concentration: The concentration of cannabidiol in hashish can vary significantly depending on the product. In Cannactiva you will find two options of hash and CBD resins with different concentrations.
  • Texture and aroma: Activate your senses to get the most of what our CBD hash has to offer. From varieties that offer an earthy and natural aroma, to sweeter and even citrus varieties.
  • Maximum quality: In Cannactiva, each variety of CBD hash, and any other product, has a very important weight, so we take care of the quality of the product like no one else, that’s why we get so good comments from our customers.

CBD Hashish: Prices and Quality

Now discover the different prices and costs of our CBD resins. The range of Cannactiva CBD hashish reflects that quality should not be a luxury, that’s why you will have the best products on the market at very competitive prices.

Our CBD hashish is produced to the highest quality standards, ensuring that every gram is full of purity, potency and the best aroma. From raw material selection to extraction and production methods, each step is designed to preserve the integrity and quality of CBD.

Prices are very transparent and competitive:

  • Original: from 2,49 € / g
  • Dry Sift: from Y 4,48 € / g

CBD hash offers and discounts

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What is the CBD concentration of our resins?

The concentration of CBD in our resins is a crucial factor that determines part of the quality of our product. At Cannactiva, we are committed to offering a variety of CBD concentrations to ensure you get the perfect hash for you.

Clear and transparent labeling: Each Cannactiva CBD resin comes with clear labeling indicating the concentration of our products.


Why buy your CBD hashish at Cannactiva?

We have many reasons why your favorite CBD hash should be from Cannactiva:

    • Safe shopping: Buying CBD hashish online has never been as safe and easy as it is now. Our platform is intuitive and secure, protecting your transaction every step of the way.
    • Exclusive varieties: Discover the different varieties of pollen and CBD resins. Our range is designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our customers.
    • Fast and secure shipping: We know you want to start your CBD journey as soon as possible so we promise to ship your products within 24/48 hours. Your well-being doesn’t have to wait.
  • Customer support: If you are already a regular customer, you will know that our customer support is excellent, with a friendly, close and very human treatment. If you have any questions please contact us.