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Buy CBD Drops

Looking for CBD drops made from 100% natural extract?
In Cannactiva you will find full spectrum CBD oils purified and raw.

Purified CBD drops

Our selection of pure CBD drops made with full spectrum extract:

Cannabidiol drops 30%.

These are the CBD drops with the highest percentage of cannabidiol, which makes this oil a very special product.

Effects of CBD in Drops

Are you already familiar with CBD? If not, don’t worry, we explain the benefits that CBD brings to the body. If you already know them you can continue to buy CBD drops, or take a look at all our recommendations for a successful CBD drops purchase.

Main benefits of CBD:

  • Calming effect: CBD has a calming effect to relieve pain, especially muscle and joint pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect: Another property of CBD is its anti-inflammatory capacity, closely linked to the previous point of pain relief.
  • Improves well-being: CBD produces a sense of tranquility and well-being because of how it acts with the endocannabinoid system .
  • Improves sleep: Thanks to the relaxing effect of CBD, it helps to sleep and improves the quality of sleep.

Types of CBD Drops

Did you know that there are different types of CBD drops you can buy? This is because due to the individual situation of each person, the ideal oil will be one or the other.

CBD drops are divided in two different ways, by the type of processing and by the CBD concentration of each bottle. Now we explain which CBD drops to choose depending on your situation.

CBD drops according to type of processing

There are two types of CBD drops, one is purified oil, and the other is crude oil (all are full spectrum CBD oil). We will now explain in more detail what each one consists of:

  • Pure CBD Drops These drops have undergone a purification process to eliminate as many impurities as possible and to obtain an oil free of natural substances from the plant. The aroma is milder than the crude oil although the CBD effect is preserved.
  • Raw CBD Drops: These drops have not gone through the purification process, so it still retains the substances of the Cannabis plant, such as chlorophyll and wax. The aroma is more intense than the purified oil. Ideal for those who want the most components of the Cannabis plant.

CBD Drops by CBD Concentration

This is the most common way of dividing the oils, since depending on the concentration of CBD, it acts more or less intensely. For this, the ideal is to know yourself, starting with the mildest oils, such as 2.5% or 5%.

  • CBD drops 2,5%. This is the bottle with the lowest concentration of CBD, ideal for people who have never tried it, or people who have tried it and with this amount of CBD is enough.
  • CBD 5% drops The CBD drops that we recommend the most. Normally, the 2.5% drops are very mild, and many customers ask us for something a little more intense. The 5% concentration ends up being the best option for many people.
  • CBD drops 10%. A more intense cannabidiol drops. The 10% of CBD is already an important concentration, if you come from oils of lower concentration, it is better to start with less drops and evaluate yourself how the effect is being.
  • CBD 20% drops The most intense oil of all Cannactiva’s purified CBD drops. These drops are for experienced people who already know the product.
  • CBD Drops 30%. The most intense drops of all the CBD store. Our 30% crude oil has won awards for best oil. With this oil we recommend starting with a few drops, and evaluating the effect. Everyone is different, and CBD affects differently depending on what your body is like.

Why buy CBD drops

Have you already tried CBD or are you thinking of trying it? So it’s natural to wonder why you should buy it. Today we are going to solve your doubt and you will have a recommendation of experts in Cannabis and CBD to make the right purchase in Cannactiva, a reference company in the CBD, cannabis and hemp sector.

One of the best reasons we love CBD oil is how natural it is. All our CBD drops go through a process, as you have to elaborate the extract from which you are going to get the oil, but these drops are composed of 100% natural extract and have an affordable price, especially if you want to start with something mild.

Buy your CBD drops at Cannactiva with natural, effective and economical products.

CBD Drops: Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBD in drops?

CBD drops are a liquid form of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis plant. These drops, also known as CBD tinctures, usually come in small bottles with droppers, for a much simpler and safer use.

What are full-spectrum CBD drops?

Full spectrum CBD drops are a type of cannabidiol (CBD) product that contains all the different chemicals present in the cannabis plant.
This includes not only CBD, but also other cannabinoids such as CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in very low levels, and terpenes.
The term “full spectrum” refers to this mix of cannabinoids and compounds from the cannabis plant, so this is when the “entourage effect” occurs, enhancing the benefits of CBD.

What is the price of CBD drops?

The prices of CBD drops vary widely, as it depends on the concentration of CBD. The higher the concentration, the higher the price. So the cheapest drops are those of 2.5% cannabidiol oil, with a price of less than 13 euros, and the most expensive are those of 30% cannabidiol, with an approximate price of 125 euros.

Where to buy CBD Drops

There are many CBD stores all over Europe, and new ones are opening all the time, so you have many places to buy these drops. We recommend you to buy them in our online store, as we know that these products are made with 100% organic and natural ingredients.

Which CBD drops to start with?

For beginners, it is advisable to start with low potency full spectrum CBD drops. CBD products often indicate the total amount of CBD in the bottle, as well as the amount of CBD per milliliter of oil.
It is important to start with a low dose and increase it slowly until you find the level that gives you the benefits you are looking for, without undesirable side effects. Each person is unique in how they respond to CBD, so it may take some time and experimentation to find the right dosage.

How many drops of CBD to take to sleep?

Do you want to use CBD for sleep? So the ideal is to try CBD drops with lower concentration and regulate how much you need to notice the effect of CBD and have a better sleep and rest. Ideally, start with a few drops and a 5% or 2.5% bottle. The CBD is very personal, and it is recommended that each person balances it to find the perfect formula.

How many drops of CBD is recommended to take per day?

The recommended amount of CBD drops may vary depending on a number of factors, including body weight, level of pain or discomfort, and cannabidiol concentration.
As a general rule, it is recommended to start with a low dose of around CBD (such as our 2.5% and 5% concentration drops), and then adjust the dose as needed. It is important to remember to always consult a physician or health professional before starting any alternative natural product.

Who can’t take CBD drops?

Although CBD is generally considered safe for most people, there are some situations where it may not be appropriate. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid CBD, as its effects on these groups have not been sufficiently researched. People taking prescription drugs should also consult a physician before taking CBD, as it may interact with certain medications. In addition, those with liver disease should use CBD with caution, as high doses may increase the risk of liver damage.

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